Juan Guaidó: Six months of resistance | IN 60 SECONDS

Juan Guaidó: Six months of resistance | IN 60 SECONDS

The United States has recognized
Juan Guaidó as the legitimate president of Venezuela, launching an international
campaign to oust the narcodictator Nicolas Maduro. More than 50 governments
have backed Guaidó as Venezuela’s constitutional president. Guaidó has
called on Maduro to cede power to a transitional government and he has
attempted to win the Venezuelan military to his cause. Thus far,
Maduro and his criminal cronies have resisted US sanctions and
diplomatic pressure. They have amassed fortunes from stolen oil revenue in
cocaine trafficking, so they have simply too much to lose. US diplomats
have called on military leaders to oust Maduro as well. However,
an April rebellion plotted by Guaidó’s team failed after producing only a
handful of defectors. Guaidó has now agreed to negotiations, but Maduro may
only offer elections where the regime holds all the cards. Many predict that
Maduro will never step aside for Guaidó, unless he is forced out by Venezuelan
patriots fighting for their country. Do you think the current US
strategy will produce a change in Venezuela? Let us know in our poll, and
let us know what other topics you’d like our scholars to cover in 60 seconds, and
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14 thoughts on “Juan Guaidó: Six months of resistance | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. Unelected puppet.
    Stop meddling in the business of other sovereign nations.
    If the people of Venezuela want to change their government, let them do it by themselves.
    You can't rob people of self-determination.
    Later we will be blamed for everything bad that happens in Venezuela.
    I guess you can't expect anything else from paid, entrenched globalist shills in AEI.

  2. Cover the origin of the Russian Hoax in 60 seconds. Who gave Papadopoulos the information that the Russians had dirt on Hillary Clinton? And who does that person work for the FBI the CIA?

  3. Random unsolicited style critique: think Maduro is a total POS, but I think that the term "Narcodictator" is probably too much of a pejorative for what is a well-made, very straightforward video.

  4. Can you imagine,if France said we don't recognise Donald Trump as President of the USA ,we think Hilary Clinton is President and until she is President we and our friends are bringing sanctions against the USA and are building up an army to overthrow the government of the USA, just imagine that ,the USA would lead another landing on the beaches of Normandy.That is what the USA is doing to Venezuela.This is modern colonialism ,bullying by far right fascists within the USA government.The government of Venezuela was elected by the people of Venezuela and the USA should recognise all democratically elected government and not force another dictator on another South American country ,as the USA has done repeatedly in the past.Why does the USA recognise so many dictators as leaders of their counties while repeatedly overthrowing democratically elected governments?I guess the USA doesn't believe in Democracy.You were so disappointed when the army and people remained loyal to their country and weren't traitors like Guaido that now you want to raise an army to overthrow a democratically elected government and ignore the will of the people.

  5. Supporting someone who wasn’t elected against someone who was democratically elected in a South American country.

    Yeah smells like typical American foreign policy and CIA tactics in that part of the world

    How about we convince America to stay the fuck out of other country’s business and to stop messing around with the democratic process of other nations?

  6. Maduro should go, but this video is full of inflammatory language and claims that might be true but are not backed up. Is Marudro a "Narco Dictator"?

  7. Six months of bullshit, you mean. Socialism is the big problem in Venezuela since Chávez… and Guaidó is socialist trash, too.

  8. It really is sad to see the Venezuelan people suffer, but communism never works once you run out of other peoples money. For years, Venezuela has been America's enemy in Latin America working to lead countries against American interests, finally the country is truly experiencing the fruit of its labor and it is not a pretty picture. Ultimately, the Venezuelan people will be the ones that decide the fate of the country. America has encouraged capitalism, democracy, fair elections and free markets to the extent it can easily do so. Venezuela failing is really not America's problem. It is Venezuela's problem. Americas policy has endorsed the first legitimate leader that has finally emerged with public support, and has led other nations to do the same. It has done something. It has also frozen some accounts of a few corrupt leaders. Could America do more, it could; should it do more; well it is complicated. It would seem foolish to start another war; and people in Venezuela still fail to see the problem. Venezuelas believe the governments propaganda that America is to blame for rising prices, shortages, and all the ills of the country. At the moment many of the best and brightest leave Venezuela for other countries seeking better opportunities and a long term rival is shooting itself in the foot. The consequences of the shortages, hyperinflation, bad nutrition, and more is an entire generation is being lost as schools close, and people have no jobs. It is sad to see people suffer, but when we warn them or try to tell them what is wrong they do not want to listen to us. What will it take, will they fall as far as Cambodia did in the 1970's? Will it become a Syria? It is hard to say, but they are reaping the benefits of their misdirected policies.

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