Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Took on a Snake with an Axe and Katana Sword

Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Took on a Snake with an Axe and Katana Sword

-I was just looking at this. Look at you, a stud on the cover
of “Men’s Health” right there. But this is what made me laugh.
-What? Oh, no. -Dude, look.
It’s bigger than your name. Look down here.
“You and your penis.” -Well —
-I just thought that was — -Why is my hand, like —
Why did they — Why did they pick that pose?
-Why did they pick that pose? Yeah, yeah.
Anyways, congrats on that. Congrats on your penis.
Yeah, really. -Just helping people across
the country. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -How is your summer?
Everything going well? -It’s been good.
-Yeah. -But we had some issues heading
into 4th of July at my house. -Tell me. -Well, we had some
snake problems. -Ooh. -So, I live in California,
and there are snakes, ’cause it’s like the desert. So there were snakes coming in
from my neighbor’s yard. Like, big, big snakes,
like this thick around. Long, colored like rattlesnakes. We kept spotting them
in the yard. -Wow! -So, one day, I’m driving home, and I pull into my driveway
in my truck and I see a huge one
going across the driveway. -Wow. -So, my wife and I watch
“Naked and Afraid” all the time. -Okay. -And they’re always, like,
eating snakes with a stick and a machete. And they’ll — That’s their f–
You know, so I’ve kind of watched and thought like,
“Can I do that?” -Yeah. -So I hit the park.
I go running in the house. And I have a lot of, like, machetes and tomahawks
and, like, katana — well, from, like,
all the movies I’ve done. -Oh, okay.
-And then gifts. People send me battle axes,
fully weighted, that can go through armor. Anyway, it’s weird. My house, my office —
I’ve got a lot of weird stuff. -Wow!
-Anyway, I go running in. I grab this Tomahawk,
pull the cover off. I go running through the house, and my wife sees me running
outside with an ax. And she started screaming,
“What’s happening?!” You know, thinking I’m gonna go murder somebody in our driveway. -Of course.
-And, so, I go running out. She comes running out after me
in her bathrobe and sees me going after
this snake. And she starts screaming,
“No, it’s too short!” She disappears
back into the house and comes back out with
one of my training katanas. -Like a sword. A crazy —
-Like a big sword. But it’s a training sword,
so it’s not like a real katana. And I’m like,
“That’s not sharp enough!” And, so, I’m — The snake is now
going over the wall, into the neighbor’s yard. And I’m up to the waist over,
trying to get this thing with this tomahawk that
she feels is too short, that the snake
will be able to bite me back. So she’s in the street now
screaming, in her bathrobe, waving an
unsheathed katana around. And a car stops in the street
with this guy, you know,
behind the steering wheel. And he goes,
“Is everything all right?” -Yeah. It’s like
you’re holding an ax. -It’s Beverly Hills.
It’s broad daylight. There’s a woman like that,
they’re screaming with a katana, and there’s a crazed guy
with an ax, a hatchet in the driveway, you know,
with blood on it from just —
So, we got the snake. -Okay, good. -And my brother could bring over my nieces and kids with,
you know — -It’s safe now.
-It’s safe now. -It’s snake-free at your house.
-Yeah. Snake-free. -I love that you have
all these crazy weapons and stuff at your house. -Well, it’s, like,
all the roles I play. -Well, do you have a baseball
bat now from this movie? -I have many baseball bats.
-Do you really? Yeah. -Congrats on
“Bottom of the 9th.” -Thank you.
-You produced this, as well. -I did, yeah.
-What is this film about? -Well, I play a 19-year-old kid
who grew up in the Bronx, in the shadow of Yankee Stadium. And he winds up getting drafted
by the Yankees. He’s baseball phenom.
-Yeah. -And shortly after
getting drafted, he’s out with his
neighborhood friends one night, and they all get into a fight. And he hits a kid. The kid falls back
and smacks his head on the curb and dies. And my character winds up
getting nine years in prison for it and then another
nine years for violence for basically keeping himself
alive in prison. So, he gets out 18 years later
and returns to the Bronx, having missed
his mother’s funeral. He missed the Yankees.
He missed the girl. -His life.
-Yeah, he missed his life. And he tries to put things
back together and, in the process, winds up
getting a second chance at baseball
in the minor leagues and then winds up
bumping into the girl whose heart he broke at 19 years
old, who’s played by my wife. -Sofia.
-Yeah. -How cool is that?
-It’s great. -How is it to work with Sofia?
-She’s the best. -She is the best.
-Yeah, she’s the best. -Any drama because you guys are working together
but also married? -No. I mean,
I was also a producer, so I had to make sure that
she was in the car on time. -There you go. -But I’m used to that
as a husband. You just tell her
a half an hour early, and then we’re good. -Yeah, exactly. Yeah.
That’s great. I want to show everyone a clip. Here’s Joe Manganiello in
“Bottom of the 9th.” Take a look at this. -Sonny! Let’s see what you got,
hot shot. -You need some WD-40
with that swing? -Let’s go. Give me the heat.
That’s all you got anyway. -Let’s go win this, baby.
Come on, now. -Oh!
-Nice, Stano. -It’s out of here!
Joe Manganiello, everybody!

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    Plz help me out🙏

  2. 1:30 That's called "being a man", Jimmy. A glorious Nerdman.
    A glorious buff Nerdmaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnn! <superhero theme song>.

  3. Why would you kill the snake.. my house is also in a place where snakes are spotted all the time, we just call a snake catcher and they release them into wild.

  4. My friend's husband is terrified of my snake (Albert), so she borrowed him to chase him with for cheating, was hilarious! 🐍😂😂

  5. This interview is better than any security system.
    Basically: i have a lot of weapons in the house, just try to break in.

  6. Wait, so there's no disclaimer for this video saying that this is NOT what you actually do when there's a snake in your house that is not actually attacking you? I also live in a place where snakes – big and small – enter people's gardens every now and then and people know not to kill it and call a snake catcher so the snake can be safely released back into the wild. SMH.

  7. As someone who’s not an American, I’ve always been fascinated by baseball. I saw one game in the States when I was a teenager and it blew my mind. Yet all my American friends hate it, say it’s too slow, and like Football better. I’m the opposite, Football does nothing for me. Anyway, I’ll definitely watch that movie when it comes out.

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  14. This was a great story but Fallon didn't react appropriately to get an audience response. the story fell flat. so weird.

  15. Good luck with the rats, mice, opossums, roaches, moles, shrews, or anything that burrows into your house through tiny cracks. ASSHOLE

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