Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 446 – Full Episode – 19th September, 2019

Jijaji Chhat Per Hai – Ep 446 – Full Episode – 19th September, 2019

– Yes. My stomach is paining.
Do something please. Yes, please calm down.. If I put the mix of asafoetida
and water on your stomach the pain will go away. Okay.
– Whenever dad feels discomfort in this stomach,
mom puts this.. Okay.
– …along with the water. Elaichi, it created pressure
in my stomach. That’s okay..
Look into my eyes. The pressure will get released. Why are you asking me
to look into your eyes? What are you saying?
The pressure is not on my heart. How will looking into your eyes
help with this? I think, I have to go
downstairs.. – Hey.. What are you doing?
How will you go downstairs? Everybody is there. Especially dad.
He is looking for you through the telescope
and expecting you in space. Our plan will be ruined
if someone sees you downstairs. No way, stay here. Mr. Murari, keep this. What is this? Look, Mr. Murari.
– Yes. We both are bound by a very old relationship. Believe me. I consider you
to be my elder brother. That is okay,
but what is this platter for? You are so rude! This platter is a gift. Please get me married
to Ms. Pintu. What are you saying?
– Don’t ruin a happy ending. W-What are you saying?
What is this? I mean to say that Ms. Pintu
is going to divorce Pancham. Then why can’t I
make her my own? What are you saying?
What is this talk about moving wives
from one house to the other? Sir, please get me
married to Ms. Pintu. I want to marry Ms. Pintu
but you are not helping me. I have not adopted Ms. Pintu. She will do whatever she wants. I have no control..
– But, Mr. Murari at least you can talk to her
about me. Do me a favour.
I want to start a new life with Ms. Pintu. Bansal..
– Yes. I want to talk to you
in private. Hey, you leave now.
I will come to your shop and talk to you over there. Go on. Could you not have talked to me
from there? Why did you come here?
Tell me. It is very important.
– Okay, tell me. Bansal, you have known me
since many years. – Yes, I do. Since my wife passed away..
– Yes. …life has become
very difficult for me. How has your life
been difficult? Tell me. Your daughter
was brought up in my house. What is this rubbish?
– Tell me something. What do you think
of my pairing with Pintu? Tell me what you think of it.
Tell me. Brother Chatanki,
she is already married. Don’t you want an unmarried girl
for yourself? Sister, you don’t understand. Look, Pintu is lonely
and so am I. I mean to say that she is going
to divorce Pancham anyway. Will she not be lonely
after that? – Right. You are right, Brother Chatanki.
– Yes. But, if I try to imagine
the two of you as a pair you are a horrible match
for Pintu. Pintu is not a bad woman,
she is good. If you want, she will
get married to you. Okay? What are you saying? Marriage can happen
only if your husband wants. He is sitting in his shop and fixing her marriage
with his friend. How can he do that?
Let me check. I will talk to him.
– Yes, please do. You go and I will follow you.
He is crossing his limit lately. Murari.
– Yes. If Pintu gets married,
it will be with my brother. Nothing has been finalised yet. That is what I am saying.
Finalise it. Ms. Karuna,
Pintu is a good friend of mine. So, I will be her partner. Hey, Sonpal, get out of here. I will marry Pintu.
Do you understand? Most importantly,
this is not my second marriage. Get out of here.. One has to have the time
to get married. You stay busy either
in police station or jail. What does he expect? Hey! What are you saying?
Are you trying to provoke me sitting at my shop?
Just get out from here! This is my friend’s shop.
Why are you interfering? Hey, you don’t know me
very well. I’m quite short-tempered.
I’ll give you a tight slap. Just go away and mind your work.
– Why don’t you leave? Mind your work.
– You better mind yours. I’m telling you, just shut up..
– You.. – Why don’t you get it.. Get out..
– No.. Scoundrels! This is my shop
and not some wresting arena. Stop acting silly. Murari, I’m telling you,
Pintu will marry no one else other than Brother Chatanki. What’s wrong if he wants
to settle down in his life? How will the man who attends
others weddings and robs money there, manage
family responsibilities? Exactly!
That’s absolutely right, buddy. Just stop it, Sonpal. You have a grown-up daughter and you seem to be quite eager
to get married. Go and mind your work.
Go home, buddy. Buddy, listen..
– Not at all. I won’t listen to anyone.
Just go. Brother-in-law I want to ask you something. Don’t you have
any responsibilities towards me? Why is everyone after me! What are you saying, Murari?
I am so unfortunate. Control, Pancham.
Control. Elaichi, try and understand.
I’ll lose my reputation. How can you do this
to your husband? Don’t you love me?
– Calm down.. Losing your temper is just
not advisable for your abdomen right now.
– Elaichi, then do what is right.
Please try and understand. I have to go to the washroom.
Please arrange one, Elaichi. Are you even getting me?
– Pancham listen to me carefully. If I see you again at Mintu’s
‘Chole Bhature’ stall I swear you’ll find yourself
in the frying pan instead of the ‘Bhature’.
– Okay, fine. Please go.. Fine, I’m going. Move..
– Okay. Hey, girl. He’s just too much.
– If a person is sick.. Shut up! – You need to deal
with love, Elaichi. And you’re behaving this way. Pancham..
– Okay.. I have to hurry up..
– I caught you! Oh, no! Oh, no!
It escaped. Hey! – Yes. – Elaichi.. – Yes.
– What are you doing here? Well.. I was wondering where
Mr. Pancham could have reached. Hey! Don’t be silly. I hope you know
he has gone to space. It will surely take time
to reach there. – Right. Am I right? I’ve anyway
brought this to see him. Come, let’s see through this.
– No.. Let’s not disturb him
for no reason? How will he get to know
we’re seeing him? Just go away, you stupid! Hey. – Yes.
– Dad, it’s possible even he’s seeing us
from space. He may be missing us.
– Elaichi why are you talking nonsense?
Come straight to the point. Then, if he sees us seeing him he’ll think even we both
are missing him. You never know.
This can make him fall weak and he may feel
like meeting us. As a result, what if he turns
the rocket towards our house? What do we do then?
We can’t be doing this. Don’t you think
you’re thinking too far? We have to, Dad.
After all, he has gone very far. Forget the telescope.
Let’s watch it on television. Come on, let’s go and watch it
on the television. That’s right.
– Let’s go. – Come.. He went.. No.. No!
I won’t watch him on television. I won’t watch him on television.
I’ll watch him through this. Through the binoculars.
– Dad, it’s not binoculars. It’s a telescope.
And.. Well.. Dad, listen. – Yes.
– Dad! – Yes! – Oh, my God! The shop..
There’s no one in the shop. What if someone robs money
from your cashbox? Pancham is not there
to take care. Oh, my God! Go..
– Yes, you’re right.. Hold on. I’ll go and find out. He has left.. Hurry.. Hey, I just remembered! I’ve locked the cashbox. You know that useless fellow
at home? – Who? – Your uncle. To ensure he doesn’t attack
the cashbox like the cat attacks
a bowl of milk, I’ve locked it. Let’s do this.
Let’s see him through this. No.. Please. Let’s go
and play carrom. Come on. Hey, carrom?
We don’t have carrom at home. We anyway have ludo.
Come, let’s play ludo. At this hour?
– Yes, go and play ludo. You just don’t have time for me.
– Come on. Don’t be so stubborn.
Let’s go. Sure, let’s go.
You go and set the board. I’ll join you right away. Go.
– Hey! – Just go. She’s so weird. She’s asking me
to set the board. Hurry up!
– He has left.. Elaichi.. – Pancham, hurry up.
– Your dad is like a monster. I’m going.
Oh.. Life is full of problems. Sister, what are you doing?
Serve the food quickly. I’m dying out of hunger.
I can’t tolerate my hunger. My work will be done
if you starve for a while more. Brother-in-law, let me
tell you this. You won’t get rid of me
so easily. I’m like a camel. I can stay hungry for 15 days. What are you saying? Body like a camel and as dumb as a donkey. You are an animal after all. Sister, serve the food. I don’t want to hear him
talking nonsense. Understood? I will lose my patience
if I keep listening to him. He’s talking nonsense. Here.
– Yes. ‘Moong Dal Khichdi’. Why this? This is cooked when
someone’s stomach is upset. Whose stomach is upset? No one. Elaichi wanted to eat,
so I cooked it. Sister.
– Yes. If I wanted to eat ‘Khichdi’ then I wouldn’t have
escaped from prison. Stop talking nonsense.
Come on! I agree. You both are such gluttons. Eating ‘Khichdi’,
relaxes your stomach. It’s not my age
to relax my stomach. I can go to a sweets shop and eat everything
stored there. Still nothing will happen to me. Why should I loosen my system
by eating ‘Khichdi’? Absolutely right. I’m agreeing with you
for the first time. Yes. Listen. The person for whom you cooked it where is she? She has gone to give
‘Khichdi’ to Pintu. Pintu..
Oh! For Pintu. Eat ‘Khichdi’. Eat.. If I eat, then I will puke. You shameless fellow! I hope God punishes you by
aiming an arrow on your stomach and I hope there are so
many holes in your stomach that you won’t ever
be able to eat chicken in front of an ill
and needy person. Why? We both aren’t twins that if you are ill,
I also won’t eat. Shut up. I had told to prepare ‘Khichdi’. Where is it? Pancham. Here it is. Elaichi, thank you. Look at her. She’s a great wife and look at you.. You took this very seriously. I hope you haven’t really started
treating him as your wife. At least,
eat something light first. Then you can eat chicken later. Come. ‘Khichdi’. Wow.
– Here. ‘Moong Dal Khichdi’. I can eat the whole of it. Nothing will happen. Buzz off! Elaichi..
– Yes. Good. Oh.. Seriously? How many ‘Chole Bhature’
did you eat that you aren’t able to eat
even a spoon of ‘Khichdi’. What’s this? Elaichi, scold me later. Is this the time to scold? Please, arrange for the washroom. Really?
– Please. His liver is ruined. He’s not
able to digest anything. Show him to a doctor. ‘Welcome to Dhek Dabake news.’ ‘I’m going to announce some news’ ‘by which,
you will bounce on your sofa’ ‘and fall into a garbage bin.’ ‘A news which will shock you.’ ‘A news..’ Will you speak further
or keep repeating that? ‘I’m telling.’ ‘Why are you getting irritated?’ Okay. ‘We recently got to know’ ‘that our space shuttle,
Suryarath’ ‘is lost in space.’ ‘The connection with Suryarath
has been broken.’ ‘Our scientists are
trying to find it.’ ‘You do understand?’ Elaichi! Elaichi! Elaichi..
Mrs. Pancham! Yeah, what happened? Our space shuttle is lost. I don’t know where it went. Along with that,
Bartan is also lost. My God! That’s such bad news. I am so unfortunate. Dad, get a hold over yourself. How do I get
a hold over myself? That Tantan.. Mr. Murari, it is Pancham. Sorry! Elaichi, please..
Please.. Please do something. Please go downstairs
and do something. Otherwise, I am telling you. It will lead to some
serious problem. Please! Please! Elaichi,
that Bartan is lost in space. But his.. His voice
is ringing in my ears. No matter by which
name I call you it makes no difference. Dad! We have only lost
contact with the spacecraft. You never know
maybe Pancham and the others in that
spacecraft might be safe. Isn’t it?
– Hurry up. I hope nothing
happens to Bartan. I used to yell at him so much. I used to trash him so much
with shoes and sandals. I used to harass him so much! He had helped me from
losing a lot of money. Dad, come on,
it’s already late in the night. Come on, go to bed now.
Come on. No, I won’t go to bed. Because,
he will appear in my dream and tell me to rescue him. God! If you
won’t leave from here now he won’t be able to control
anymore. Let me.. Let me see
through this where he is. Dad.. Shut up, you scoundrel! God!
If he doesn’t leave from here I am telling you, there is
going to be a disaster here! Hey, wait. – Stop him. Pancham, I suggest,
you better leave from here. I don’t think Mr. Murari is going to leave from here. Scoundrel,
you are good for nothing. You are a dog,
you scoundrel! Dad,
your BP is going to shoot up. I am telling you. You shouldn’t get tense
like this in this age. You never know,
we might get some good news by tomorrow morning. Come, let’s leave from here now.
It is already quite late in the night.
Come, let’s go. No, there is no point
in going to bed. I won’t get sleep. Oh, no!
Dad.. Dad! Dad! Dad..
– Murari, get up. Get up, Murari. Ms. Pintu.
– Yes. I want to tell you something. Go ahead, bark. I mean, tell me. Murari, get up. Ms. Pintu.. What I am trying to tell you is if you need anything any
time, just call out to me. You will find me
at your doorstep. I promise. Okay. Sure.
– Did you understand? Did you understand?
– Of course, I did. Dad! – Murari! Oh, God! – What happened?
– I have a severe headache. Okay, see you. If I rest for
a while, I will find relief. Okay, fine. Go carefully. It is dark,
you might injure yourself. Tantan! Tantan! God, please forgive me as I am defecating
in the open like this. But, I am helpless.
I don’t have any option. Once my stomach is fine I will participate actively
in the cleanliness campaign. I promise You. Please help
me this one time. Wow! I enjoyed it. What is this sound? Am I imagining
these sounds? Has some wild animal come
into my jurisdiction? Who is it? Pancham, you! God! What is this
scoundrel, Pinky, doing here? Pancham, I won’t let
you get away! Hey, Pancham.
– Get lost, you rogue! Out of my way. God! Of all the times,
this procession had to pass now! You gave me a slip again. No problem, Pancham.
I am not going to spare you! I am going to put
a big fine on you for defecating
in the open. I have been staying in
Delhi since my childhood. Get lost!

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