Jayla & Aaliyah play chess for cash!

Jayla & Aaliyah play chess for cash!

today we are going to play chess against my sister and if you win you’re gonna get a dollar see? now, I’m gonna put it under the sign ok LETS DO THIS you first you’re whites oh yeah your turn got it. I can move one space ouch and I got a pawn ugh she always wins she always wins everyday bishop coming through ouch what in the world SHE’S NEVER GONNA GET THAT DOLLAR I got one liyah oh, gotta pick that up I gotcha! I still got more got another one I took your queenie (whispers) I got a little horsie from Jayla she said you’re gonna win her dollar Jayla, she said you’re gonna win her dollar off course I am! GOT JAYLA’S QUEEN what does that mean? she can’t move anywhere I mean SHE CAN’T MOVE WHERE EVER SHE WANT NOW yes I can I have a king and a bishop and a rook I’m the queen of the world gonna steal your horsie bye bye world bishop war I took her bishop ALMOST A WINNER *GASP* SHE ATTACKED ME I took her bishop ha ha ha nope, but I took yours oh hello it’s a check if you don’t get your king out of check, you lose no, you have to move your king if you move that, you’re gonna lose where does the king go? you can go anywhere but only one space o0ooooo0oh put it back that was illegal ’cause kings can’t meet she’s in check-mate I win, because of me, because of me I win please play again and this is Jayla’s rook and this is the chess family!

5 thoughts on “Jayla & Aaliyah play chess for cash!

  1. Wait its not checkmate if the king can move anyspace then jayla didn't win because Aaliyah could have captured her

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