47 thoughts on “James Recommends – Crowntakers – Ever Wished King’s Bounty were a Roguelike?

  1. @Extra Credits Talk about Apotheon, it's by far the best indie game I have seen in a very long time! Blew my mind!

  2. Oddly enough, I heard about this game through their OST which I thought was quite good. https://soundcloud.com/bulwarkstudios/sets/crowntakers-ost

  3. Has James even played this game, or did he just read from a script, provided by the devs? He sounds unconvincing, and I begin to doubt if he had played any good rogue-like before. Plus the fact that the video description starts with "BUY THIS HERE NOW!" instead of a quick description, which comes in the second section.

  4. Does this series have any benefit to me if I have absolutely no interest in strategy games? It seems like every other game on James Recommend fits into that genre. I like the idea of the show, but a little more variety on a more regular basis would be nice.

  5. This is like a more randomized FireEmblem eh? No… not quite, it shares some elements, but FE is much more story driven. And a load of other differences.

  6. I might recommend you try darkest dungeon, which is currently under an early access policy and is going to be released this month. I have tried it in a friends house (who actually supported it in kickstarter) and, let me tell you man, really challenging. It is a turned based rol game which goes around the idea of stress in adventures. In short, try it, it is fun, challenging and adicctive.

  7. Was this promotional content? I'm sorry but this looks like James was paid to do this. Calling it "James Recommends" is really misleading. The title suggests that James has played and likes the game he will be talking about. A disclosure would be nice. 

  8. James. I love your content, and I love Extra Credits, but you NEED to do something about the sound. You would honestly be better off sitting at a PC at this rate. You don't need to soundproof or have a bunch of directional bullshit, but you need to make it something that doesn't distract from James Recommends. I literally cannot watch these all the way through because the sound is so jarring and echoing.

  9. Please get a microphone, or record your voice in a studio.
    I'm a new subscriber to Extra Credits but I already seen too clips were you record your voice in I'm going to say it's your house and the acoustic is not good and makes a lot of echo.
    I hope you don't take me the wrong because so far I'm loving your channel and you are making a good job. Just keep going.

  10. Hey can you do a extra credits video on why toontown failed or why some games that fail don't get remade and some games do (toontown Rewriten) I was pondering on this for awhile and I think you can get the word out so people know about it.

  11. *Scrolls down to comments*
    "Get a mic, get a mic, get a mic, mic, mic"

    It used to be better, and when he gets home, it will go back to being better.

  12. James i would like you to check out a game on steam called Subnautica. Its in the early stages of development but it is beautifully well done already. I would love to see this game get the spotlight it deserves

  13. I love this channel and practically all the content that comes from it. But the sound quality is so bad that it serves to distract from the content itself. I know you're making this show with the free 15 minutes you have a week, but would an artist draw a mustache on their work simply because they decided to utilize their free time? In short, please buy a better mic.

  14. Hi James, I'm a young designer from Brazil how is now beginning to make a multiplayer game whit some friends and I'm asking you if you could give me some contacts here in Brazil or in the US for expand my game visibility.
    Thanks for helping me by the EC, send my congratulations for the crew!!

  15. As others have said i still enjoy what you and extra credits make and through james recomends i've found a few gems i love but please address the whole tb/gamergame and everything. I figured it was a miss understanding or spur of the moment but after so long with no response i am starting to agree with the others. For my part i give you one month to address this issue (weather you apologize or stand your ground doesn't matter) until i unsub and stop watching any an all extra credits videos and stop recommending them as a sign or protest.

    Remember James. There are no coincidences and too many are popping up surrounding this issue.

  16. Can you do an episode on Lovecraft games? "James recommends" or maybe even "games you might not have tried"…

    My personal favorites:
    – The Last Door
    – The Chzo Mythos

    These aren't strictly Lovecraft games but they borrow a lot of inspiration and catch the spirit much more than any "official" Lovecraft game I've played so far.

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