Jai Maa | Full Movie | Kottai Mariamman | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Roja | Simran

Jai Maa  | Full Movie | Kottai Mariamman | Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie | Roja | Simran

You don’t need to stand in queue… …with other people to visit temple.
– Why not? Your ancestors built
this temple of Goddess. Also the eye petals for Goddess
was made by your ancestors. You don’t need to line up,
come close and offer your worships. Come dear. No problem.
The sight of Goddess is sufficient. Therefore I come here every day
from neighbouring village. Mother Goddess will guard you
and your family. I will take a leave now, priest. You worship Goddess Durga everyday… …everything will go well.
– Okay. Mother Goddess,
what’s the reason for this portent? Mother Goddess! You are the protector
of entire village… …therefore the doors of your temple
are always kept open. But today you have shut your doors! Who knows what disaster it indicates! Protect us, oh, Mother Goddess. Bhairav? Bhairav? Swamiji, what are you staring at? Only you can make yourself appear
from nothing, Bhairav. You are like any other human. You can appear in human form, right? It’s said that God
is in every particle. Not only God but I too am everywhere. The power of my magic is greater
than that divine power. Bhairav, we both have learnt mantras
from same Guru. I turned into ascetic
and you wish to be the God? Forget it, Swami.
You are here to meet me. I have special welcome for you. Look. Tell me, Swami, how was it? Wonderful.
No one can challenge you in magic. You displayed your work
by welcoming me. Now it’s my turn to give you something. What is this? It’s an offering of Goddess Durga. This lemon is an offering? Yes. Can you squeeze it
and get the juice of it? You are asking to smash a lemon… …to one who smashes
down the mountains? Just watch. You give up? But you are God, right? Bhairav. When an ordinary offering like lemon… …at the feet of Goddess Durga
can be so powerful… …then imagine what power
does mother Goddess… …and her eye petals possess? Try to understand it. I’ll leave now. Are the eye petals
of Goddess Durga so powerful? I need her eye petals. I’ll go right away. Goddess Durga you are indeed powerful. But your power lies in your eye petals. I want these petals. If I get the petals, I’ll be the God. And you will just be a rock. What happened to you? Meera. I met with an accident
while on my way to office. Mr. Shrivastav,
hope your pain has lessened. Feeling better, doctor. Sister, are you his wife?
– Yes, doctor. I need to talk to you.
Please come with me. Your husband
is badly injured in an accident. And he has lost his eyes. Doctor! Don’t worry about money,
just get his eyes fixed. I am sorry.
I am just a doctor and not God. Medicines won’t cure your husband… …and I don’t know any magic. ‘Har Har Shankar’. ‘Har Har Shankar’. ‘Jai Jai Shankar’. ‘Jai Jai Shankar’. ‘Har Har Shankar’. ‘Har Har Shankar’. ‘Jai Jai Shankar’. ‘Jai Jai Shankar’. ‘Har Har Shankar’. ‘Har Har Shankar’. You all wait here. Swamiji? I was passing for here
with my disciples… …when I heard the someone crying
in your house. Therefore I came here to check. I think my Goddess sent you here
for my help. Swamiji, my husband has
lost his eye sight. Doctor says he no more
will be able to see anything. It’s true, my child.
No doctor can cure your husband. Swamiji, how can you say this? I said doctors can’t cure him
but God can. You mean my husband
will regain his eye sight? Yes, my child. Certainly he will. If you get the eye petals
of Goddess Durga… …he can get his eye sight back. If that’s true… …then I’ll get the eye petals
of Goddess Durga. But it’s a sin, my child. But I don’t have any option. For a woman, her husband is her deity. For my deity,
I’ll have to commit the sin. Swamiji, you please wait here. I’ll go to the temple
of Goddess Durga… …and somehow get the eye petals. Mother Goddess, I am not worthy
of even standing before you. Please forgive you. People come recover their debts. But I have come here to recover
the offering that was gifted to you. Goddess, you very well know my pain. I am here to steal your eye petals. Till today you have
given me in abundant. And in return I am here today
as a guilty before you. Mother Goddess, I know it’s a sin. For this sin you can
punish me with anything. But please return the eye sight
of my husband. Mother Goddess,
you forced me to be a thief… …and now you are going to be blind
because of me. Swamiji, I acted blind… …and my wife went to steal
the eye petals of Goddess. You have promised
to pay me twenty five lakhs… …once you get the petals. So keep the money ready. Eyes petals are on their way. Swamiji, yesterday itself
I was released from jail… …and you disguised me to be a doctor. I have performed my role well.
Now pay me my due. You two just masked yourself… …but I have changed
my total appearance. How, Swamiji?
We take so long to dress up. How do you change
your appearance in moments? Yes. Tell us how? It’s like this. You sinners, you cheated me? Meera, you are back. Meera, hope you have got
the eye petals. Stop acting blind! You lied to me and made me rob
the eye petals of Goddess. Oh. So you came to know the truth. Give me those eye petals. Party is waiting. Give it to me. No. I won’t even let you
touch these petals. I am going to return it to Goddess
as an act of atonement. What are you doing?
Give it to me! Leave me! Meera! Stop! Meera, stop! Give me those petals. Stop! Mother Goddess, you are not a neem tree
but Mother Goddess herself. By considering this neem tree
as Mother Goddess… I am returning these petals to you. Please protect these petals
from those sinners. Mother, not only these petals… …but I am also giving away
my daughter to you. From today onwards you are her mother. Mother Goddess. Is this neem tree some kind
of bank to deposit… …the petals and get it secured? I’ll get it right now. Patharmukhi! I want the eye petals of Mother Durga. Suggest me the way to get those. For sixteen years… …you’ll have to perform perseverance
for eyes attainment. No matter how long it takes
but I’ll do it to get those eye petals. I’ll start performing tenacity
for eyes attainment. Sister?
– Yes, Durga? I am going to feed Mother. Please keep watch on house.
– Did you have lunch? How can I have before serving Mother? She was an orphan found sitting
under neem tree. Then which mother she is talking about? Her story is really strange. From young age she works in farms
and earns money. With that money
she cooks different dishes… …and serves Mother Goddess. She says that she feeds Goddess. Who is going to agree?
– Mother, please come. Curd rice, lemon rice,
sweet rice, all of them. Have plenty of it. I have never seen my biological mother. I consider mother Goddess living
in neem tree as my mother… …since I grew up. But there is one quality in it. What quality? We are look alike
so we are mother and daughter. I think salt is missing in lemon rice,
Durga. Is it? Let me taste it. Mother, it has salt in it
and aroma as well. Stop kidding.
Come on have it. Now it tastes sweet. Sweet? How? As you tasted it first. Got it. You tricked me… …since you wanted
to have food tasted by me. You are very smart. Mother, you feed entire world… …but you blessed me
to be fortunate enough to feed you. It’s the greatest thing for me, mother. “You are the friend of Goddess Sita
and Savitri, oh mother.” “You are the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi,
Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “You are the friend of Goddess Sita
and Savitri, oh mother.” “You are the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi,
Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “It’s true that…” “It’s true that flower blossoms
and pearls shower…” “…when you smile, oh mother”. “Oh the feeder of universe,
have food from my hand.” “Let me adore you with my hands.” “You are the friend of Goddess Sita
and Savitri, oh mother.” “You are the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi,
Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “You were the one to serve me
milk in my infanthood.” “You were the one to sway me
in your lap so good.” “You took me to Shivnagari to
adorn me with kumkum…” “…to adorn my hair
by Goddess Saraswati.” “Get me a necklace
from Goddess Kaali, oh mother.” “Get me Saree from Kanchipuram.” “Also get bangles for me.” “You got me anklets from heaven.” “Also you got me bangles
from world of rainbow.” “You got me earrings from Kaashi.” “You got every goody across
the world for me.” “Get me bindi
from the temple of Chamude.” “Oh my beautiful, adorable mother.” “Your beauty is full of affection,
oh mother.” “You are the friend of Goddess Sita
and Savitri, oh mother.” “You are the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi,
Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “It’s true that…” “It’s true that flower blossoms
and pearls shower…” “…when you smile, oh mother”. “Oh the feeder of universe,
have food from my hand.” “Let me adore you with my hands.” “Oh the feeder of universe,
have food from my hand.” “Let me adore you with my hands.” Hello. Hi.
– Hi. Hello. Nice to meet you.
– Thank you. Mr. Rajkumar,
have you received my mail? Oh, yes. Everything is ready. Have a look. What is this? Finished entire village.
– What? I mean all villagers are killed. Their body organs like heart, kidney
are all stored safely in cold storage. Very good. If you finalise the deal… …all the organs will be delivered
to your country. Are you sure?
– Yes. Mummy.
– What? Sorry, my child.
I wanted to call you daughter… …but mistakenly called you mummy
due to slip of tongue. Every day you keep eating apple. What’s so special about it? You know apple a day keeps doctor away. Starve few days
and you’ll be away from everyone. Brother, daily you leave house
at night with briefcase. Today why are you going
during day time? Day or night makes no difference
for black marketers. Politicians with suitcase
and black marketers with briefcase… …are only concerned with money. Come here. What are you doing? Let me go! It’s a misdeed. Don’t do this. What have you done? I have lit a lamp for worshiping… …and you are lighting
your cigarette on it! How dare you talk
to your husband like this! Dear sister, you pushed her hard. Rajeshwari, sorry your lamp
and ember fell off. Forget it. Just pick all embers
and worship your Goddess Durga. You are getting late, right? You are devotee of Goddess. With your touch,
these embers will turn into flowers. Pick up the embers, come on. What are you staring at? Hurry up. Mother. No, my child.
Don’t touch this, it’s an ember. Mother, I know. I’ll pick them up. Radha! ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ Are these embers or flowers? Your daughter is picking them easily. Look how clever your daughter is. She is picking embers with her hands. You keep mum, daughter. Seems like junior Goddess has appeared. If we stay here,
we too will get into devotion. Come on. I told you to get milk
with dry fruits mixed in it. Where the milk?
– Dry fruits are there but no milk. Why?
– Madam, took all the milk for ablution. Did you see, my child? We buy milk for consuming
and she is wasting it on Goddess. If we don’t stop her… …we won’t even get water
in this house one day. Stop. Where are you taking the milk? For Goddess ablution. You are taking the milk that is bought
for consumption, to Goddess ablution. Without milk won’t your
Goddess ablution be done? Ramlal?
– Yes? Get Kerosene. Here it is, madam. Today you perform your
Goddess Ablution with kerosene. Give it here. Give it to me.
– No. Give it here.
– Don’t do this. Take this. Go. Mother Goddess, they are naive… …they don’t know what they are doing. But to live in this house
I have to agree with them. Therefore please consider
this as ablution of milk… …and accept it. Mother. Daughter, have this milk.
I have added dry fruits in it. If I heat it even more,
it will get spoiled. Daughter, the milk has
turned into kerosene! Is this some kind of spell or miracle? Your mouth has turned
into steam engine. It’s fuming. Seems like her body is burning. Daughter, I’ll call fire brigade. What is this, Mother? The milk is flowing
from where you are standing! Mother, I have heard
about milk flowing from neem tree. But does milk also flows from the soil
that is touched by mother’s feet? Somewhere a gullible devotee like you… …is worshiping me
and performing milk ablution of mine. Her devotion is flowing
in the form of milk here. Mother, you like neem and milk as well. But both them are no similar, right? Okay. I am going home. Patharmukhi, after sixteen years,
my tenacity is accomplished. Now you have got the powers to steal
the eye petals of Goddess Durga. Now go. Now I’ll go and get the eye petals
of Goddess Durga. “Mother Durga,
save us from embarrassment.” “Mother Durga,
save us from embarrassment.” “We are the children of your garden.” Who are you? Hey Geezer, I am new in this village. Can’t you see? Are you blind? You silly, you are acting blind
in spite of having eyes. Therefore you are here
to look for eyes. How do you know
that I am looking for eyes? Because of grace of mother Durga,
you are still alive. Return back where you came from. I have performed
sixteen years of austerity… I won’t return without eyes. Stop. I am the security guard
of this village. No one can enter this village
without my consent. What if I enter?
– Try it. You came to my land to steal my eyes! This is powerful land,
you cannot step on it. Beware. This time I spare you. Go away! Hey, wait. Where are you taking this finial
by dressing it up? Today it’s auspicious day. I am carrying coconut water
as an offering for mother Goddess. Only on auspicious day
your mother drinks coconut water? On other days does she finds difficult
to digest coconut water? By adorning a rock with flowers
and dressing it up… …you consider it as mother? Isn’t this being crazy? Still fine with this. But you also feed her thrice in a day. Tell me does your mother prefer
Chinese food or continental food? You take this
and shove it away in dustbin. And then cook noodles or fried rice
and fee your mother. She’ll enjoy the food. It’s wrong, sister. What are you staring at? Water. Water. Water. Have it. Have it. On tongue as well! Mother! “With painful heart, I came to you…” “…oh, mother Goddess,
with sobbing heart I clamour for you.” “Please answer my prayers,
oh the slayer of sorrows…” “…the bringer of joy.” “Please forgive her sins,
free her from blighting.” “With painful heart, I came to you…” “…with sobbing heart
I clamour for you.” “Please answer my prayers,
oh the slayer of sorrows…” “No one I have other than you…” “…where will I go I see.
my way only in you.” “I believe in your power,
my hopes lie in your mercy.” “Please have mercy on her
and forgive her mistakes.” “I beg you oh, mother,
I hope for your support.” “I beg you oh, mother,
I hope for your support.” “You are mother Santoshi
and Maheshwari, mother greatest.” “Please have mercy
and forgive her. Mother.” “We all worship and pray to you,
please be merciful, oh mother.” “Oh, the greatest Bhuvneshwari,
Oh, great mother Kaali.” “Please have mercy.” “Please open your eyes
and have pity on us.” “Oh, mother Durga, have mercy on us.” “Oh, mother Kaali,
please forgive her.” “I’ll keep praying you, oh mother.” “I convince you to please have mercy
and forgive her.” “The hope of seeing you lays
in my eyes, oh mother.” “We all worship and pray to you,
please be merciful, oh mother.” “Oh, the power of universe…” “…the slayer of devil,
please have mercy.” “Oh, the bringer of happiness,
presenter of faith…” “…please have mercy on us.” “Please consider or request
and save us from embarrassment.” “Oh, mother Parvati…” “…don’t test our patience,
please forgive us.” “Oh, Goddess Chamundi,
please have mercy on me.” “Oh, Goddess Saraswati,
please have mercy on me.” “Oh, the one with Trishul,
have mercy on me.” “Oh, Goddess with ten hands,
have mercy on me.” “I beg you oh, mother,
I hope for your support.” “I beg you oh, mother,
I hope for your support.” “Please control your anger
and cure the ailment.” “Oh, the slayer of devil,
please forgive her.” “Please don’t be furious
on a small mistake of hers.” “You are such merciful,
please have mercy on her.” “I’ll adorn you with sandalwood,
I’ll light the lamps around you.” “But if you don’t answer my prayers,
I’ll die praying to you.” “Today I’ll wake you, oh mother,
else I’ll shut my eyes forever.” “With painful heart, I came to you…” “…oh, mother Goddess,
with sobbing heart I clamour for you.” “Please answer my prayers,
oh the slayer of sorrows…” “Please answer my prayers,
oh the slayer of sorrows, “Please forgive her sins,
free her from blighting.” “With painful heart, I came to you…” with sobbing heart I clamour for you.” “Please answer my prayers,
oh the slayer of sorrows.” “No one I have other than you…” “…where will I go,
I see my way only in you.” “I believe in your power,
my hopes lie in your mercy.” “Please have mercy on her
and forgive her mistakes.” Mother, how can you be such
stone hearted? Why don’t you cure her? Has your anger not calmed down yet? Mother, if you don’t wish
to cure her then fall me ill. Give her all ailments to me. Swear in! Swear in! ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ Ramlal?
– Yes, madam? I am going out.
Inform brother once he arrives. Madam Rajeshwari is suffering
from small pox. Please don’t leave her alone. It’s contagious disease.
She got infected by me. What if I again catch infection
from her? I can’t handle. I’ll stay in some hotel.
I’ll be back after a week. Inform them. ‘Om Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ Get up, mother. Have this holy water
from Goddess Vishno. Did you see, mom.
Everyone left you alone. You were praying for her,
now look what happened. Never mind, my child.
Scorpios are meant to bite… …and to endure it is my destiny. Don’t worry, mom.
You chant the name of mother Goddess. To free you from sufferings,
Goddess Chamundi will come. To free you from your disease,
Goddess Sherawali will help you. ‘Om Shakti! Para Shakti!’ Mother. Oh, mother! What is this? You are visiting suddenly
without any prior intimation… …what if police gets here? Don’t worry.
We came to talk about new business. What business? Few miles from here,
there is a village Durgapur. There is also a temple
of Goddess Durga over there. Yes. The eyes of Goddess
are very powerful. I have heard about it. We want those eye petals. We offer you one million dollars. Wow! One million dollar. Mr. Nicholas, in our country
kidnapping humans is difficult… …but kidnapping Gods is easy. I’ll get those eye petals right now. What happened, mother? Nothing. Was getting some dust in eyes. Your eyes are not ordinary like us. They are made of silver
and very powerful. How can your eyes get dust? If it is destined,
then no one can avoid. Come on now stop chatting. Let play snakes and ladders. Four. One, two, three, four. Oh, mother! In spite of biting you… …snake turned down from the board. Durga, it’s not the snake.
Look carefully. It’s ladder. There was a snake!
You did some magic. I won’t play if you cheat in game. Fine. Don’t get angry.
I was just kidding. Now I’ll turn it again into snake. Wow! So nice of you, mother. You are losing game for me. I can lose in game with you… …but I need to defeat
the one who deserves it. What are you talking about? Don’t put me in puzzle
and screw my head. Actually I am planning
to behead someone else. Listen. Your head… What happened? What’s with my head? I am already stressed due to work… …don’t stress me more. don’t stress me more. I dreamed of you getting beheaded… …by Trishul of Goddess Durga. What nonsense. Is Trishul some kind
of weapon that will behead me? Your mother Goddess is just fake. She is holding the Trishul just
to maintain her fear among people. That Trishul is not even capable
of cutting nails. Hold on. Can I know where are you going
and what are you going to do? Two questions a wife must
never ask her husband. Where are you going?
What are you doing? Wherever I may go
but I am still staying with you, right? Then be happy it’s the only attribute
of being good lady. It’s the only attribute
of being good lady. Okay. bye. Foreigners make papers
and ships out of trees… …but our people stick eyes on trees. I can snatch eyes of humans… I won’t spare a tree either. Water… Stop. Hey. Who are you? I want to drink water.
Why are you stopping me? Sir, it’s not water but blood. Blood? What nonsense. Are you crazy to call
this clean water blood? You call blood, water? I will show you. Look. Who are you? Forget about who I am.
I’ll tell you who you are. You tried to snatch the eyes
and landed here. How do you know? I know about you.
I too am trying to get those eyes. You are such powerful conjuror,
you can easily get those eyes. I am cursed to not enter
that area but you can go there. On touching Goddess’s eyes… …I was thrown here in
a strike like electric shock. And you want me to go there. Once Goddess eyes
are covered with blindfold. That time Goddess will
not possess any divine power. Then you can snatch the eye petals. When will that happen? I will inform you once hat day arrives. But promise me that you’ll hand over
those petals to me. But I have already made a deal
of one million with someone else. If you give those petals to them,
you’ll get only money. If you give me petals to me,
you’ll also possess power of magic. You decide whether you want money
of power of magic. Fine. I’ll give those petals to you. Now onwards we are partners. Wow! You can shower gold with your hands! That divine power is nothing
before your magic. We’ll somehow get
those eye petals to you. Right, brother? If you have decided
then no one can change it. Now you have already seen the gold… …you won’t let me relax
until we get those eye petals. So now I can relax.
Okay. I’ll take a leave. I got the deal
and you took away the gold. Lucky you. Mother Durga!
Listen to what happened with me. You adore your daughter Durga a lot,
right? She is not naive but very cunning. She took mangoes
from my garden, in my van… …and auctioned them
in the market in front of me. This is what you have
taught your daughter? Entire village consider her
as very simple and naive… …but she is a miscreant. You bless us with everything
but your daughter takes away from us. Is this the way of your justice? If you are guardian of virtue
then you must punish her. Now it’s up to you. Mother, total earning
for today is thousand rupees. Stop. From where did you get this money? I sold mangoes in market. Whose mangoes?
– Those were stolen mangoes. How dare you even confess it
in front of me! Do you know,
why did I steal those mangoes? Since last three years,
Shyama has not paid us a single penny… …for our mango trees
that he took on lease from us. To teach him a lesson,
I sold all his stolen mangoes… …and recovered our money. Though your intentions were
good but still, stealing is wrong. You’ll have
to face punishment for this. Tell me my punishment. If you want to chop my hands
for stealing, then go ahead. Today you’ll not see me for entire day. That’s your punishment. Mother! I thought you’ll chop
my hands into pieces… …but you are breaking
my heart into pieces. Why, mother?
Even in my dreams I wish to see you. But how will I spend
my entire day without seeing you? You know I am very willful. You’ll have to follow what I said. For today I must not see you, right? Okay. Fine. What are you doing? If I am not allowed to see you,
then I don’t want to see anything. Mother, but my mouth is not shut. Today I’ll keep talking
with you for whole day. Trapped you, right? Savitri, isn’t this chant
of Goddess wonderful? We are starving since two days… …is this chant going
to feed my children? All are starving,
go and make provision for food. Goddess Parmeshwari! Mother, I don’t know
how I will feed my children. Oh mother, you showed me the way. Mother. I got the way. You show me right way. Till today I earned my bread
by singing your glory… …but today I am going
to feed my children… …with the help of this magnet. Forgive me, mother. What are you doing? You thief!
What are you stealing? I am not a thief,
I didn’t steal anything. Come here! Thief!
– I am not a thief. What happened? He was stealing money from hundi. Priest, you are the preacher of virtue
and how could you do such misdeed? I am not a thief,
I didn’t steal anything. You are lying! The money in your pocket
is stolen one, right? No. This is my money.
– He is lying again. Durga, he said he didn’t steal.
Just let him go. You consider everyone bad
except yourself. You shut up.
I saw him stealing the money. He denies stealing anything. Other than you no one
has seen him stealing. Is there any other witness?
– Of course. No one can escape from Goddess mother. You ask for yourself. Then let’s put a chit and ask Goddess. Okay. Fine. Goddess mother, I am sorry. But please don’t prove me
thief in front of all. Durga, you pick the chit. Didn’t steal anything. She blames anyone without thinking. Goddess mother herself
has favoured him. Why are you accusing this gentleman? Day by day this girl
is getting mischievous. We need to do something. Come on. Let’s go. Just ignore her. You proved me wrong, isn’t it?
I’ll see you later. Don’t touch me. I won’t talk to you. You are upset with me. I know. I have proved a thief non-guilty. If I had said the truth… …he would’ve committed suicide
along with his family. Therefore I took this step. Is it? Then you have committed mistake. You’ll have
to face punishment for this. What punishment? When I was in fault,
you blindfolded me. Now I will blind fold you. No! Blindfolding you was
just a playful act. But if you blind fold me,
it will cause disaster. Don’t give any excuses. I will blind fold you. No. Today my prolonged wait ends. The Goddess has been blind folded. Go and get the petals immediately. Mother! You scoundrel, how dare you… …steal eye petals of Goddess!
– Leave me! Give me back the petals
else I won’t spare you! Leave it.
– No. Leave it.
– I won’t. Give it to me. Rajeshwari? Rajeshwari? Sir, madam has gone to hospital. Hospital? Why? When you were gone,
Radha met with an accident… …and injured her eyes.
She had to undergo operation. Today they are going
to remove bandage of her eyes. ‘I stole the eye petals… …and here my daughter
has undergone eye operation. Are these two incidents related
to each other?’ Radha, slowly open your eyes. Your parents are here. Look at them. Sister, don’t worry.
You are absolutely fine. What are you looking, dear?
You were lying unconscious. I brought you here in my quarters. I am a driver,
I do not have my own sister. I am like your brother,
you may stay here. Stop. Where are you going? Where are you going at this time? Great! The dumb lady is
sounding like a speaker today. Don’t raise your voice in front of me. I am a free bird. I may go wherever I wish to.
That’s my personal matter. Who are you to question me? Who am I? Until today
even I didn’t know who I was. I also don’t know where you go
and what you do. But at seeing the wrong things
happening in this house. I am getting skeptical about your work. So now don’t try
to know anymore thing. You’ll get in tension after knowing it. So am I tension free now? You have certainly done
something very wrong… …without my knowledge. Therefore our daughter’s eyes
have turned into silver colour. There is certainly something wrathful. I am a non-believer of God,
your talks won’t affect me. I am going out
for my business related work. Don’t waste my time. Radha, yesterday your eyes
were like silver petals… …now they look like snake eyes! Yesterday my eyes were of Goddess… …and today the eyes are
of Snake Goddess. You know I have got thousands of eyes. My eyes have changed
the way they are suppose to… …have reached where it is
supposed to reach. Without knowing this,
your husband is wandering. I had locked those petals
in this briefcase. I know where those eye petals are. You wait here, I’ll get them. What are you looking for? Wondering how I reach here? Where you reach slowly and gradually. I can reach there in an instant. When you walk on earth,
I walk in the sky. Fine. What you are searching
for is in other room. Go ahead. How do you know? I know everything about you. Go and search for what you want. Now it’s time to fix him. Oh! So the eye petals are in this box! Stop! Where are you going? I am going to mother Goddess. Devotees need not go to God. God himself will come to his devotees. I need to find those sinners. Goddess Durga will find sinners. I want to kill sinners. It’s the job of Goddess Sherawali
to kill sinners. I need to destroy that exorcist. Goddess Jagdamba will take care of it. I need to get back the eye petals. Goddess Chamundi will handle that. You talk very sweetly. Who are you? You need to find
the answer of who I am. She answered all my questions
but didn’t say who she is. What’s the matter, brother? You are smoking so much… …that it seems you are setting
yourself on fire. That evil magician Bhairav has… …has confused me by saying something
about eye petals. What did he say?
– The eye petals of Goddess Durga… …that I stole are missing. He said that it is with Radha
at this moment. Then why are you confused. Just slap her she’ll tell the truth. Just watch. Radha? Radha? Tell me where are the eyes of Goddess? Why did you scream? Are you frightened to see eye petals
of Goddess in this wall? My name is Goddess of eyes. I have eyes all over my body. My eyes are all over the country,
in this soil, in the neem tree. I have thousands of eyes. “The eyes with compassion, affection…” “…the eyes so wrathful, so fierce…” “…the eyes in which
lays justice, power…” “…the destroyer of evil are these eyes
the eyes that relieve pain…” “…eyes so powerful, eyes so cheerful.” Mother! “He dances with joy,
his dilemma gets answered…” “…the one who you bless
with your vision.” “He gets rescued, his life gets pleasing
as if his fortune has smiled on him.” “As if the one has conquered
all directions…” “…he dances in joy and celebration.” “You are the power with beauty.” “You can conquer the land
of Gods with bliss.” “I am your devotee
and you are my mother.” “That’s our only relations. Please come.” “The eyes with compassion, affection…” “…the eyes so wrathful, so fierce…” “…the eyes in which
lays justice, power…” “…the destroyer of evil are these eyes
he eyes that relieve pain…” “…eyes so powerful, eyes so cheerful.” Mother! “With your love and affection,
come to us, oh mother.” “To end the pains and miseries of people
come to us, oh mother.” “With the power of Goddess Kaali
and Durga…” “…come to destroy the evil, oh mother.” “Bring the moments of happiness
to our lives, oh mother.” “You are present in every moment…” “…in every drop of water,
in every particle…” “…in every heart,
in sky and in earth…” “…in happiness and sorrow…” “…in every tune and rhythm,
in dusk and in dawn…” “…in every religion that we are born.” “I ride on a lion like
a flaming bluster.” “I’ll demolish the pains
and sorrows of my devotees.” “I will destroy the evils,
enemies and sinners.” “I look calm
but I can rage like a fire.” “I am Goddess Kaali who imbibes
the blood of enemies.” “I am the one who relieves devotees
from sorrows.” “I am the one who beheads the evil.” “I am the healer of every ailment.” “Entire world is where I dwell.” “I have come to you,
your heart is where I settle.” “The eyes with compassion, affection…” “…the eyes so wrathful, so fierce…” “…the eyes in which
lays justice, power…” “…the destroyer
of evil are these eyes…” “…the eyes that relieve pain…” “…eyes so powerful, eyes so cheerful.” Eyes in the wall!
What are you talking about? Were you dreaming? I myself saw
those powerful eyes in the wall. Even now my heart trembles
on its thought. I didn’t believe that
my daughter posses divine power. But now… You are shaken on seeing her eyes. Her eyes can anytime burst on us. To lead a cheerful life,
we soon need to take a step against her. We need to immediately finish that girl
who is challenging my power. I will handle the rest. You mean her burial?
– Shut up. Partner, you said that
girl posses super power. Then how can we kill her? The power will end with her death. If that’s the solution,
I’ll finish her tomorrow itself. Munshi, have you lost it?
Why are you patting your cheeks? I am just patting my cheeks. Someone else would have flirted
with her on seeing her beauty. You look terrifically beautiful. The boys in our colony will dance
like a Romeo on seeing you. “I am gone crazy.” I was just narrating Romeo Juliet. By the way, you are right. There are so many countries in the world
but no one dances in front of God. But in our country we dance
and make dance in front of God. We also dance while worshiping
and on having alcohol. Okay.
– Sister, why this getup? This is a setup. What did Bhairav say? He said to kill that
little witch, right? Let’s kill Chutki
at the hands of her mother. How can we do that? Rajeshwari. Sister… you in this getup! It’s unbelievable, right? I am fasting for Goddess Vaishnodevi. This is the offering
from Chamundeshwari temple. Take this and feed it to dear Radha. Okay. Give it to me. Have this offering
from Chamundeshwari temple, my child. Oh, it’s offering
from Chamundeshwari temple! What are you thinking? Have it. Don’t hasten. What did you do? Why did you put neem
leaves in offerings? Don’t you know that with neem leaves it becomes even holier? That’s fine. But you added extra leaves. It will taste bitter. These leaves are bitter
but they will discard the bitterness. These green leaves turned blue! It’s no more bitter now. Now I’ll have it. By serving her poison,
you are sitting calm. But I am worried. There is no sound of anyone dying? How can we hear her after her death? But we can at least hear the sound
of her mother’s cry. There is no sound of her crying. She is coming.
– The dead body? The girl. Poison turns humans into blue
but here she is in golden attire. The offering of Goddess Chamundeshwari
was very tasty. You must be wondering… …how I am still alive
after consuming the poison. The poison in it was
destroyed by neem leaves. You all will be destroyed
by Mother Goddess. The girl didn’t die even
after consuming poison? Forget about poison
but she can even digest a bomb. She is not a little girl but the witch. Partner, we need to kill her
with the help of your evil magic. Don’t worry. I’ll perform enemy destruction
austerity and finish her. What will that austerity cost? A human life. Are you ready? There is some squall in your mind… …therefore you spilled milk on my feet. I got milk for ablution of Goddess
but I bestowed at your feet. Never mind. Milk has been
spilled at right place. What are you saying?
– Don’t panic. I said nothing. It’s been said that children
are the avatar of God. All delicacies that you like are here. Have it if you want. But I didn’t ask for this. I don’t wait for you to ask. I feed everyone.
I am also called feeder of universe. You know that, right? Your talks are way matured
than your age. I don’t understand anything. I don’t want this all, take it away. This is good therefore
I am insisting you to eat. If you want I will taste it
before feeding it to you. Is it? What’s going on? You know everything. Who are you? Who am I? “Yes I am the friend
of Goddess Sita and Savitri.” “I am the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi.” “I am Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “Yes I am the friend
of Goddess Sita and Savitri.” “I am the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi.” “I am Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “It’s true that…” “It’s true that flower blossoms
and pearls shower when I smile”. “I am the feeder of universe,
have food from my hand.” “Let me adore you with my hands.” “Yes I am the friend
of Goddess Sita and Savitri.” “I am the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi.” “I am Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” “I was the one to serve you
milk in your infanthood.” “I was the one to sway you
in my lap so good.” “I took you to Shivnagari
to adorn you with kumkum…” “…to adorn your hair
by Goddess Saraswati.” “I got you a necklace
from Goddess Kaali.” “I got you Saree from Kanchipuram.” “Also got the bangles for you.” “Yes I am the friend
of Goddess Sita and Savitri.” “I am the avatar of Parvati, Kulakhi.” “I am Kanchi Kaamaakshi.” Mother! Mother it’s you! Are you surprised to see
Goddess Durga as little girl? Evil destruction is destined
at the hands of a little girl. No one can change it. Mother, I was happy thinking
that you came here for me. But are you here
to only kill those sinners? Yes. I am helpless. Feeling of love and revenge
are in the same heart. Good and evil are living
under same roof. Mother, what are you talking about? You are innocent at heart,
you won’t understand the conspiracy. But I promise that
I won’t leave you even for a moment. I will always be with you
by being your shadow. Ramlal?
– Yes, madam? What happened?
– Why the worship… …materials are scattered? Where is the picture of Goddess? Other madam threw it in a dustbin. What! How can she do this! Then should I build a temple
and worship the picture? Idol of Durga was in place
of my modern art painting. Therefore I threw it off. In this house, the only happiness
for me left was worshiping Goddess. Why did you do that? Without Goddess idol,
how will I perform pooja? It is said that God is everywhere. Go out in the garden and consider
he soil as Goddess and worship it. Or you can also worship a tree. What are you staring at? Get lost! Mother! I have heard that you also
reside in neem tree. Today I realise that it’s true. With your eyes open,
you have opened my eyes as well. From today onwards,
I’ll worship you here. Seems you have lost your mind
due to over devotion. Now you have started worshiping trees. This is not a tree but mother Goddess. This tree opened its eyes… …and made me realise
the presence of Goddess. What? You need to be admitted in an asylum. People in the world go
blind without eyes… …and you are talking
about eyes of tree? Why do you talk so rude? The eyes of Goddess are in this tree. I saw myself. Wait here,
I’ll get offering for Goddess. Not offering me a cup of tea
and now getting dessert for tree. Eyes in neem tree. How funny! Missing eyes might have
got into this tree. She has confused me. Hey! Cut this tree. Goddess!
What are these wounds on your body? Some silly people are trying
to sever me. Goddess.
– You consider neem tree as Goddess… …but some people consider
Goddess just a tree. Those sinners must not be spared. His old sins are yet to be punished
and now one more has added to it. You could’ve severed
many trees until now… …but you have not yet
chopped a branch yet. Forget about branch
but even bark is not getting peeled off. This tree is too difficult to sever. Just get lost from here. Let’s go home.
I’ll put some ointment on your wounds. Ointment for me! Silly girl. Just watch. What a miracle! Your wounds got healed
without any medicines. I myself am the medicine
and salvation as well. I am the creator of life
and destroyer of life as well. Your austerity is accomplished. Austerity for killing enemies
is accomplished. I got that spelled sword as well. You can easily kill that
girl with the sword. Okay but where is the sword? Munshiji. Psychofinsitophobiaradhabitiya.com. What’s that? I translated Chinese language
that she is meditating. Shut up! Let’s assault her
before she opens her eyes. Let’s shut this small witch. What is this? We beheaded single head
and here comes snake with five heads! Brother, what kind of magic is this? Snake power is been shown… …now I’ll show the magic of this sword. Sword vanished! Bhairav saved our heads. Who knows what more we are going
to witness if we stay here. Let’s go from here. I’ll have to use brains in place
of supernatural power. I’ll land that girl in graveyard. You just big mouth here
but does nothing useful. Bhairav, just tell us
what are you going to do. In this appearance it’s impossible
to accomplish the task. Everyone knows that. I’ll have to change my appearance. Good idea. So what appearance will you adopt? The appearance in which
I can please the girl. This is amazing!
Bald man got long hairs… …and seeing this beauty,
even my heart is getting restless. Very good. In this appearance,
Chutki will be easily fooled. I too got fooled.
– Shut up! Chutki will be alone at home,
it’s the right time to get her. Hurry up. I’ll be right back with a victory. Where are you going? No need to look for me anywhere,
I have came to you. Now what are you going to do? Soon you attain salvation. Partner, you were here to kill her
but you are worshiping her? You walked like
a roaring storm to kill her… …but returned by worshiping her. Did you forget your magical powers
on seeing her? In an appearance of Durga,
I didn’t feel like killing her… …but felt like worshiping her. Goddess Mother? Goddess Mother? Who are you? Whom you wish to meet? I am here to meet my mother. I didn’t see her since morning. Therefore I am feeling agitated. So I came to meet her. I don’t understand. Which mother Goddess
you are talking about? Rajeshwari,
I was looking for you inside… You sinner, you stole the eye petals
of Goddess Durga! Where is this? Give it to me. I will not spare you. You want eye petals, right?
– Leave him! I’ll get it right away. How dare you hit me in my house! I’ll shoot you in head.
– Stop! Don’t keep making mistakes. Give her the eye petals. I’ll give your eyes to her
but not Goddess eye petals. Don’t interfere,
else I’ll shoot you as well. No!
– Stop! How long will you keep
behaving like a beast? Change yourself before it’s too late. Sister, today suddenly… Enough. You have committed
many mistakes until now. I’ll talk to this girl. Come with me. Look. My brother stole the eye petals
in temptation of money. Please forgive him. Come to neem tree in the garden tonight. I’ll get the eye petals. How can I trust you? Certainly you can trust me. Manguram! What happened, daughter? Why are you lying in bed at this time? I am an outcaste.
I work only when there are funerals. Then what to do? Tonight you are going to get work. What are you saying! You get the pit ready,
I’ll send the corpse to you. What are you staring at?
I never break my promise. I had brought eye petals
as per my promise. Just hold on. What is this! The eye I was talking about
was not of Goddess but of gun. Only you have seen my brother
stealing eye petals. You won’t stay alive. ‘May be with divine power
or the evil power…’ ‘…but she finished my sister.’ ‘I don’t know what I shall be doing.’ Victory to Goddess Sherawali! Victory to Goddess Jagdamba! Stop it! Munshi, you always worked
your mouth to earn livelihood. Now what happened to it? I have surrendered myself to goddess. I always bad mouthed and committed sins. Therefore I have punished my mouth. But for your sins,
you entire body must get slot. I have corrected myself… …but to slot you,
mother herself will come. Then you’ll get corrected.
I am leaving. Bye. ‘Yesterday Chutki was saying
that she’ll send a corpse.’ ‘And she did.’ ‘It means the little girl
is avatar of someone.’ ‘Om!’ ‘Om!’ Chutki, why are you resting in
a position like Lord Vishnu does? Lord Vishnu rest in such position. Look even Lord Ganesh
rests in this position. Then why are you objecting only me? Who are you? I? Who am I? Your Radha. You aren’t Radha but Mother Goddess. You are not a little girl
but Goddess Jagdamba. Mother! Good! I thought you will
not recognise me but finally you did. Mother, I can fast for entire year
just for you to step in my house. You are always welcomed in my house. But why have you arrived
to kill someone? When human takes some life
it’s called killing… …but when Goddess takes life
it’s called destruction… …a punishment for committed sin. Mother, is it necessary
to punish the sins? If you wish you can also
forgive the sins. I must forgive those
who tried to steal eye petals? This avatar of Goddess Kaali,
do not forgive anyone… …but punish them with death penalty. But you took the revenge,
you killed them in front of me. Aren’t you calmed yet? I have destroyed a supporter of sin. But still one enemy of mine is alive. After punishing him,
my rage will blow over. Mother, when you arrived in
the form of snake, I offered you milk. When you were in the form of tree,
I worshiped you. Now you are in front of me,
I want to worship you. But you are asking for a life. Can’t you forgive the sinners
for your devotee’s sake? If the sinners are to be forgiven
for devotee’s sake… …then there is no need of God. Mother, I’ll somehow
convince my husband… …and will return your eye petals. Please let him go. I am here in the form of death
and not mercy. Mother, if you wish, you can forgive
my husband and save our lives. What’s written in your destiny
cannot be changed by God as well. Your husband’s sins
have crossed the limit. Forgiving him will be
going against virtue. Goddess, how can you be so merciless? This is not the time to show mercy
but of destruction. “Oh, mother Vishnavi,
please don’t get incensed.” “Oh, mother Durga,
get over your insistence.” “Don’t stare down us,
oh mother Mandaldevi.” “Stop your rage, oh mother Kaali.” “Why are you envying the one who once
offered your food and worshiped you?” Hey, Chamundi, Bhairavi,
Ambika, Parvati…” “…forgive her husband.” “Let her life be colourful.” “Oh, mother Vishnavi,
please don’t get incensed.” “Oh, mother Durga,
get over your insistence.” “Don’t stare down us,
oh mother Mandaldevi.” “Stop your rage, oh mother Kaali.” “Why are you upset with your devotee?” “Why is so sad her destiny?” “Your insistence is useless.” “What’s the fault of your devotee?” “She fasted for you
but served you the food.” “This isn’t justice, oh mother.” “She chanted your name,
worshiped only you.” “She adored you in her heart.” “If her devotion is true then
for her devotion sake…” “…please calm down, mother.” “In your mercy and devotion
we all believe, oh mother.” “Please calm down, oh Goddess.” “Please calm down, oh Goddess.” “Please promise to spare her husband.” “Oh, mother Vishnavi,
please don’t get incensed.” “Oh, mother Durga,
get over your insistence.” “Don’t stare down us,
oh mother Mandaldevi.” “Stop your rage, oh mother Kaali.” “She offered you all that she can.” “She also performed ablution
with milk on you.” “She adorned you with devotion.” “You are the one to gift us with life,
oh mother.” “Earth and heaven are
all obliged by you.” “Have pity on her, she is miserable.” “Mother, how can you make
your devotee a widow?” “You too is a woman, oh mother.” “Without nuptial chain,
a woman’s life has no respect.” “I request you, oh mother,
please forgive her husband.” “Mother, please calm down,
please let go your rage.” “Please promise to forgive
the husband of your devotee.” “Oh, mother Vishnavi,
please don’t get incensed.” “Oh, mother Durga,
get over your insistence.” “Don’t stare down us,
oh mother Mandaldevi.” “Stop your rage, oh mother Kaali.” “Why are you envying the one who once
offered your food and worshiped you?” Hey, Chamundi, Bhairavi,
Ambika, Parvati…” “…forgive her husband.” “Let her life be colourful.” I trusted your magical powers… …and agreed to get eye petals
of Goddess. But now the divine power
of goddess has killed my sister. Now she’ll kill me.
What are you going to do now? I am an avatar of a demon Mahishasur. I will finish Goddess
before she finishes you.” I have an idea for that. Goddess, I have got butter milk
with added salt for you. Salt? Are you expecting some miracle? It won’t happen. This salty butter milk cannot destroy
the bitterness of neem. Fine. Why have you come here? I want to visit temple. If Goddess herself is here at home with
you then why you need to visit temple? I have made a vow,
it can be fulfilled only at temple. Therefore… Then go ahead. Mother, until I return home
please don’t kill my husband. I cannot fulfil the vow by being widow. Therefore promise me that… …you’ll not do anything to husband
until I return home. You are asking for promise
or saving your husband? Mother, you can read my mind. Then can you not promise me? No problem in making promise. Okay. I promise. I won’t kill your husband until
you return home from temple. I promise you. You may go. That’s sufficient for me.
I am leaving, mother. Goddess is been fooled. I am going to fulfil my wish. Bhairav, I don’t understand
what you are talking about. With the help of my wife… …you asked me to get
promise from Goddess… …that she’ll not kill me until
my wife returns from temple What is to rejoice about it? She will kill you only
if your wife returns home. But what if your wife doesn’t return? Very good idea! I will kill your wife
but you need to help me. You are saving my life,
I’ll do anything for you. Get the eye petals that
is with little girl. Get them. Are you kidding!
Already I was beheaded for once. She is not an ordinary girl,
she posses divine powers. Don’t worry.
I’ll give you the power to kill her. I have given the devilish powers
in your hands. Immediately get me
the eye petals from that little girl. Mother! Goddess! Mother! Mother! Mother! You tried to snatch
my eyes but I let you go. And now you wish to kill my devotee! I won’t spare you this time. No, Mother Goddess! Move! My rage will be calmed
only on killing him. Stop mother. You had promised… …you won’t kill my husband
until I return home from temple. I have not reached home yet. So you are still committed. I won’t let my commitment get misused. Are you aware that by getting
a promise from me through you… …he is planning to kill you? And you want me to forgive him?
Now he won’t be spared. Are you going to punish your true
devotee by killing her husband? Will any mother wish her daughter
to be a widow? But you wish to make me widow
then come and fulfil your wish! Come on! Goddess,
you’ll can never become a widow… …but you can make
your daughter a widow! Is that what you wish for, right? Then go ahead
and make your daughter widow. Come on! Goddess Durga, though being a human,
I never understood humanity. I also tried to snatch your eyes. Forgive me, mother. His hands burnt down
for the sins he committed until now. Now please don’t punish him anymore. Forgive him, mother. Not because of commitment
but because of your devotion I give up. I forgive him. Mother, the eye petals
that are with my daughter… …belongs to you. Please take it back, mother. “The eyes with compassion, affection…” “…the eyes so wrathful, so fierce…” “…the eyes in which
lays justice, power…” “…the destroyer
of evil are these eyes…” “…eyes so powerful, eyes so cheerful.”

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