Jack Bauer’s first scene in 24 (The Chess Game) – 24 Season 1

Jack Bauer’s first scene in 24 (The Chess Game) – 24 Season 1

[Kim] You’re in trouble, Dad. Really? – Yeah. So… Is she… still giving you the cold shoulder? If by “she”, you’re referring to your mother,
I’d appreciate it if you call her by her name: “Mom”. And no, she’s just busy.
– She’s busy a lot. And it’s a school night for you. So time for bed. – Haa… Good night.
– I love you. I’m glad you moved back in, Daddy. Me too, sweet. Have a good sleep. – Night, sweet pea.
– Yeah.

28 thoughts on “Jack Bauer’s first scene in 24 (The Chess Game) – 24 Season 1

  1. One thing i adore about 24 is Jack's arc. Just look at him here compared to how you see him in Live Another Day. Hell earlier than that. That spark in his eye. That light here….Gone.

  2. By season 6 they had changed this great character so much that I could barely watch any more.
    They should have ended after season 5, with the perfect ending of him being on the run.

  3. When Kim snuck out of the house, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE for Jack.

    Assassination, Terrorism & clockwork AND in a single day.

  4. Looking at this I realized how much time and events changed Jack Bauer This day in season 1 really changed him to a more gritty tougher Jack Bauer in later seasons

  5. A character's first scene is supposed to tell us who they are and what they're all about. I love Jack's intro here,  you get his family man persona but most importantly Jack as a strategist. Every season Jack is playing a game of chess. He has to win the game/ stop the bad guys- but to do so has to make multiple moves to win, each one needing to be the right one to get closer to a check-mate. And of course along the way pawns and other pieces have to be sacrificed in order to win. I just love how it subtly embodies Jack and his tactical mind-set to be cunning and make impossible choices in order to win and defeat the threat at hand.

  6. The first season was more drama-oriented than action-oriented, which is part of the reason it's my favourite season. Seems almost nobody feels the same way, but that's fine with me.

  7. Jack Bauer's first scene involves him thinking of a way to outplay his opponent by sacrificing pieces. God I love this show.

  8. The best thing about season 1 was when they were all together. I hated how season 2 had no Teri…. it really wasn’t the same

  9. it's kinda sad when you think about how 24 is about the downfall of Jack Bauer. He saves everyones lives at the cost of his own. I really thought he was going to live happily ever after with audrey in Live Another Day. But nope…. He had nothing left after her.

  10. I watched the whole series in 2 months. I only watched some episodes when it first aired. (Was too young) Some quick thoughts. Why Jack has blonde hair in S1? My personal favorites in order S7,2,1,3,8,9,6,5,4. Favorite characters Tony Almeida, Nina( shes a cat so many lives) Michelle, Renne, Jack. It's sad not seeing Kim as a regular after S3. Some things that annoy me ; the "person inside ctu or the government working for the bad guys" cliche in the later seasons. You'd think they start extensive background checks at that point.

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