It’s Friday the 13th and Mr Duncan is out and about with another live English lesson

It’s Friday the 13th and Mr Duncan is out and about with another live English lesson

hey there
or should I say ‘hay there’ hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are
you today are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope you’re happy I’m not too
bad I’m a little exhausted because I’m currently taking a walk in the
countryside and I couldn’t resist saying hello to you so here I am live from
England and as you can see it is harvest time here in the UK and I’m in one of
the many fields that have been recently harvested you can see here what remains
of this year’s harvest so the harvest has actually been collected and you can
see now this looks this looks like wheat so I think this particular field
contained wheat it used to have wheat in it but now the wheat has been taken away
it has been harvested so there you go I hope you can see that is it clear today
is a very unusual day for two reasons first of all I am here with you live and
the other thing is that today is Friday the 13th are you superstitious do you
think that Friday the 13th is a time for staying indoors do you think that
particular day is unlucky for some well maybe maybe not who knows so are you a
superstitious person a lot of people here in the UK are talking about Friday
the 13th some people believe that you should be very careful what you do on
Friday the 13th you should be careful where you go you should be careful what
you actually do so maybe if you are doing something
dangerous or risky maybe Friday the 13th isn’t the day for doing it for example
you might decide to go for a walk through someone’s field yes I am
trespassing at the moment I must be honest okay anyone watching sorry about
that if you are the owner of this land I do
apologize but I am trespassing at the moment but I am doing a very good deed
you see I’m doing it for a good reason I’m actually in the field because I’m
here live teaching English so that is my defense so if I ever have to go to court
for trespassing in someone’s field I hope you will be my witness so if I have
to go to court if I am found guilty of trespassing on someone’s land trespass
by the way trespass means invade or to go on to someone else’s land maybe
private property so if you trespass it means you go into an area where you are
not permitted or a place where you shouldn’t go maybe the place in question
is privately owned like this field so this field belongs to someone so at the
moment I am trespassing but I’m doing it for a good cause I’m here to help you
with your English can’t be bad so what about you do you think that Friday the
13th is an unlucky day or do you just not care really maybe you are not very
superstitious Friday the 13th now the reason for that of course is
because 13 is considered unlucky for many people so some people have a fear
it’s true I’m not joking some people actually have a fear of Friday the 13th
they feel very afraid there is a word in fact for the fear of the number 13
triskaidekaphobia Skai deca phobia is the word that you
use to describe a person who is afraid of the number 13 hello to the live chat
I haven’t said hello to the live chat so let’s have a look at the live chat
Wow so many people already on the live chat hello Connell Connell hi to you you
are first on the live chat by the way I have my lovely little rucksack
do you like my rucksack would you like me to show it to you okay here it is I have my lovely rucksack with me today
and this is the rucksack that mr. Steve bought for me so this is one of mr.
Steve’s past presents that he gave to me so yes hello to Colonel nice to see you
here I don’t know how many people are
watching at the moment I’m not sure hello also to Kathy
hello Kathy I couldn’t resist coming out to say hello because it’s quite a nice
day now over the past few days the weather has been very unsettled because
we had two storms two large storms they have gone now so the storms have
disappeared and as you can see it’s rather nice today the clouds are
drifting by there is no rain just a gentle breeze blowing by keeping me nice
and cool on this lovely September day September the 13th Friday the 13th so
what about you are you a superstitious person do you think that Friday the 13th
is an unlucky day now personally if you know me well you will know that I don’t
believe in superstitions I don’t follow any superstitions so I don’t really
worry too much and just to prove it here I am on Friday the 13th coming out for a
walk in someone else’s field I just hope I don’t get shot by one of the farmers
it might happen who knows but then think of the views Wow
I will be trending I will be trending all around the world youtuber get shot
by farmer hello to Anna hello Anna nice to see you here today
excuse my finger my finger might go near the lens sometimes so please excuse my
big fingers mr. Duncan Friday the 13th is a fearful day in the Christian
culture Thank You Louis for that and by the way nice to see you here today I
thought I would do a live stream I hope you can see me all right now I’ve just
checked and it looks as if the signal to my mobile phone is actually quite good
so I think we have a good signal which is not surprising because the signal is
actually coming from just over there so on that hill the actual transmitter for
my mobile phone is up there so it is actually there on that hill so hopefully
we should get a good signal today hello Maria Maria I’m saying hello to Maria in
the middle of a field so yes you can see the view behind me looking out towards
the Shropshire Hills you can see there are many bales of hay or maybe straw
some people say straw if it’s very hard and if it’s soft they will say hey Tonya
mr. Duncan why are you here today is Friday well I’m having a lovely walk
because it’s a beautiful day and I couldn’t resist saying hello even though
I am a little bit exhausted this morning when I woke up this morning I’ve had a
little bit of trouble with my asthma over the past couple of days
so my chest has been a little unwell during the past couple of days so I have
had a little bit of a problem with my aspect but I hope today I won’t collapse
on the floor so I should be alright Emery amaura amber awardee is here hello
to you yes it is a lovely view shall we have a closer look there it is so there
is the whole Vista it’s a great word by the way the word Vista Vista means view
so you can see the outlook the outlook the Vista as we look out over the
countryside and it’s a beautiful day it’s incredibly warm today I can’t
believe how warm it is so yes it’s very warm today as you can see I’m just
wearing my t-shirt so I’m not wearing many clothes I’m wearing my t-shirt and
that’s about it of course I’m wearing trousers as well I
don’t think the neighbors are ready to see my my bare bottom just yet hello
Amory the transcription the subtitles the captions will not work because I’m
on my mobile phone so I’m not in my studio I’m not at my house I’m actually
in the middle of the countryside so that is the reason why there are no captions
there will be captions later so captions later on but at the moment because I’m
broadcasting to you on my mobile phone there are no there are no captions until
later on and then there will be Alexandra says I’m really sorry to hear
that you have a problem with your chest do you know if you are allergic well I
do suffer from hay fever as well so over the years I have suffered from hay fever
and also asthma so my asthma is under control but now and again it comes back
so the last couple of days I’ve been suffering a little bit with
but I should be okay I think I’m on the road to recovery it’s nothing serious
however having said that some famous people have died from asthma including
there is a Chinese singer called Teresa Teng Teresa Teng and she actually died
from an asthma attack so yes it can affect many people of all ages but I
have suffered from hay from hay fever all my life but I’ve had asthma for
about the last 12 years so yes it’s it’s not much fun
it isn’t much fun but I am taking some medication for it and today I don’t feel
too bad even though my voice it sounds as if I’m losing my voice but I’m not
hello mr. Duncan hello Tong Tong mr. Duncan Chinese
people are celebrating the mid-autumn festival yes the families will get
together and they will eat moon cake well I used to live in China don’t
forget I used to live in China and I saw many of the mid autumn festivals because
the moon becomes large and everyone celebrates with moon cake now some of
the moon cake I liked but other types of moon cake I didn’t like so I did try
moon cake when I was in China and of course a lot of people celebrate
mid-autumn festival because the moon is a very important thing in the Chinese
zodiac so in China they follow the lunar new year they follow the lunar calendar
hello also to Ana who says are you alone or is mr. Steve with you no I’m on my
own mr. Steve is is out there somewhere working so Steve is working at the
moment he is not here with me I am all alone alone in a field on on the 13th
Friday the 13th I really do like taking risks sometimes have you noticed so if
you’ve just joined me its mr. Duncan that’s me by the way in the middle of a
field trespassing on someone’s land I was asked earlier what the word guilty
means if you are guilty it means you are responsible so you are responsible for
something that you have done you are responsible for your actions you are
guilty you are responsible the thing in question was done by the person who is
found guilty so it’s quite often quite often you will hear in law that a person
has committed a crime and then they go to court and then there is a trial and
then at the end of the trial a group of people who have left listened to the
evidence have to decide whether the person is guilty or not guilty you can
also say guilty or innocent a person who is innocent is a person who is blameless
they are not responsible for what happened so guilty responsible innocent
not responsible I thought I explained that quite well it’s almost as if it’s
my job mr. Duncan do you know the Italian language I don’t know Italian
very much to be honest I know Pavarotti used to like singing in
Italian o solo mio do you have something to help you with your asthma yes I do
ana I take some medication not all the time just now and again so I only take
it when I need it so that’s quite good but I’ve had asthma
for many years it’s become a part of my life and sometimes it makes me ill
sometimes I can go for very long periods of time
with no problems nothing at all I’ve been to hospital twice I’ve actually
been to hospital twice with asthma so it’s not much fun anyway enough of my
silly problems how are you today are you having a good Friday the 13th Friday the
13th tonight I might watch a horror film I might watch something scary on the
television with missus mr. Steve as a way of celebrating Friday the 13th but
which film should i watch is there a horror film that you can suggest for me
to watch is there a film that I could watch
tonight with mr. Steve do you like scary movies now I must admit I do like
watching scary movies there are many of them many horror films well sorry oh
says hi mr. Duncan from Valencia in Spain nice weather here it is raining
heavily so you are having heavy rain so if the rain is falling fast we can
describe that as heavy rain so it is raining heavily
it is raining very heavily here take a look for yourself it’s lovely
today it’s it’s very nice here today hello – Leila hello Leila I don’t like
to watch scary movies I always watch romantic films or comedy films well I
thought today because it is Friday the 13th I thought it would be a good idea
to watch a scary movie something scary something that makes you feel a little
afraid whilst watching it so that’s what I thought I would do hello
also too now I’m sure I’ve missed some people out show ooh
says hello Cho I like your name there is a horror movie called inhumane
kiss ah I’ve never heard of that film is it is it a British film is it American
or is it from somewhere else Rosario I’ve said hello to you already
it is raining heavily in Spain the rain in Spain falls mainly on my head hello
mr. Duncan are you okay have you ever been to Brazil I’ve never been to Brazil
ever never been there here we don’t have any superstition for Friday the 13th
okay well that’s pretty good because a lot of people today are talking about
Friday the 13th because they believe that it can be an unlucky day you love
dangerous situations Duncan says am reward e do I really I suppose so
when I was younger I think I think when I was younger I was more willing to take
risks I was more daring a person who is daring they are willing
to take risks they are willing to do things that might be considered risky or
dangerous so maybe when I was young in my early years I may have been a little
bit more risky yes I suppose so I used to own a motorbike so when I was younger
I used to I used to like driving and riding and speeding around the streets
on my motorbike but now I don’t have a motorbike because I feel a little afraid
that I might get killed on the bike so I don’t ride that anymore so as I’ve got
older I think I’ve become less and less adventurous and I think that happens to
people as they get older I think as we get older we start
to lose our sense of adventure I think so
it does happen hello mr. Duncan do British people learn English vocabulary
from Oxford Dictionary or Cambridge dictionary well to be honest with you
it’s very interesting when we talk about people who are in the UK learning
English well normally we learn English during our early lives in the schools so
it is part of our education so as we are as we are educated as we are taught we
actually learn English at the same time so I started learning English from
around the age of three four maybe three or four years old so simple words simple
sentences but for me I learnt English from from school from being taught
English and of course you listen to people around you you listen to what
your parents say you listen to what other people say you listen to your
teachers so over the years the many many years that I’ve been alive I have gained
a lot of English but most of it has come from just being here so just existing in
this country I suppose it’s very similar for other languages as well so if you
are born in a certain place you will develop the language because that is the
environment that you are in however back to your original question there was an
original question I prefer oxford dictionaries so I’ve
always used oxford dictionaries in my teaching in my work and even when I was
very young I had a little Oxford Dictionary so I suppose from my point of
view and this is only my point of view I always use oxford dictionaries but
Cambridge ones are okay you could use those as well there are many types of
dictionary there’s Collins also Collins make a very good dictionary Webster
Webster’s dictionary when people become older they become more fearful yes I
suppose so yes I know I think that’s it I think as I’ve grown older I think I’ve
become a lot less adventurous having said that Here I am today
look I’m standing in a field and it belongs to someone else so I am
technically I am now breaking the law very adventurous Beatrice is here
hello mr. Duncan I don’t know where you are I have just received your
notification I will tell you that I am in bath ah you are in the UK in the moat
oh my you know what I always get a bit excited I get very excited when I find
that someone’s actually here in the UK yes mr. Duncan I am studying for
something in England Bath and Bristol I have come here from Argentina welcome to
the UK I hope you are enjoying bath now bath is a beautiful place it’s a very
historic place there are lots of beautiful buildings today for you to go
and explore so I would imagine that the weather at the moment in Bath is very
nice so have you have you had a look around back it is a beautiful town
actually it’s a city I think I think Bath is a city what am I talking about
hello – Luis you’ll never know before in language well if you don’t know your own
language well I think that’s quite good yes that’s a good point Louis I think
underst standing the way you use your own
language and the way you have learnt your own language can actually help you
to to study a second language so yes I think I think understanding your own
language is very important before you move on to learning another language
however it is worth mentioning that certain languages have very different
grammar rules a good example being Chinese so Chinese has some very strange
grammar rules so it is sometimes very difficult to translate from English into
Chinese and also the other way round because there are some differences with
the grammar rules especially when it comes to tense so tense clauses tend to
be very different bath is a beautiful city and the weather is so good
yes beet trees welcome to the UK welcome to England I hope you are having a super
time don’t forget to find a lovely Tea Room go to a little tea room have a cup
of tea have maybe a scone or a tea cake maybe a cream tea very nice PAP papal
chulo asks how long have you been doing this live stream do you mean the one
today so the one I’m doing now I’ve been on for about 28 minutes
I think 28 minutes but I’ve been doing my live streams on YouTube for around 3
years I can’t believe it 3 years I’ve been doing my live streams and I’ve been
doing my recorded lessons can you believe it 13 years so I started
teaching English on YouTube in 2006 and I’m still here now doing it despite what
YouTube likes to think I don’t know why YouTube
doesn’t seem to like me very much the algorithms don’t like me maybe I’m too
old perhaps I’m too old to be on YouTube do you think that’s the reason Lee says
I know some words but I find sometimes it is hard to put them into practice
well again this is another thing about listening to English so sometimes it’s a
good idea just to listen to English and it will help you to understand the way
sentences are formed or maybe even how certain words are spoken so by that I
mean intonation so when I say that I mean intonation intonation Connell says
I always follow your lips to catch every single word and I don’t look at the
subtitles anymore well again that is a very good practice that is a very good
way of getting used to listening but also understanding so as I’m speaking
you can always look at my beautiful lips so yes you are more than welcome to do
that and I agree it is a very good idea a very good idea quotes of a boss hello
quotes of boss hi to you nice to see you here are you there am i here yes I am
here definitely I’ve just checked I am definitely here al says there you
are standing what used to be a field of wheat I did not know England has
mountains could you please explain about this mountain well first of all I am in
a wheat field so at the start of today’s dream I showed you you can see here you can see there is
some wheat so this is what is growing in the field wheat here comes a helicopter
I think they’re coming to take me away so this is wheat just to prove that I am
actually in a wheat field so there it is can you see the wheat can you hear the
helicopter disturbing me so yes I’m in a wheat field the mountain over there
there is a small hill so actually it’s not a mountain so this particular Hill
is called the rican rican w r e k i n so that’s how you spell it
rican so that is freakin hill rican now I’m sure later the subtitles will show
the wrong spelling but there is a very famous landmark where I live and at the
top of rican hill there is a television transmitter so that is where we get all
of our television pictures so all of the TV in this area is actually transmitted
from the top of that hill so I hope that was helpful I always try to be helpful
if I know something I will tell you if I don’t know something maybe you will tell
me Lewis says all of your recorded lessons are great but the sixth reality
and the others between 70 and 80 and also the 17th Louie’s gone where’s it
gone I’ve lost it about time yes I I have made many
youtube videos a lot of people seem to forget that I’ve made a lot of videos on
YouTube and some of them are very deep and very meaningful there is a lesson
that I did lesson 6 which is all about being happy and sad a very deep and
meaningful lesson also it is a lesson that I enjoyed making and to be honest
with you I think it’s one of my favourite lessons as well so my favorite
lessons that I’ve made are happy and sad I quite enjoyed doing that one also
I enjoyed memories so there is a lesson all about memories and also the lesson I
made about reality so those are my favourite lessons also the one I made
about Samuel Johnson lesson 50 is also one of my favorite lessons because I
enjoyed making that particular one because I went along to the actual
birthplace hello to and Ray again I totally agree with Anna you are the best
mr. Duncan thank you very much Lena says you need to take care about
yourself mr. Duncan before because a UFO is watching you I wouldn’t be surprised
maybe it’s my mothership maybe my mothership has come back to
take me back to my own planet some people think I don’t come from Earth I
don’t know why my favourite lesson that you made is about food that is my
favorite one Thank You Carl that’s very kind of you to say yes I have made many
lessons in fact at the moment I think that there are how many lessons are on
my youtube channel now I think about 750 the last time I looked there were 750
lessons on my YouTube channel and all of the
playlists are underneath this video so the video you are watching now you can
actually look underneath if you go underneath you will see all of the
playlists as well there are many playlists munis says hello mr. Duncan I
hope you will recover well I’m okay I’m alright I am a hundred percent well
so I’m not sick or unwell but I do sometimes suffer from a little thing
that has been bothering me for many years called asthma so I do get asthma
sometimes Beatriz says I watched your lesson about Samuel Johnson it is
wonderful thank you very much I actually put a lot
of work into that lesson I I spent many many days writing lots and lots of
scripts and then I went along to litchfield where Samuel Johnson’s
birthplace is and I was very lucky because I was able to film actually at
the place where he was born thank you very much hello Hamid yes over 750
lessons are on my youtube channel there are lots of lessons about general
subjects as I mentioned earlier I have mentioned lots and lots of subjects in
my lessons so I have made lessons about emotions about parts of the body about
also types of grammar I made a lesson all about grammar where
I explain every individual point of grammar so there are lots and lots of
videos underneath this video you are watching now so check out below this
video and you will see lots and lots of playlists and all of my videos are on
there alexandra says mr. duncan every one of your lessons is interesting and
from every lesson we can learn something new
you are my first teacher on YouTube thank you very much that’s very kind of
you did you know that I was actually the first English English teacher on YouTube
I’m the first one ever not a lot of people know that I wonder why who is
looking for a PayPal a PayPal oh sorry pen pal who is looking
for a pen pal I don’t know are you looking for a pen pal hello mr. Duncan mr. Duncan do you speak Arabic well no I
don’t I don’t speak Arabic I don’t really know much Arabic either mr.
Duncan I have a grammar related question I found in a textbook oh I see so you
found it in a textbook so are you asking me if the textbook is correct or
incorrect I have a grammar related question I found in a textbook I am no
good at tennis I am no good at tennis shouldn’t it be I am not good at tennis
no both of those are okay you can say that I’m not good at it or you can say
I’m no good at it in fact more commonly you will hear
people say I am no good I am no good at so I am no good at football I am no good
at chess I am no good at teaching so yes that is correct that is perfectly super
duper nice acceptable English mr. Duncan wheat yes wheat wheat so wheat I am in a
wheat field of course some people might also pronounce the H so they might go
they might a tweet tweet so they might blow as they
pronounce the word wheat I hope that was clear are you wearing a safari hat I’m
not sure if this is a safari hat but this is a Sun Hat so this should protect
me from the Sun because at the moment I’m standing in the Sun and as you can
see the Sun is blasting blasting on my face I am getting lots of sunlight on my
face mr. Duncan what is your favorite book regarding science fiction or
fantasy philip k dick I used to like reading his short stories when I was a
child I used to read short stories Ray Bradbury is another one I love Ray
Bradbury and also philip k dick which a lot of people don’t know oh they’ve
never heard of him but he used to write some wonderful
stories and I remember reading a story many years ago when I was still young
and it was called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and it’s a very
interesting story about people who live in the future and they all have robots
to take care of their needs but the strange thing is a lot of the people in
that time are lonely so what they what they actually do is they keep sheep they
look after them it is a way of passing the time it makes them feel happy and
wanted but the sheep are actually electric they are actually robot sheep
many years later this particular story was rewritten as a screenplay but can
you name the movie so the movie based on the book by philip k dick called Do
Androids Dream of electric sheep so what was the movie
does anyone know i’m sure someone knows out there if you are a fan of science
fiction so i read the story many years ago and the story is very different from
the film so the story has a very different tone to the film but what is
the film I’m sure a lot of people now are searching on Google woogle to try
and find the answer you are really good at teaching I can assure you thank you
very much Anna I am Arabic and I can understand you because you explained
very well thank you very much well that is my job
so one of the things about teaching is you have to teach clearly so there’s no
point there is no point doing it there is no point being a teacher if people
can’t understand what you’re saying so that’s one of the reasons why I like
to think that my voice is clear and my pronunciation is clear so people can
understand me you have to be able to convey the
message you have to be able to put your message across so I think it’s very
important for a teacher to be understood so that’s the reason why this is
something I remember from my time in China
my pronunciation became very famous in China I ended up doing lots of things on
television also on the radio and even for one of the local authorities their
education board I did some work for them as well I did a lot of voices for their
examinations so yes I’ve done a lot of work using my voice in the past because
people seem to like it I don’t know why I think I could be a TV announcer or
maybe a radio announcer would you like that oh I see Aleksandra
says is it Blade Runner yes you are right well done yes the screen
play the screenplay for Blade Runner is actually based on a story by philip k
dick one of his many short stories all about people who live in the future not
the distant future just slightly into the future but they all rely on robots
and machines and even for company even for company they have machines nearby
hence the replicants so the replicants part in the story is part of the story
but there are other parts other elements of the story as well so the film only
only shows part of the story or only explains part of the story Lee says your
voice is magnetic thank you very much that’s very kind of you
Lewis says I love Jane Austen and Charlotte brontë very romantic books but
also they can be quite violent as well so Charlotte brontë would write some
beautiful books about love but also about hate as well and the way love can
can twist people they can twist people they can turn people into unpleasant
individuals I have watched other teachers on YouTube
from England but your pronunciation is the best
thank you very much Caudill that’s very kind of you to say thanks a lot
one of the things I always believe in is well I always like the sound to be good
quality so today you might notice that you can hear me very clearly that’s
because I’ve I’ve brought a lot of equipment with me so even though I’m
using my mobile phone I have a lot of other equipment here and that will help
the sound to be much better so I hope you can hear me clearly because I’m
using a lot of equipment here today some lovely professional sound quality
hopefully what is the etymology behind raining
cats and dogs come on man you skipped my messages many times I don’t skip
people’s messages this is something that people always say mr. Duncan you are
ignoring me why are you ignoring me I don’t ignore
people trust me sometimes I don’t see your message because I’m watching on a
very tiny screen so my iPhone has a very small screen and because of that I can’t
see all of the messages so the message is moved very quickly on the screen so
that’s why that is the reason why all the storms still there no the storms
have gone so now we have beautiful weather we have a lovely day
there is a gentle breeze the Sun is out everything is really nice so I feel as
if I want to run I want to run across the field into the distance like Julie
Andrews in the sound of music have you ever seen that film The Sound of Music
another very dark film it seems very lovely in Pleasant there are some lovely
songs in The Sound of Music but in fact the film itself is rather sinister it’s
it’s not a very nice film isn’t it strange how some movies they have they
have things like lovely lovely scenery or maybe happy songs but the film itself
the tone of the story is a little dog the hills are alive with the sound of
mr. Duncan let’s tide me out now ah one thing for
sure I will sleep very well tonight I think so we think that there is a brexit
storm on the way oh yes maybe you may have heard the news
from the UK yes I think so things are happening all around us here at the
moment in the UK concerning brexit we are supposed to be leaving the European
Union on the 31st of October so that’s around five weeks from now six weeks
from now we are supposed to be leaving Europe some people want us to leave
other people don’t want us to leave mr. Duncan could you please explain what a
hack means if a person is a hack it is a person who does not put work or maybe
they use other people’s work or maybe other people’s ideas for their own
creativity so a hack is a person who creates or does things but really they
have no real talent they normally borrow their talent from other people in other
words they steal ideas from other people but they pretend to be the person who is
producing the quality product so a hack if someone is a hack it means they are
pretending to do the thing that they seem to be doing they are a hack we
often use the word hack to describe a person who is a newspaper reporter as
well so maybe a person who reports for the news they are a journalist so if
they are a journalist we can say that they are a hack
so I hope that explains that for you mr. Duncan your beard has grown yes I
haven’t had a shave today I must be honest my my beard does grow very
quickly by the way it isn’t too late you can still vote on whether or not I
should have a beard during October so next month there is a big special event
taking place I can’t tell you what it is at the moment but there is something
happening next month something very special for October because next month
it is my 13th anniversary on YouTube so on October the 31st the same day as the
UK leaves Europe the same day can you believe it so yes my anniversary is on
October the 31st how do you see the brexit deal oh I see oh I think I think
you want my personal opinion oh dear I think you want my personal opinion no
I’m not going to give my personal opinion but if you know me well you will
know what I think I think so that’s what I think Claudia does not
want me to grow a beard in October but the thing is my beard grows very quickly
I don’t know why maybe it’s because I have so many so many male hormones going
around my body because I’m so match and manly hasna says I have studied some work of
Shakespeare to be or not to be that is the question what a piece of work is man and they are amazing his works are
universal I would like to visit his birthplace yes stratford-upon-avon
is where Shakespeare was born and his house is now a museum so you can
actually visit Shakespeare’s house and walk around the garden oh my goodness
mr. Duncan you should make a big party on the 31st not 21st 31st 31 so the last
day of October is the anniversary of my YouTube channel 13 years I’ve been doing
this for 13 years on YouTube the storms have gone have the storms
gone or are gone well I suppose the storms plural have gone so they have
gone not they are gone they have gone they have gone now so they have moved
away it has singular they have plural I’m
thinking why all the holy people like this is interesting I am thinking why
all the holy people like the prophets in religion always have beards I’m not sure
either I’ve never really thought about that
why do religious people have beards I’ve never I’ve never really worked that out
so during October I am going to join the many people who have a beard so at the
moment I’m not sure if it’s going to happen because there is a little survey
taking place on my youtube channel you can
you can still vote should I have a beard in October so at the moment I am
planning to have a beard in October but some people are saying no and some
people are saying yes and because my YouTube channel is a democracy you will
have a chance to vote whether or not how do you see the English language
different from Shakespeare’s time well Shakespeare’s English was moving
too into Middle English so when Shakespeare was around writing his
sonnets and his plays it was I suppose it was the early stages of middle
English so a lot of people notice that that Shakespeare uses what would
probably refer be referred to as middle English so it still is very
old-fashioned however a lot of what Shakespeare wrote is so expressive so
even though the English used by Shakespeare is is archaic it is still
very understandable isn’t it strange so even though a lot of Shakespeare’s work
is written in Old English or Middle English early Middle English it is very
expressive and that’s the reason why he is still popular today it’s still very
popular I don’t know why I am growing a beard I have no no idea the livestreams
have started every day what about Saturday
yes I’m glad you mentioned that because I am here tomorrow I’m here tomorrow as well on the
livestream I will be at home tomorrow I’m at home tomorrow and also on Sunday
as well I am with you on Saturday and Sunday so I am here tomorrow from 12
o’clock just after lunchtime and also on Sunday as well I can’t believe it
so I’m here today and tomorrow and Sunday Wow
I am really spoiling you that’s all I can say I’m really spoiling you
Sergio between between you and me Sergio can be very cheeky I think so sometimes
Sergio expresses himself very clearly on my live stream Sergio Sergio says nobody
cares about your beard everybody’s interested in English we don’t want to
hear about your beard okay Sergio I I will make a note of that note taken hello also to a lire as a
know mr. Duncan you are a great teacher thank you very much for that
beards two or three hundred years ago we’re a sign of respect I think so yes
now this is one of the things being a person of a certain age and by that I
mean me I have seen many trends many fashions come and go so one of the
things that you will notice about fashion and trends is that they only
stay around for a short time so I remember growing up in the 70s a lot of
men would wear beards so beards were pop in the 1970s a lot of men like to have
beards in the 1970s and then the 1980s came along and then people stopped
having beards people liked to they preferred being clean having a clean
face so no beard and some of the men were wearing makeup and lipstick and
singing karma karma karma karma karma chameleon you come and go that sort of
thing so and then during the 1990s we went all rough and grubby and dirty and
heavy with the loud music in the Britpop and then during the 2000s we changed
once again we started to think a lot about different styles different types
of music so all sorts of music became very popular during the early 2000s and
even now to this date there are many influences from different cultures and
different types of music and the strange thing is certain trends from the past
will become popular again such as having a beard so I think men having beards
come and then they go and then they come back and then they go again
just like all of the trends there are lots of trends today having a beard
looks intellectual I like the sound of that oh yes oh okay then yeah if if
having a beard will make you look intellectual no I think I think I will
have one definitely thank you for the advice there where are you mr. Duncan I
am in the countryside at the moment I’m in the countryside I’m
having a lovely walk and I thought I would share some of my time with you so
I hope you don’t mind I have been here for one hour talking to you
it is now quarter past three in the UK and it’s Friday it feels very strange
being here on a Friday because I don’t normally do a livestream on Friday when
I first started doing live streams I used to do it on Friday mr. Duncan the
sound on the video is too soft or maybe my speaker has gone bad
really so are you saying that you can’t hear me because I can put that right if
you can’t hear me I can make that right so if you want me to make the sound
louder I can or if you can hear me clearly please say mr. Duncan we can
hear you clearly we can hear every word you are saying hello to India hello Marino Marini I’ll
sing hi to you nice to see you here yeah we can hear you says Omar thank you very
much for that I hope you can hear me okay very clearly careful mr. Duncan
maybe there is some farmer behind you in hid in the trees I think so
as I said at the start of today’s lesson I’m actually trespassing so I shouldn’t
be here so I’m actually trespassing on someone’s land I’m breaking the law
right now Alexandra says we can hear you very clearly thank you very much so
tonight as a way of celebrating the fact that today is Friday the 13th I thought
tonight I would watch a horror movie but there are lots of scary movies so do you
have a favorite scary movie is there a scary film that you would like me to see
on the on your behalf so maybe you could suggest a scary movie Olek Alexandra asks can the owner of the
land shoot someone with a gun yes is the answer to that question so if I was
walking my dog in this field and then the dog escaped the farmer has the right
to shoot the dog I’m not joking especially if there are cows or sheep
nearby so yes the farmer is allowed to actually use a gun hmm hello – I want to try and say hello to
someone for the first time if it is your first time here please tell me
oh hello TS hi TS I can see that the farmers have cut all crops
why don’t you shape your beard maybe I should trim my beard or maybe
cut my beard but at the moment it isn’t long enough so in October I might grow a
beard so not this month but next month and don’t forget you have to chance the
vote you can vote on whether or not mr. Duncan has a beard on my youtube-channel
Ali says it would be great if you could tell me about the flora and the mountain
there I’ve already explained I explained earlier Ali I talked about it I talked
about the field I am in a place called Shropshire in the centre of England in
the middle of England and over there you can see a hill called the Rican it is a
hill in fact 200 million years ago this was under water so 200 million years ago
can you imagine that all of this was under water this was actually the bottom
of the ocean and it wasn’t even here it was where Australia is so yes all of
this this particular area has a lot of interesting archaeological sites there
are some very unusual stones very unusual fossils in this area because
many many years ago 200 million years ago this was all underwater and the
reason why no that is because in the rocks here
there are actual sea creatures buried deep beneath the ground so there are
actual sea creatures so creatures that would live in the sea here and of course
there is no sea here but at some point in time there was and this was all
underwater oh my goodness incredible so this particular area has
lots of interesting rock formations and lots of very interesting fossils things
that are embedded in the rock so yes a very interesting area if you are
fascinated by archaeology or fossils that is probably why you’re watching me
because I am a bit of an old fossil thank you very much for watching today I
will be going soon I’m sorry to say I will be going soon bit trees is going as
well mister don’t can I have to leave you sorry but I am studying and also
traveling at the same time thank you for everything thank you and have a super
time in back enjoy your time in England have a super time has now says mr.
Duncan there was a theatrical performance in my college of Macbeth
there is a superstition connected to Macbeth you are never supposed to say
the name of the play if you are about to perform it so if you are appearing in
the play you you must never say the name of the play you must never say the name
apparently it is supposed to be bad luck so people never mention the name of the
play they always say the play or the play with no name
or that play instead of actually saying Macbeth because some people believe it
is bad luck if you say it before a performance wow I am Telling You so many
things today so many are there fossils there in the area yes there are
thousands and thousands and thousands of fossils here there are some lovely areas
where you can go and visit some of the rock formations and if you look at the
rocks you can see lots and lots of tiny animals embedded in the rocks small
creatures 200 million years ago they were swimming around the ocean and this
this was the ocean this was all underwater it’s incredible but I love it
thank you very much for your apparently I’m just trying to read I can’t read the
sub I can’t read the writing at the moment because the sun is shining on the
screen excuse me I need an umbrella I can’t see the screen the Sun has moved
Sally hello Sally I couldn’t catch your lesson today but I will repeat watching
it later yes you can watch this later this will be available with captions
later on so later not now but maybe in three hours from now there will be some
captions on here is this channel about helmets well you
are not far you are very close but actually this channel is about hats but
I suppose a helmet is a type of hat isn’t it yes it is mr. Duncan are you
doing live streams out of your timetable well today I’m doing a special live
stream however I will be back tomorrow tomorrow so I am back here tomorrow from
12 p.m. midday so just after lunchtime I will be here tomorrow and Sunday so not
only today also tomorrow and Sunday so don’t worry I will be here tomorrow
nothing has changed I will be talking to you tomorrow and also I will be talking
to you on Sunday as well with my SuperDuper live streams I am about to go
for two reasons one I can feel my face burning in the Sun and to I never so
thirsty I’m really thirsty as well how can I just how can I subscribe to your
lessons you can subscribe to my channel so if you look very closely here in the
corner you will see there is a little picture of me so if you look in the
corner you should be able to see is that the right corner or is it that corner I
always get confused you see because I think my mobile phones turns the picture
around but there is somewhere down there there is a little picture of me and if
you move your mouse over that picture you will see the subscribe button so you
can subscribe to me subscribe to my channel and then you will never miss any
other lesson I keep thinking that someone is coming
behind me I don’t know why I will stop trespassing now I have to leave soon we
can’t wait for your next lesson well I will be with you tomorrow don’t worry I
will be back tomorrow thank you very much for your company I hope you’ve
enjoyed this something different I will continue with my walk I’m going to walk
over there across the hills and into the distance and maybe if I walk further
enough if I walk many many miles I might end up at the seaside that would be nice
bye mr. Duncan see you tomorrow Thank You Luis Thank You Ali
thank you am Rey thank you very much for your lovely messages today so many
people have been here saying hello thanks a lot thank you also to Palmyra
Kathy Ali satury know says some insects are embedded in amber that is true yes
especially when rock becomes very hot how can I subscribe yes click the
subscribe button if you click the subscribe button there is a button here
somewhere it’s it’s here somewhere under here click and then don’t forget to
notify yourself give your notifications give yourself the notifications activate
the button so make sure that you will receive the notifications of my new
lessons and I will see you tomorrow 12:00 p.m. just after lunchtime UK time
this is mr. Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me
I’m going home now to have a drink of water and to take some aspirin
so I don’t collapse on the floor and of course you know what’s coming next you
know what’s coming next from the beautiful sunny landscape of England ta ta for now 😎

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