ITEMS GUIDE | Teamfight Tactics

ITEMS GUIDE | Teamfight Tactics

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  1. since a lot of people were asking about morellos, scarra had recorded a short part about it but it didn't make the final cut, here's his thoughts on the item. – basti

  2. Interestingly I analyzed just over 200 games and found that Zephyr actually had one of the lowest average placements by item.
    That might be because people were building an early Zephyr a lot but it could also mean that the item actually isn't good. Most likely though it just wasn't used correctly.

  3. I have watched all 5 of the TFT Guides, and now im crushing almost every game, thanks scarra.

    love you <3

  4. Thank you for the video Scarra.

    I started off with a BF sword on my manly pyke off my first carousel pick,

    I then transitioned to a Mage after my 13 Tears+Rods.
    I now sexually identify as a pussy ass morgana main

  5. Thank you for this, scarra. Been on a losing streak lately and so tilted in TFT. Not sure if other players have gotten better or I just became worse after stopping. Hopefully I can win some games again.

  6. I don't know about the gunslingers but Lucian with Statik / ludens + shojin / archangel + rapidfire is spicy 🤔

  7. Loving the TFT content Scarra. Any chance of a league video here and there ? I'd like to see a few of each when you have time P. Keep up the great content.

  8. i got seraphs and deathcap really early yesterday. i thought yes i play that on sol or sth. problem was, i couldnt do it on any of my sorcerers since i didnt want to sell them later, not on my tanks cuz i wouldve lost early then. how could a transition look here?

  9. I personally like to toss rapid fire cannon, rage blade, and BT on transform champions because the majority of them get massive Attack boosts and with rapid fire on ranged to melee transform champs they basically get global range even in melee. The higher AD, infinite attackspeed and lifesteal make them really good drain tanks capable of taking out the majority of a team granted they don't get CC'd to death. Nidalee for example gets +120 AD at 3 stars when she transforms

  10. I've had some fun using Titanic Hyrda on a LVL 2 GNAR with the Shapeshifter buff. He hits around 3.7k health and did some really good damage with that piece.

  11. Items were definitely one of the harder transitions from auto chess for me. They are so powerful and so quick to assemble. You really can form a game plan from items.

  12. even with rapidfire cannon u can still miss on yordles… rapid fire makes it so ur attacks cant be dodged… yordles say x % chance to miss not dodge…

    tried this out myself on 2 assassins they missed ALOT slot because of yordle buff

  13. You didn't mention knights? Knight + Noble is sooooo hard to deal with. Especially if they have Garen or Darius with Dragon's tooth, PD and Thornmail/Warmogs.

  14. I usually try to build gunslinger comps and usually lose. Now I know that might be a big part of it. Thanks for the info

  15. Personally i think RFC is the best item in the game and is also a no-brainer instant build one. It allows your ranged carry or spell carry to sit in the corner without needing to move out, which means even when the enemy frontline dies, your carry will sit comfortably which against most combs mean they are the last to die. Your carry being the last to die means they'll get out the most damage possible.

  16. A lot of useful info here, my only criticism for the video would be that it would've been nice to show which items combine into the items you talked about so newer players wouldn't need to reference a cheat sheet while watching the video.

  17. I like what you said about building a team off of your items and everything, but what about when RNG screws me and doesnt give any items in the first 3 rounds?

    Seriously, this is a great game mode, but items are too game changing to be left up to RNG whether or not they drop. I want to see set RNG for all players on items drops, but the item that drops is random between players.

  18. i just want to share an item build i discovered. void brawler rak sai with bloodthirster, titanic hydra, and tornmail. the ww with sword of the divine, rageblade, and dragon claw wasnt bad either lol

  19. Why is Zekes exclusive to rangers? Isn’t attack speed beneficial to all comps? Is it just that BF and Giants belt are more useful in other items in other comps?

  20. Thanks scarra I had exactly same thoughts as you ater 3 weeks of TFT. Great video and content. and remember EUNE Diamond>NA Diamond, only pro players and L9 do work on NA ladder.

  21. Love your guides, it increased my winrate to almost 30%, a guide on transitioning would be great thanks for the guides

  22. My question is, how do you reliably make comps around your items? after the second carousel, if you have good items for sorcerers but have not sorcerer units, you are drastically behind in overall unit strength. How do you get the gold to fund the units needed when this happens?

  23. Personally I love using Frozen Heart on Katarina. Alot of people complain about her attack speed, but making her a cripple assassin with Frozen heart both helps her weakness and debuffs everyone surrounding her and especially the one she's attacking.

  24. Thanks for your well-presented instructive content Scarra.
    I should have subbed to you a while ago… but better late than never.

  25. gj very informative
    you were the first guy i watched for league and the only one ive continued to subscribe to as i age out of the game

  26. I would really like a guide specifically on how to play lategame. In regards to how to spend your gold, when and how to level and what lategame transitions are good for certain comps.

  27. Would have been helpful to say what each item component was after you talked about it. Especially as a new player. Good crisp l video though.

  28. had a brawler comb with a 3star cho who had 2 titanic hydras. he ad like 4,5k health. that was a lot of dmg 😀

  29. btw if u have a brawler comp with cho lv 3 and 3 warmogs u would have 6k hp with a reg of 7.5% of ur max hp….. good luck killing him 😀

  30. I wish I could interact with this video in some way to show my appreciation. It's too bad there's no way to do that.

  31. I actually had no clue that zephyr worked in that way. This is a really good guide to items and defo helped me to finish higher more consistently.

  32. i disagree with the zeke's comment, not only for rangers. can definitely be useful in assassin comps. and where is locket?

  33. Hey Scarra, do you mind making a guide on what to prioritize while team building or grabbing champion/items from carousel?

  34. imagine if the actual game had guides, but instead a casual player gets pounded while others spend 100's of hours learning these hidden mechanics in the game. gotta love a game where it takes almost no skill and has no real way to learn except forcing yourself to watch videos or play and lose over and over

  35. i used zephy on braum and as he deactives the enemy frontliner i destroyed them very fast with no enemy tank

  36. Dragon claw technically doesn't make units immune to magic, just gives them 83% magic resist 1:20
    (sorry if someone pointed that out already)

  37. I commented on the win streak video about an item guide. This is kind of what I meant, but if you could go through the champions or items individually and say which items are best for individual champions, rather than classes.

  38. i play sorcers with demon/varus(varus carry with the right items) or shapeshifter/dragon(shyvana is just insane with the dragon buff and phantom dancer) if you have the 6 sorcers and a carry with the right items its more or less 100%win but pls dont buy locket of the solari and put it on a sorcer ;p

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