Is Sephiroth’s voice acting in Final Fantasy 7 Remake good or bad?

Is Sephiroth’s voice acting in Final Fantasy 7 Remake good or bad?

“Cloud. I have a favor to ask of you.” “Run away. You have to leave. You have to live.” Maybe this is a bit premature as we’ve only
heard the Final Fantasy 7 Remake version of Sephiroth speak 33 words so far across two
trailers, but I’ve already seen quite a lot of fans talking about this, so I thought it
was worth discussing. In this video I’ll be offering my thoughts
on this question – does Sephiroth’s new voice suit the character, or is it the wrong choice? I’d also like to hear your thoughts on this
so make sure you drop a comment below to tell me what you think. From what I’ve seen, of all the voice acting
changes for the FF7 Remake, Sephiroth’s seems to have caused the most debate. While I’ve seen quite a lot of comments – such
as these ones – questioning the decision to get rid of George Newbern, while also voicing
their concerns about how Sephiroth has been depicted in the latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake
trailers, these concerns don’t seem to be shared by all fans. In fact when I posted a question about this
very topic in my Facebook group, the feedback was largely positive. My personal opinion is that, while it certainly
seems to be something a change of direction for Sephiroth compared to how he sounds in
Crisis Core, Advent Children and Kingdom Hearts, I actually think this new voice suits him
quite well. Here’s why. One thing that’s clear throughout Final
Fantasy 7 is just how manipulative and controlling Sephiroth is. He draws Cloud towards him like a moth to
the flame, causing him to have a breakdown that almost destroys his mind completely. That’s alongside his ability to manipulate
Jenova and make her take on a form resembling his, before having her kill President Shinra,
which is a crucial event given that it results in Rufus taking control. And let’s not forget about all the Sephiroth
clones as well. Basically, it’s Sephiroth’s will that subtly
moves the others into place like pawns on a chessboard, allowing him to simply call
for Cloud to give him the black materia when the time comes. This theme of manipulation is crucial, so
I think it calls for a voice that is both subtle yet menacing and quietly malicious. That’s exactly the feeling I got from watching
Sephiroth in the recent State of Play and E3 trailers. For example, when he says “I have a favour
to ask of you” in a soft and quite understated tone, to me that just seems like he’s playing
mind games with Cloud. Of course, at this stage we don’t know if
this is a vision being conjured up by the real Sephiroth, or whether or not Cloud’s
memories are playing tricks on him. Either way, we can clearly see that the spectre
of Sephiroth is haunting and antagonising Cloud at every turn. Whether or not Sephiroth will be depicted
in this manner throughout the entirety of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake remains to be seen,
but I think it’s an interesting direction to take the character in. That’s not to say that George Newbern didn’t
do a great job of playing Sephiroth, because he did. His version of Sephiroth had an edge to him,
as well as an air of arrogance that probably comes from being the strongest member of SOLDIER. But as this is a complete Remake, and something
of a new beginning for the Final Fantasy 7 story, I don’t think there’s anything wrong
with approaching it in a slightly different way. Personally I’m looking forward to seeing more
of this Sephiroth and seeing which direction the new voice actor, Tyler Hoechlin, takes
him in. Now it’s your turn to have your say. What do you think about the new voice acting
for Sephiroth? Do you think it suits the character? Would you have preferred to see George Newbern
stay in the role? Or don’t you mind either way? Post your thoughts in the comments below. Before I wrap video this up, I just want to
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20 thoughts on “Is Sephiroth’s voice acting in Final Fantasy 7 Remake good or bad?

  1. Final Fantasy Gamers – What do you think about the new voice acting for Sephiroth? Do you think it suits the character?

    Post your thoughts in the comments below! Check out our new Discord here too –

  2. The new VA is good. It's just that we're so much accustomed to Sephiroth's old VA which makes the new recruit sounds off at some fans.

    I think his voice is now playful and teasing now. Perfect for a villain to have. 😊

  3. They're just discount sound-alikes. I guarantee you it was a money decision. Not interested in the new cast.

  4. Nah, he sounds like he's trying to sound like George Newbern, in which case, why not just bring him back since he's openly said on twitter that he's ready anytime to come back, and bummed he wasn't called back for the Remake….

  5. Good points. You didn't play the clip from the Sony State of Play trailer, though ("Can you bear to see the Planet suffer… Cloud?"). That one's slightly deeper and another example to examine in his tone of voice.

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