Is President Donald Trump Scared To Sit Down With Robert Mueller? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Is President Donald Trump Scared To Sit Down With Robert Mueller? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Is President Donald Trump Scared To Sit Down With Robert Mueller? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. A fetus has more brain cells than Donald Trump does Mueller doesn't need to trick him Trump will trip himself up lmao

  2. Umm, Joe, the people at Trumps rallies are dummer than dirt. Proof is the fact that they still cheer for lock her up.

  3. I predict Cohen is going to blow everything up before Mueller can.. First that payoff for an abortion is going to be found out to be Trumps (Republicans will not be able to ignore that FINALLY).. and then Cohen is going to expose the Trump tower meeting.. this 1-2 punch will lead to a lot of tweets and probably weeks of trying to fight the inevitable resignation.. and then the Mueller investigation will just be some reports that are released later.

  4. 😀 Gee, I wonder if 45 was watching this! If he heard Joe saying people thought he was stupid, I'll bet he'd want to prove them wrong by sitting right down and talking with Robert Mueller. You're right, Joe. 45 should do something about that. What can he do? 😀

  5. I see the NPD hysteria of the Far Left is already on full parade today:
    grandiose sense of self-importance,
    preoccupation with their own opinions and judgments,
    a belief that they are special and unique,
    exploitative of others,
    a lack of empathy,
    entitled arrogance,
    and pure, unadulterated jealousy!
    Nice, that they act so predictably in-line with the diagnosis isn't it?

  6. Trump is scared because people around him know that trump will lie then tell another to cover up the first lie ,and put him into a hole

  7. Rudi is, and has always been, a blowhard and a hack. He loves to take credit for things he has little to do with. For example, what , other than being Mayor at the time, did he do positive after 911?

  8. This has to be the most naked appeal to Trump's ego ever made by a news team; outside of Fox that is… It is so pathetic that it might even work…

  9. I wouldn't say "scared". Rather, the idea of "rules" for the US senior political class is an utter…total….joke. There are NO consequences.
    Keep children from their parents more than 21 days? So what? Somebody going to go to jail? Be severely fined? Pruitt simply resigns and GROSS grifting corruption "investigations" just evaporate, poof! Charges? Are you kidding? Trump himself said it plainly, he COULD shoot someone in the middle of the street and not go to jail. Nearly. The political class doesn't jail its own. That's laughable. Unless they themselves get grifted.
    And the media are so inured to it, they can't see from outside their bubble in which they see such things as, " just the way things are done". Outside their bubble it's furiously not acceptable any longer. And THAT's why they missed Trump's rise spectacularly. The furiously angry went for the con man because they are SO angry at a self-protective, consequence-less political class oligarchy they'll burn the house down to regain democracy.
    The former head of the ATF runs fast and furious then lies to congress about it, as the NSA head did RE surveillance, gross, obvious, nearly continuous contempt for congress (and the people) and unpunished perjury; there's a litany of corruption and "rule" breaking unpunished AT ALL so long…'s ironically why voters picked Trump. To DRAIN THE SWAMP of such oligarchic consequence-less illegality. By blowing the swamp up.

  10. C’mon, Joe, could you be anymore obvious in your baiting of Trump. You know Trump is too stupid.


  12. President ruined our country in a year. This is all payback for us having the nerve to vote in a brown man as POTUS. what sick people. fake christian, racist pigs you all are.

  13. I think it will be very likely he will be found to have MOB TIES. not to mention he's a coke head. remember, sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff…. anybody with common sense knows what that means.

  14. Have the American people dumb down so much that living in this constant turmoil and seeing our country losing our status on the world stage is our norm now? Our country is not being admired anymore and looked to for help? Trump is isolating us from our friends and joining hands with tyrants and psychopaths. Guess when we the people wake up, it might just be to late. Look at Russia and how Putin took over that country, the similarities between Putin and Trump are staggering. Just my opinion.

  15. Just listen to Psycho Joe making a lot of sense. Drumpf will sit tomorrow with Mueller just to show this Joe guy that he (Joe) is wrong ! Remember : Drumpf is "like a very smart person" he has "a very good brain" and "one of the best minds of all time" he "wrote" The Art of the Deal "second only to the bible" so why should he (Drumpf) be afraid) 😱😱😱

  16. Nice little reverse psychology there Joe… let's hope Trump is dump enough to "I'll show you all i'm not stupid. I'm gonna talk to him"

    I'd also like to point that that while polls show Trump is gaining in the number of GOP supporters, the GOP party has also been shrinking in size and the number of people in the GOP party.. So in truth those polls are showing that those that don't support him have left the GOP party and those who do support him have remained..

  17. This case has exposed the long suppressed hypocritical claim of exclusive purity of Morals among the GOP. The GOP Leaders have shown they do not have the basic moral spine to stand up to the numerous evil behaviors of the Trump Administration and the man himself. All for what? Power and Wealth? If so, the GOP must concede they value those two objects over the real teachings of Christ they always want to interject into Politics, separation of Church and Politics be damned.

    With the GOP leaders lined up behind Trump, they have abandoned the core principles of their Party, their religion and the moralistic crusade they have been selling to the World since the 80s. All it took was for a perfect con-man to elbow his way into their front to drag them along, and they have willingly followed like …. Well, folks could fill in the rest. But my heart bleeds for good old USA that they have sold to her most dangerous admitted foe, Putin's Russia. Had any Democrats done that, the GOP would hang the bell around their necks forever as being the worst Communist traitors America has ever seen.

    So, how do the GOP leaders see themselves, now? 21st Century reformists, undertaking an unprecedented geopolitical restructuring to swap alignments, abandoning the traditional Western friends of America to dine and wine with Putin's Russia forever? Wow! I guess we should all stand up to salute the Siberian Bear, and toast Vodka as our new Champagne! I bet Mitch McConnell and his Nunez pack are drinking more Vodka, now, than ever before. Putin could supply loads of it to them at no cost, only is it a cost to the ordinary Russians, 'from Russia with Love!'

    I can't help hearing in my imaginative ear the Trumpian instant-gratification squad growling and howling like drunken sailors singing a song called "Edamus bibamus que cras moriamus"!

  18. Trump is too egotistical to be scared, he thinks he will wipe the floor n any interview. His lawyers on the other hand know he is dumb and will be easily outwitted by any counsel and either blatantly lie or just blurt out incriminating evidence. They should also ensure Trump has his glasses be for any interview

  19. He should be he knows hes a traitor. Andctrumos afraid a true cowardly coward. Jail this TRAITOROUS potus befor putin.

  20. The only corrupt person that matters is Traitor Trump and his anti American GOP Kleptocracy who works for the non patriot Elite Oligarchy. Not the American people … /-:

  21. Trump is a chickensh*t and he knows he is guilty. Why is the GOP dancing around on this issue. Trump needs to be removed from office.

  22. “You have the right to remain silent…" Hate him or love him, the stakes in this chess match are too high. He seems to have an instinct for knowing how far he can push things.

  23. So which of these two was suspected of murdering one of their interns a while back and which one's dad is responsible for 9/11?

  24. The Greedy Old Putos together with Fox Lies and the Tweeter in Command have undermined the reputation Mueller and his investigation, his new supreme court pick will say that however incompetent Trump may be (just look at his North Korea boasting and the new expansion of the Uranium production of Kim Jong Un) Trump needs to concentrate on his job without bothering about the crimes he commits.

  25. Mueller is so corrupt, has harassed so many people and has NO EVIDENCE OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION WITH TRUMP, so what would be the point of meeting with Mueller?????

  26. I declare myself a genius, says the Orange looking man who is too scared and takes stupidity to whole new heights…😂

  27. Stormy will bring him down!!!,…. oh
    Tom Arnold has video that will bring him down!!!….oh
    Cohen will flip!!!… oh well

  28. The day when "Morning Joe" heavily trolled the President. Do you really think Trump is stupid enough to fall for this?


  29. Hello Traitors… Truly the last days… For those whose eyes are opened.
    The corporate soulless 1% traitorous pigs have dumb down the public
    so much that all they are now concerned with is, Reality TV & Reality Politics!
    Hey Gentiles, the garbage of man has taken over; it is their time. The greedy, filthy, soulless 1% pigs are part of the corporate scum that have stolen our country. Remember the words… Choose. Choose the form of the Destructor! Goats, don't you know who you are? You chose drumpf the orange orangutan. POS drumpf was given the keys to the bottomless pit and with them was allowed to drain the swamp. Which allowed the filth of man to climb up out of it, called citizens united. As your democracy is now dead, bow down to your Lords and Masters the 1%, citizens united. Is anyone still questioning who these traitors are?

  30. Can a president be removed from office? At the federal level, Article Two of the United States Constitution states in Section 4 that "The President, Vice President, and all civil Officers of the United States shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other High Crimes and Misdemeanors." PUT HIM OUT

  31. what a joke,, msnbc morning joe is full of crap        just like a morning joe coffee from starbucks                        full of fecal matter

  32. Of course, he's scared to sit down with Mueller. This is why he'll go to court. Make him fight the Subpoena. There will be no more, "I'd love to talk to Mueller." Mueller should subpoena him: to remove all doubt. We can clear up a number of questions. Whether he's scared? Whether he's too stupid? Whether he conspired with Russia? Whether he's been compromised by Russia? Show him that he's not above the Law. Have him plead the 5th and show his followers their real leader. Have the Supreme make a decision. Let's get this SHOW on the Road… Put it on TV… So all AMERICANS CAN SEE IT… What the heck, SHOW THE WORLD what Trump is really like under REAL PRESSURE… We need a Civics Lesson!!!

  33. An innocent man would not hesitate to do what he could to clear his name- if Trump is innocent of collusion and all that- he'd have no hesitation in sitting down with Robert Mueller. His reluctance is very telling…

  34. stop considering that Trump and Giuliani are idiots. they are professional conmen. don't underestimate them again! they are creating the perfect narrative for their bases. and they are not interested in anything else. the time they are keeping the bases, GOP will never impeach POTUS. they can put aliens in the conspiracy story if they need it and they still can be believed.

  35. I have to say this is the only time I have enjoyed joe's "monologue" where only he gets to speak because it was so funny to watch him troll trump!

  36. Do you blame him? This witch hunt started with Crooked Hillary and her cabal of criminals in Obama Admin, DOJ, CIA, FBI and NSA. This is dangerous that these criminals can destroy you with lies and tricks. HE SHOULD NOT SIT DOWN WITH THAT MAN, who himself colluded and conspired with the Russians…

  37. Communist Nazis..just want to hate…and bring him down..This guy running his mouth about stupid? he mentions stupid like 20 times…I think he has nothing intelligent to say but stupid
    Mueller is a good honest man..and as a ex marine myself..I understand his morales

  38. Funny how good ole joe thinks the PRESIDENT is too scared to sit down with mueller yet here we have page and strzok ignoring a subpoena from congress. What could they be scared of? You won't hear it on this FAKE NEWS channel that's for sure. Wonder if they ever found out who killed the woman in ole joe's office a few years ago.Maybe that's what they are holding over his head.

  39. There are quite a few criminals out there who would love to pick and choose which questions they would answer to.
    If Trump gets to pick and choose, then every other criminal gets to pick and choose .

  40. Why don't you talk about how the FISA Warrant obtained by Strzok was an Operation to Assassinate Donald Trump. It was not an Investigation. Mueller is merely the FBI's appointed handler to cover up "Operation Cross Over Hurricane."
    There is no Russian Collusion.
    What every one doesn't acknowledge is ( even if there is- but to date no evidence of any Trump Russia Collusion) that Collusion is not a crime. The Obama Administration Interfered in the 2016 Election by Weaponizing the FBI against a Presidential Candidate. And ordered the Illegal Surveillance of Donald Trump and his Surrogates. Along with Mueller Illegally unmasking and obtaining information from Trumps transition team!

  41. Trump would have to be a complete moron to interview with Mueller. After watching him in Helsinki, I think he might do it. He's totally unaware of how he sabotages himself.

  42. Trump is not scared to sit down with Mueller but will not because 1. there has been no found evidence of collision involving Trump in the special council probe that that warrants such an interview.. 2. Mueller has nothing, he knows it. He cannot and will not give grounds for impeachment and any sane person would not even give this lowlife an opportunity to try and trick them. Mueller is such a corrupted FBI director himself and is answerable for his part in the Uranium 1 scandal and will ultimately end up in prison himself.

  43. Trump took on the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOJ, MI6, the NFL, Clinton, Obama, the DNC, Mueller, Strzok, Page, Comey, Baker, McCabe, Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Maddow, McCain, Bush, Fusion GPS, Alan Simpson, Steele, Halper, Mifsud, Downer, Clapper, Brennan, the entire RINO establishment, the entire MSM to include Coumo, Anderson Cooper, Maddow, Morning Joe and Mika, Don Lemon, the WSJ, the NYT, WAPO, MSNBC and CNN. Then, just for laughs he took on Avenetti and Stormy Daniels and it looks like he screwed Avenetti even harder than Stormy. The man is fearless and is the rock upon which all will smash themselves. There is simply no man that could have accomplished what he has. Any talk by Democrats and their media about Trump running scared is nonsense to these ears.

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