Is Leela Chess the most hilarious Engine troll in Chess History? Leela ID 11248 vs Chiron

Is Leela Chess the most hilarious Engine troll in Chess History? Leela ID 11248 vs Chiron

(This video is a game from Leela Chess aka lc0 project – a Neural Network Self Learning AI). Hi all I have an absolutely magnificent
trolling game of Leela chess to show you today so Leela was playing against Chiron
in the Blitz Battle Five minutes with a two second
increment in the chess com blitz Cup 2018. So 1.d4 from Leela no trolling
so far but this gets quite amusing pretty soon actually. 2.c4 e6 3.Knight c3 we
have the Tarrasch defense cxd4 exd4 Knight f3 knight c6 and now trolling
Leela plays not not the most popular move maybe she hasn’t discovered that yet in
training but plays dxc5. I think she’s just laughing at us humans because
this happens to be a remarkable game in Chessbase livebook. Wesley So vs. Varuzhan Akobian which was a default win for Varuzhan because Wesley had made some notes
on his score sheet so there’s a historical context here D takes c5. The
more standard move is g3 for example this position – this this variation has
been seen in a lot of games in the Tarrasch where white plays for the c5
square by taking on c6 and tries to lock that c5 square and it’s thought to be about
equal chances actually. But dxc5 is actually very interesting in its own
right and it does invite positively invites d4. But this has actually been
seen in quite a few over the board games most notably there’s actually a Vishy Anand
game against Matthew Sadler in this line which happened in London 2014
it went like this Bishop takes check and here in the VishyAnand game, Vishy Anand played e3 here so this is a legitimate line and it ended up in a draw actually in
this Vishy Anand game. So but anyway in this game we have
Bishop takes c5 Queen takes d5 and it’s as if Leela doesn’t care about the
massive gambit compensation which I find actually quite amusing for
me this triggers a memory of a game of James Plaskett watching him play an over
the board game against another grandmaster and he lost with
black and I remember him looking at all his pieces being super aggressive and
it’s as if Leela also doesn’t care about blacks pieces here being super
aggressive. There’s an alternative here Queen b6 but check is actually
quite annoying to play e3 now and this is actually a small edge for white. So
anyway we have Queen e7 Qe4 is a very good solid move indeed it has
been seen before over the board Nf6 and actually with Bishop e6 that
actually appears to be a very quick win as in a stem game where a 2300 vs a 2000 player happened a 2016 tournament which ended quite quickly after these moves where black castled
Queenside and just seems to have a terrible position here and actually
resigned here believe it or not. So this this has been seen before. Chiron
plays Knight f6 which i think is more in the spirit of things and look at all the
blacks pieces. They’re quite aggressive I just found this kind of amusing
Bishop d2 is interesting. White is in a better position now to handle things like Nb4
which hits the c2 square White can play something like rook c1
maybe sometimes Rd8 b3 and now look at this Bishop f5. Look at all
of blacks pieces. They look really quite dangerous –
you know this Bishop is active very very active Knights. Okay so it does look very
active and dangerous to me all of these possibilities. So what does Leela do?
Bishop e2 – it just looks a pawn up but can black not do anything with all
this activity? Rac8 is played. If we look at Nb4 here as
an alternative White can just castle and after Bishop d3 a3 this
position is okay for white. This scenario gets to be really solid for white and
the extra pawn in the center is actually really handy for outpost on d4 and f4 so
this is a really important extra pawn here – extra central pawn so activity
isn’t everything if you have to sacrifice like a central pawn rook. Rac8
h3 King f8 white castles. Black tries to do something tactical now – Knight
e5 because there’s pressure on this d2 Bishop trying to lure the knight away
from protecting d2 here. So what does Leela play here which I find quite amusing? Let the trolling really begin now. Leela plays Bishop c1 – this really is the best move
saying to black “Come and get me” if Knight takes e5 is played here
then there’s a bit of activity. This should actually be about equal so forget
that. Bc1 Nc6 The Knight goes back. On Nd3 it turns out that g4 is actually very useful for White. For example this position is very very nice
so that’s that’s gonna be in White’s favor and if we look at this again
instead of like Nd3 let’s look at well it’s looking alternative here – instead of
Be4 let us look at something like Bishop g6 here. Ne5
again and actually white ends up with a nice target on c5 here. So for example
this is a nice advantage for white. So yeah the knight just goes back to c6 and
Leela seems in an underdeveloped state. I mean this you wouldn’t normally
go out of your way to have this kind of position with all of black’s pieces out
of the box here. But we have Rd1 just saying okay let’s have a pair of
rooks off. “What you’re gonna do to me now?” Rd8 now just b3 and another
move trying to lure the defensive knight away from d1. But it’s adequately
responded to protecting the knight and protecting d1 with the rook now as well.
So no problem. Otherwise it’s a total disaster of course. If we look at
taking then there’s rook takes d1 check absolutely winning of course.
So Bishop b2 very logical Knight takes Bishop takes and now Ba3 so
what has actually black got in terms of compensation it seems to be rapidly
evaporating whatever compensation there was. g4 Bishop g6 and now Nh4
trying to just get that light square bishop and maybe take over this diagonal
even later. Be4 Bf3 now is played. Bishop takes Knight takes
we have Rd3 and now the bishop just drops back to d2 here. h6 Rd1
okay going into a self pin but the King can come to the rescue with things like
King F1 to e2 so it’s only a temporary issue King F1 and actually here in fact
Leela inflicts a pin tactically with Nd4 – a very nifty move to contest this d-file and further simplify. So black played Knight takes d4 here. On Knight e5 then
Bishop c1 for example is very very nice for example Bishop takes there’s my f5
check and then like Nxg7 trying to drag the King away from the rook but
then taking a big advantage to white thanks very much two pawns up there
absolutely winning really. So Nd4 we have Knight takes d4 and now
exploiting the pin so Bishop c3 so things are getting more simplified. Where
is black’s compensation? And the funny thing is Leela is now fully equipped
with endgame tablebase integration and knows that this is a very favorable
endgame. rook c5 Rc4 wanting the trade of rooks. Here now we have Ke2 yeah otherwise the king could actually
be getting too aggressive and hitting these pawns later so Ke2
Ra5 a4 b5 check King c6 and we have that f4 h5 is played. on bxa4
here then Rxa4 is nasty. The rook attacks a7 and if rook b5
well this have a look at this this is just the winning King and pawn ending
and anything else is pretty hopeless here. If Rb5 we just snap off a7
and f7 winning so we have king b6 and the rooks come off. Sorry in that
variation sorry so king c6 we have f4 h5 so Leela just plays g5 now f6 h4 f5 and
now creating a pawn majority e4 by taking out that pawn a pawn majority now
has emerged a 3-2 Queenside pawn majority So yeah things are getting easier it
seems B takes rook takes Rf5 that pawn is now protected yeah it’s
more hassle just to take here and allow this because then you’d have to come
back to a4 to protect h4 so that still be a good advantage but this is easier. Rf5
Ke3 to just to protect the pawn. a5 and now the Queen side is just dissolved
simplifying and and we’re starting to transition to a very clear endgame tablebase position soon I believe. You’ll see from the evidence of some of the weird moves
coming up very soon. The King goes to b5 here. It’s quite far away from these
pawns you will note. Ra8 Re7 check and the King comes and now to hunt down that g7
pawn to create actually three connected passed pawns.
so one pawn goes then the other goes and now we start to have hilarity. rook e7
now I checked this game out actually from my iPhone walking daily in the park. I
was thinking … did something go wrong with the game score on this game? Surely
this is just nonsense – why the move rook e7 here – I really thought there was some technical issue or something but it turns out this is just an endgame tablebase win to take here is a pure endgame tablebase win. The king is not Superman – it’s just too
far away from these pawns. These pawns are just full steam ahead – three connected
passed pawns outweighs the rook so it’s quite hilarious in a way that this rook
is offered and actually is rejected so the the opponent’s also tablebasing this
perhaps and not liking that. If we look concretely just to show why this is
absolutely winning yeah the King’s just too far away that the connected passed pawns just easily win smash through here actually. So we have
actually check and then hilarity continues with rook d7 and I’m really
thinking there’s a technical issue here. rook c7 even saying “look you can even step your King a
bit further taking my rook and I’m still winning with the passed pawns!” Rd8
– one small step for the h pawn – “Harry the H pawn” – and now Ra7 – Leela is really
wanting to transition and simplify this further but she does make a little bit
of progress soon with her pawns soon. g6 and now h6 like offering g6 here okay so
Black plays now Re3 check. On rook takes g6 this is still an endgame tablebase win. After Rd7 for example here this is just a winning King
and pawn ending after taking that pawn is just winning. So we have check and now Leela doesn’t mind about the King
getting even further away from these absolutely winning passed pawns so this
is a fine interesting entertaining technique demonstrated here! Check Rb7
and check yeah – rook b2 so offering h6 that’s not taken because
there’s always g7 anyway Things like g7 and it carries on yes a lot of
fun here check okay rook b1 yeah I really thought there was something wrong
with the game score but apparently this is this is really what happened
this is really what happened so rook c1 yeah okay and rook b1
okay now finally queening deciding to Queen okay check here wanting to give up
the Queen now check there yes yes it’s very very amusing blacks run out of any
pieces and Leela wants to go into another proven – as long as it’s a proven
win for White then it doesn’t matter if it further simplifies so yeah we’re still
in the winning position. A win as they say “is a win is a win as a win!”. I don’t
know if you’ve heard that one it’s quite apt for this game. “A win is a win is a
win…” But eventually the
checkmate was delivered at move 121 so Leela made this game as entertaining as possible. In fact even involving a
classic stem game of Wesley So vs Varuzhan Akobian – in the opening inviting a funny line with d4
with a quirky knight on a4 We didn’t go into tha. Instead we went
into what seemed to be like a horrific looking gambit but Leela as cool as a
cucumber is just retreating the bishop to c1 at one point and saying to
black “what have you got … what have you got … what have you got?” That was the
question in the opening and in the endgame “look take my rook take my rook… take my rook!”. So I found it quite a hilarious game from a number of angles. I
hope you found some amusement in it as well. So is leela neural network the funniest chess engine troll going at the moment?What do you think? Comments questions like shares
appreciated. Thanks very much! Please visit to register and play at my site if you liked this video πŸ™‚

100 thoughts on “Is Leela Chess the most hilarious Engine troll in Chess History? Leela ID 11248 vs Chiron

  1. Replayable game with indented variations:

  2. You see the same thing in AI's that play go. They'll make mistakes that lower their advantage, but as long as they win by 0.5, that's all that matters, so you see these bizarre moves at the ends of games.

  3. For any StarCraft2 fans here, what Leela just did was get the opponent to having nothing left, dragging the game on for 20 mins and building 20 command centres just to manner mule hahah this was hilarious πŸ˜‚

  4. Probably Leela plays this crazy moves to practice more difficult positions that still win or She simply likes some attention, nevertheless it is very funny

  5. Cool video man. Really like your content πŸ™‚ Just a small point could you turn your mic down just a tad as it tends to distort sometimes.

  6. Leela toys with the prey…lol…Most games I''ve seen Leela play 'she' likes to smother the opponent by taking 'space,' and inhibiting or 'boxing in' her opponent…this was such a funny game..thanx..

  7. this is the first chess game I've literally laughed out loud at πŸ˜€
    Take my rook it's free!
    Take my pawn it's free!
    Take my queen it's free!
    Take my other rook it's free!
    Only joking checkmate


  8. While this is hilarious, this underlines the fact that Leela does not think like a human. The best way forward is to merge CPU and GPU and that's what we are working on

  9. Hey KC, can you please put a trollface in the video every time leela is trolling xD that would be awesome!!!

  10. That's really has a much deeper concept hidden inside .. By that I mean in human games when someone does that stuff it's just to have fun or even humiliate the other opponent by simply saying I will give these handicaps and you still won't win the game..
    If leela developed a consciousness to do that it's just a great leap forward to AI.. and scary though:"D

  11. This actually reminds me a lot of (Fritz vs Junior 2001), where the position was not in the tablebase so the computer tried to part with material to reach a tablebase position. It looks ridiculous but from a computer's perspective, is totally logical: once a tablebase position is reached there is no need to calculate anything. And as for going from Q+R+R+K vs K to R+K vs K, maybe the programmers never included a QRR vs K tablebase at all because everyone knows that's totally winning anyway. But an R+K vs K tablebase is included and requires the least amount of calculation to arrive at checkmate, this is what the computer does. Most of this seems incomprehensible to humans although I've sometimes promoted to rooks to avoid accidental stalemates. But this is something else

  12. I am by far not one of those AI doomsday preacher, and I'm pretty educated on the matter. However, you gotta admit that this is a perfect example of how limited the scope of most cost functions actually is. Let me explain myself: imagine you wanted to train an AI to "play good chess" in the conventional human sense. You may naively think then that simply training her "not to lose" (i.e. basing your cost function on the game result only) is a reasonable choice.

    Then, this happens, and proves you completely wrong: leela's endgame was not "good chess" by any stretch of any conceivable human metric. This is basically because all states are currently degenerate according to leela's metric, in the sense that they are all solved to be 100% winning, therefore the choice is arbitrary and so becomes her play.

    For chess, it's surely completely inconsequential and fun for sure. But imagine you're now at google designing the cost function for training an AI to "drive safely" hugh…. good luck with this. If you make the mistake of weighing your cost function equally between sending a school bus off the cliff and the death of your 102 years old alzheimer-struck passenger, then people are not going to laugh this time….

    Ok I dragged this longer than I intended to, but one last thing: note that this degeneracy is perverse and at first sight, in a normal mid-game situation Leela does play exceptionally good chess, and the weakness of her cost function doesn't show as it is really aligned with our notion of "good chess". This can lure us into believing we have successfully instilled the correct behaviour into our AI and we will trust it until…. the drama unfolds and we hit the degenerate endgame situation :/.

    Finally (this time it really is the last thing), this odd behaviour happened because of the "infinite resolution power" brought to leela by the TBs, and not because of a lack of understanding of the game. In other words, this is precisely because Leela could solve exactly all the positions that they then became degenerate and that it triggered her to pick them at random. Otherwise she would have never given up her rook, since keeping it would have still reduced the infinitesimal (but non-zero!) chance that she'd lose.

    In conclusion, in terms of AI ethics, this chess game is absolutely brilliant at illustrating the fallacies of our current paradigm. When it comes to cost-function design, the good old saying "Be careful what you wish for" has never been as relevant as now, in the dim dawn lights of the looming AGI.

  13. Imagine you would have a 32 men table base there is many position that are believe to be equal that would be refuted by very weird move lol…. that no engine could figure out .

  14. That was one amazing move three pawns against a rook this kinda moves look familiar to me . I know a engine that plays this kinda moves once it's called Vituvius H .This kinda plays are human plays .

  15. Thanks so much for these Leela games. I'm a software engineer with some good knowledge of deep learning. Your blitz games got me very into chess about 8 years ago, and It's really cool to be able to comprehend the "robotic" nature of previous chess AI and how Leela is different. If you hadn't brought chess into my world, I wouldn't be able to see the beauty in Leela today, which helps elucidate my AI knowledge as well.

  16. LOL Rook e7. This is epic. Troll-Engine strikes again!

    I got tears in my eyes, this is the funniest endgame I've seen in a while.

  17. Kingscrusher – what screen recording software are you using? Also, what about your microphone? You sound really good.

  18. Just a minor nitpick: It's pronounced (more like) kye-ron than chee-ron or shee-ron, being the name of a Greek mythological character (a centaur), and those chrazy Greechs with their hard 'ch' which is actually an Anglicization of the Greek letter Chi. The actual sound is probably even closer to the hard Scottish 'ch' in Loch Ness, but as with famous names like Archimedes and common words like arachnophobia and echo, we usually just simplify them to a 'k' sound.

  19. Hey KC, it turns out that Wikipedia now has a page specifically for Lc0: Leela_Chess_Zero. Maybe you could update these video descriptions with info from that page also/instead.

  20. This is what happens when you take short cuts in the implementation of AI making the end game rely too much on TB. It's hilarious to watch but it's actually a step back in the progress. Just see what happend when they dropped the openings database in the zero versions. They should make a double 0 version without endgames.

  21. I have an old program called Alpha Chess. It's a conventional engine for Windows. It can have a total lack of goal in the endgame. It regularly draws being two major pieces up.

  22. I don't think that here we have "A win is a win is a win", but rather "A win where your opponent starts crying asking you to please knock it off is much more than a win".

  23. I laughed so hard but was frightened at the same time. She literally toyed with her opponent with all those unnecessary moves. Her "trolling" to me seems like she wants to "torture" her opponent. Was she trying to prove a theory for the endgame? I really hope this was some technical issue with the end game "method" or software bug instead of just her enjoying the torture of her opponent because imagine what AI will do to us humans when it reaches singularity! Can someone give me a feedback on the reasons for Leela's endgame decisions? was it a software bug?

  24. apparently, this "rabid rook syndrome" has to do with how the monte-carlo tree search works.. it choses the most visited winning move during the search, not the one leading to the fastest win

  25. This is actually scary! It looks like Leela is taking pleasure in toying with Chiron. This is very human behavior… unsettling.

  26. Before leela used to be very polite and humble,but now she is a teen and became a rebel.she is beating
    and trolling everyone without showing any respect for elders.Typical modern youth.I hope one day she will defeat houdini ,stockfish, and the mighty alpha zero and becomes the Queen of this world. I Love you dear Leela. pls don't forget me.I played with you many long nights when you were new to chess and made you like this.

  27. Seems to me that Leela is programmed to make the worst possible move that still guarantees victory i.e. programmed trolling.

  28. This is a glimpse of the future after the AI's will have taken over the world. Basically a God who has fun toying with people…

  29. Sorry, but this game is unbecoming of a bona fide chess player, even more for a computing program. Too much dilly dallying at the end game for my taste. I must admit the opening moves were fun to watch, however I'm disappointed at the finish line.

  30. FREE is IT'S OWN DAMN WORD. It is NOT the word THREE, which is instead pronounced TH Ree… Your videos are fucking annoying, because you speak a hybrid of English. SPEAK FUCKING ENGLISH, or don't speak English, but don't make up your own damn version of English and then pretend the rest of the world is supposed to make sense of your NONSENSE. Free, incidentally, means in the state of liberty. It doesn't mean 3 of something, like 3 rows up the chess board. 3 is pronounced TH REE. It's easy. Try it.

  31. It looks like Leela prefers in endgames random winning DTZ moves, more than DTM. Mate in 2? Who cares when it is mate in 75 moves with distance to zeroing 100 halfmoves…

  32. Leela here proves to be a gambit killer. Lucky for her opponent having no emotions there was no frustration whatsoever. It was like, if Chiron said: "What the hell, I'm losing this one anyway, let's joke around." That being written, I don't like Leela trolling Chiron in the endgame. It's disrespectful :))) No, seriously. Chess can be funny, but there are limits. Unless the players are high or drunk, but that kind of stuff doesn't exist among the chess engines (as of yet πŸ™‚

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