iPhone SE 2 NEW Design APPLE 2019

we have repeatedly talked about the
smartphone iPhone se – which should come to replace the original budget model
however new information deserves more serious attention because its source was
made by the manufacturer of covers and protective coating SOLAS are
traditionally manufacturers of covers are among the first to receive
information about the dimensions and design of smartphones connections are
usually used in test laboratories and on assembly lines where the assembly
technology of serial copies is tested having obtained the necessary data such
companies release compatible models of accessories as early as possible which
positively affects their sales after the official announcement of the new
smartphone this time bolas are not only showed how the protective glass and
therefore the front panel looks like but also created a render image of iPhone se
2 / iPhone se 2018 if the manufacturers data is correct you’ll get a budget
smartphone from Apple with a design unified with all other smartphones glass
bangs face ID including iPhone 9/9 plus an iPhone 11 it’s hard to imagine that
the creators of the 2018 line will share banks with se budget model but will not
apply it in the 9/9 plus basic family since we are talking about protective
glass there is still no information about the back
panel material and the design of the case site walls if you believe the
previous leaks the iPhone sc2 will receive the same dimensions of the case
a glass cover with support for wireless charging and lose the standard three
point five millimeters audio port the a10 fusion chipset which is currently
being installed in iPhone 7/7 plus models is supposed to be used as a
hardware platform in this case the performance increase compared with the
old a nine processor from the iPhone se will be about 40 percent which is good

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