International Heroes of PUBG | EP01: PANDA

International Heroes of PUBG | EP01: PANDA

Umm.. no it… thank you for… being a part of this *pffft* *laughs* Yes! I have
gotten that (request) actually. There have been people
asking me marry me I’m like whoa nope I don’t know you! If I would try to
explain who Panda is Panda… is umm… someone who plays a lot of
mobile games and uploads them
to YouTube every single day. Well basically
the thing is I started with YouTube
because I’ve always thought it’s fun to make videos and do short movies and stuff like that. So, for me uploading gameplay
and all this is just like it’s just natural and
I think it’s fun! I mean, sometimes
I feels like a job But most time it’s like I used to think ‘this is fun!’ If your work is like
a hobby to you you’re just gonna
do it non-stop. I grew up in Sweden. In a kind of a
small city called Sundsvall and I currently live there
now as well. I have one older brother and
one younger sister so I was the
middle child So I was… kind of like the
family clown you can say well I still am! I try to make
everyone laugh I try to entertain
people all the time I did all kinds of stuff
to make people smile whatever it took
to get their attention & I guess that is why I am doing
YouTube right now as well because I like to
entertain people. If I wanna make
them smile and If I make
them smile and they actually smile? You know there’s
nothing better in the world
than that. eh… because I was so… I loved sports so much I always thought
when I grow up I don’t want to
sit in front of a desk and… you know just sit there because I wanted to
go out and do stuff so I wanted to be
a fire fighter I ended up
in front of a desk. *laughs* but I am happy
with it so… PUBG, I don’t really
remember exactly when like how I got introduced
to the game I don’t really remember But I started playing PUBG
on PC first actually I think a friend of mine
told me about this game PUBG On PC and I was like yeah
le’ts try it out and I’m pretty sure
the first game I played I fell in love
with the game I played it
so much! You know? Unhealthy amount in the beginning. And then umm… maybe a couple
of months later PUBG Mobile was released and then I got the same
love for the game back as I had in the beginning. PUBG Mobile
all the way! It actually
isn’t easy To become Ace
I would say the only thing it takes
to become Ace it just takes time! But to become a Conqueror then you need to
play a lot! And you have to have strategies and you really got to
think of what you’re doing To be a Conqueror you have to
be top 500 in the server My is definitely better
from what it was at the beginning 100% I feel very comfortable
aiming and shooting And I also feel like I kinda can set my mind
into my opponents I kinda know like because when you play
enough games you kinda know how
enemies will do certain things and I kinda know “I used to do this…
so he’s probably gonna
do this!” when I am playing
against a really good player if he’s on a hill
and I am on the
other side of the hill and both of us have
seen each other I kinda know okay… I can flank here he’s probably gonna
flank there So I’m gonna
flank there You’re thinking so
many steps ahead and I kinda feel
that’s probably the thing
I’ve learnt *pfft* a perfect headshot
or a perfect spray? with an AWM
and an M4? *groans* oof! That’s a tough question AWM! It’s cooler! But I think the
M4 is more satisfying NO! I’m not sure I would say the AWM it’s more satisfying, actually. All my friends… I’m pretty sure
every single one of them thinks it’s pretty cool. In some way I also think maybe
they’re a bit jealous as well because some of them
are studying they’re in school some of them are
going to work talking on the phone
and all that and then they see me sitting at home playing video games But I think all of them
think it’s pretty cool they think it’s really fun that I am doing
what I am doing and also my family
in the beginning they didn’t really like it
as much as they do now I’m like I’m gonna try and be
a YouTuber and I
told my parents as well and they were like
OKAY… but are you gonna have
another job at the same time? NOPE So you’re gonna do
YouTube full-time? YEP! Okay… So that was kinda fun But now they are
very supportive but in the beginning
they weren’t PUBG Mobile is a
very big game in India so I noticed it very early
that it was a lot of people from India watching it… And I get a lot of comments
every single day you know, “Love from India!” “I’m from India.” The first video
which blew up which got a million views… there were a lot
of Indian comments on that video so I realised this game
is big in India. *sighs* Umm my journey
as a player…Well It’s been a fun journey you know it’s been so many different things
and all of that it’s been very fun and
it’s been very… you know it’s been
an experience I’ve learnt a lot
from it like a lot of different things I learnt a lot
about myself as well doing this. I actually remember on… on Panda ummm I uploaded some gameplay
based on PUBG Mobile I am not really sure
what this video was called but I remember
uploading it and maybe the first day
it went pretty good In 2-3 days
it had almost 9k views and it was the best
video I had view-wise and then it stopped! and I was like
okay it had a good start and then a week later… I check it again and it had like
500k views out of nowhere and I’m like whoa and then the day after
it was like 700k 800k and then 1M views and it had been like
2 week since the upload it just blew up! I don’t… I don’t think
you need like… any special equipment as long as you have a camera which
you can use to record I think you can be
a good YouTuber You don’t need like
a super microphone or a super camera I don’t think that but you do need one thing and that is… Love

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  1. 7:03 not only you bro every pro pubgm players gets major support from Indians we really like to appreciate people who have skills

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