Internal Energy in Tamil Physics Course

Internal energy is nothing but summation of all energies inside the system in sense of all the energies, potential energy kinetic energy Nuclear energy yet whatever energies present in the galaxy, add them and get magnitude of internal energy let’s get into the atom, looking for the various types of energies inside the atom proton neutron electron these three presents as a major element in the orbits, electrons are rotating in their respective paths and having kinetic energy in itself due to motion in the origin, the neutron and protons are constructed together as nucleus How does the protons exists together even though having the same charges? This is a collaboration in the presence of science is there any possible to attract the north – north poles? No chance! hence, someone helps to these protons for being together That’s Nuclear force we can see much energies inside the atom as well as molecules – as illustrated in the silde Adding these terms will lead to the result of Internal energy Consider the solid a solid is constructed by the more amount of molecules A molecule is constructed by number of atoms atoms need the bonding to connect with the other atom to produce the molecule These bonding causes the vibrational energy when we through this arrangement towards the wall, it makes the vibrational motion likewise a molecule has plenty of bonds between the atoms present in in hence we obtain the vibrational motion when these all are going to function ok! we knew that solids are constructed by atoms and molecules. but the atoms and molecules in the solids cannot move freely due to having tight package of molecules it cannot move in translational direction, rotational and vibrational motion also the purpose of living of atoms is to take rest throughout its life when we heat the solid, temperature increases which leads to increase the kinetic energy all the atoms of solids start to absorb the heat energy to vibrate and even make translational motion a little bit whatever we consider, the solid have certain amount of vibraitonal and translational motion in itself but not considerable amount lets see in liquids and gases air and water never been at rest it functions always through its motions so these two can make more vibrational energies also the kinetic energy once again add these all for internal energy of liquids and gases by honest, we cannot calculate the exact internal energy inside the any other systems in the world but can calculate the change in internal energy why this is tough? because we know some energies in the galaxies. but unknown energies are also present which we doesn’t know actually Let’s consider the Earth as the system earth consists of various layers and we must live in any one of the layers just consider the layer where we are living is there any possible to calcule the number of atoms, molecules, bonding, nulcear energy…… and these are all trying to form such as solids , liquids, gas various temperature presents in the each systems fomation of rocks and sea occurs This is one of the layers of the earth that we are living now! the core of the earth the enormous amount of energy present in it. absolutely! this is tough job to calculate the internal enegy for the earth by adding these all energies that presents in the single layer of earth i believe that you understood Hit like, comment, share and thanks for all Have a great Time

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