Instructive Chess Game: Nisipeanu vs So – Grand Prix Attack

Instructive Chess Game: Nisipeanu vs So – Grand Prix Attack

hi guys this is Grand Master Luminara
she’s there and to get today we’re gonna review one very interesting game between
two very strong grandmasters Nyssa piano again so this game was played recently
and I also would like to mention that we will pay some serious attention to the
opening part of this game to them Grand Prix line of the Sicilian defense so
let’s go efore c5 nice is 3 I just quickly will
explain what is the idea actually of the Grand Prix line for white white wants to
play f4 not f3 Bishop c4 sometimes Bishop goes to b5 it’s a little bit more
positional line and this Bishop probably will be exchanged for the knight c6 or
or black Bishop c8 but anyway the key idea for white is the same so let’s
continue Bishop c4 t3 castle and in a perfect world of the Grand Prix attack
white also will push a 5 Queen e1 Queen h4 Bishop h6 hand checkmate
okay of course black has the can’t play his own chances but more or less this is
White’s plan so it doesn’t mirror white bishop f1 will be exchanged or not the
King side attack is always the same there is one more one more very
important detail that we have to remember when white will advance f4 f5
it does need to be prepared or protected it can be just a pawn sacrifice for
example black takes with the fianchetto because normally black answers with the
fugitive structure against the Grand Prix line and why just ignores it
he just continues the plan that we just mentioned Queenie one Queen age for
Bishop h6 and well if plaque will take only four it could be taken with the
knight or with the pawn t3 depends the situation so we can just ignore that
pawn of course everything depends on on the concrete situation at the board but
it’s very very important detail for white okay t6 this was played in the
game but my personal opinion is that it’s better to save a temple and wait
until black will immediately push will be able to push the five at least this
is how I play against the Grand Prix when I’m a black for instance 96 4 3 6 9
f3 Bishop g7 Bishop c4 e6 and I always try to directly played e75 well okay
this is a little bit different line but today we’ll try to cover actually the t6
system and I even saw that Gary Kasparov was played was playing few times this
variation with the pond d6 okay f4 g6 9 f3 Bishop g7 and Bishop b5 check we
already know why it can choose here or Bishop c4 Bishop b5 check I think we
have to take a look at this line – Bishop c4 that in my opinion is a
little bit sharper than we should be 5 check for example 96 castle and normally
in such a structures black has two possible alternatives it’s just matter
of 6 and castle and again the same flexible structure that I already
mentioned is 697 ok in case of a 697 black already played t6
d5 will be with loss of the time but anyway this structure is more flexible
even in order to stop the whites pressure on the kingside for example now
if five is even harder yeah we mentioned that white can simply sacrifice that
pawn but black would take that pawn in much more comfortable way whether ecigs
and Knight g7 because a lot of pieces are watching this f5 square
furthermore black simply keeps more flexible position in the center and at
some point black can even play f5 himself so normally I prefer this type
of variations but okay let’s take a look each of them Knight of 6 & e6 so it’s 6
mm well logical here is to play now d3 of course 97 Queen e1 Castle it’s very
interesting to delay the castle and play h6 we get very complex playing this line
because now playing Queen h4 and attack there something on the Kings side
doesn’t make sense yet as Black Diamond Castle there so if if I remember
correctly even chuck played this move so yeah it deserves a lot of attention
maybe white can continue a3 Castle Bishop a – it’s some kind of prophylaxis
against e5 and we will be back to play Queen h4 and five ideas but anyway black
mates achieved some progress because he already prepared the prophylaxis h6 and
now for example 95 is not a checkmating threat yet and well it’s some another
kind of complex play and black already with a delay but still
this term creates this pond construction in the center I think it’s complex play
for the both sides interesting position but not the main line so Castle and f5
this is what we were talking about this positional and well dynamical pawn
sacrifice pawn takes Queen h4 and now white intents something like Bishop h6
Knight g5 I don’t want to say that why should we in this position I’m pretty
sure that with a perfect play like must survive probably it’s more or less
dynamically quality but normally this is kind of positions were which white tries
to achieve in a Grand Prix line so I try to play this some years ago with black
and it’s quite unpleasant because black always needs to find the defensive moves
and it’s easier to attack of course well normally black play something like t5
for example and takes with the e trying to keep the Kings position safer then
after G takes a 5 but it doesn’t change the case of the play
because anyway Queen h4 and white wants to do the same thing Bishop h6 and if
taking only 4 it could be taken now well maybe not immediately with the
night maybe already 95 first yeah first Knight g5 looks like much more
interesting and f7 is under attack to but anyway later it could be taken with
the night and the c3 Knight also enters into the King side attack so White’s
position as we see is quite promising just one more little detail that I
wanted to say about this e6 line here and we will need indeed in the future
maybe white will started immediately with a 5 but
right now it’s not the best choice because there’s again like didn’t castle
yet and after take queenie 197 t3 black may play just east h6 starting with this
prophylaxis on the King side now Queen h4 doesn’t look very nice because again
it doesn’t attack anything maybe but I can’t even think about g5 move so it’s a
premature sacrifice right now but in some variations it’s possible and we
will see it in the future when exactly okay
and now Knight f6 move I I mentioned that this type this kind of setup I like
less with black because of less flexibility in the pawn structure and
less possibility to take on f5 now d3 castle f5 yeah it could be played Queen
e1 again ecigs Queen h4 d5 with a gain complex play but I think white already
may allow himself to sacrifice immediately karana also played like this
against kill fund and now Queen e1 so yeah we we can G file is more or less
open and the same plan is coming Queen h4 maybe Queen g3 but more typical move
is Queen h4 with piece of age 695 and so on
for instance point ax e for Bishop upon 2 x d4 and here Gelfand played Bishop e6
95 which 95 this is the the move of the gelfand anyway I was looking at another
continuation to something like night before because I was trying to exchange
more attacking pieces of my opponent also attack on c2 however white should
not pay attention to these pawns like C 2 and continue pressuring on the King
side with a Queen h4 Bishop takes B if I for example Ponte xt v 9t x c2
and white has very very serious initiative here so let’s go back to the
girl phones 95 Ponte xe5 Bishop g5 and probably here is the mistake were the
elephant already got very difficult position he took on d5 with the night
sorry with the bishop but probably this was the best choice because now after
Bishop takes d5 pawn takes d5 Queen d6 Queen h4 somehow black pieces cannot
help the king Khurana want the game in a very nice style rook to d1 he seeks and
now very powerful but okay Bishop f6 was also winning but very powerful and
beautiful move Knight rook f6 was played in the game
and anyway white gets the decisive advantage rucap 6 in order to stop of
course f5 and to fix the seventh rank to not let the opponent to help the King on
this seventh rank so Queen c7 Bishop takes pawn takes now these three also
goes we had surged rank to the Kings side and elephant resigned so this is a
very typical Grand Prix attack so as we mentioned it’s it’s much more difficult
to protect defense this position with black then to attack with the white so
it’s it’s quite interesting ok let’s go back to the to the game where Nyssa
piano decided to go for Bishop b5 check now what can happen in this line
probably bishops wood will be exchanged right now but it doesn’t change the
whites plan it’s the same white wants to play d3 castle maybe later a5 Queen e1
Queen h4 more or less the same oops sorry
so Bishop takes d7 is the main line it may move however I discovered that
sometimes white plays here Bishop c4 I was really wondering why why white needs
to put black Bishop on d7 because we could play Bishop c4 immediately and
then I I think I have discovered your interesting idea of white mmm idea is
that after 96 and Castle now if black continues to play in the same style like
a six five four it is a good move now we will see why pawn takes okay I think
it’s very very dangerous here to open the position with the G because now
white simply will create very interesting initiative on the kingside
maybe even he will think about quick d4 act after exchange on c6 Bishop g5 black
King doesn’t feel very safe here so probably black black would take with the
e pawn and still thinking to Castle short side now queenie 197 t3 and in the
previous line where we mentioned about the five we said that it was premature
because black has aged six move and there’s nothing to attack yet on the
Kings side and so like he’s doing fine but now the difference is that Bishop is
only seven instead of c8 and now why it gets very important temple sank to these
Bishop f4 attacking the pointy six and suddenly black is in trouble
because there’s there’s no simple and good ways to protect this pawn because
if you will go back Bishop c8 we can just increase the pressure on the six
pawn and in case of let’s say ninety five black what white just can take on
a5 and everything is hanging on the e-file and especially this night only
five so this is very interesting detail that maybe black will not know so you
can surprise opponent well generally of course I’m
I’m not trying to say that Grand Prix is a good variation to get serious
advantage with white it’s the idea of playing Grand Prix’s of course to
surprise the opponent as normally black studies less the Grand Prix lines we
dedicate a lot of time to the main line of the Sicilian so Grand Prix is always
surprising and if black does know where well the opening ideas you can easily
get under very very strong attack so it’s very good to you to know this
useful tricks with white so okay how black actually needs to react against
this Bishop b5 check and Bishop c4 Knight a5 this is how black plays in
this main line we should be to probably I don’t like to put this bishop on c4
because after for example after Knight takes d4 even surprising Bishop takes c3
Bishop c6 black is doing just fine here Queen e1 Knight f6 594 it’s just
terrible just terrible Bishop is passive I don’t think that White has a good
options to use the weak squares on the King side so Bishop e2 is the main move
here 96 d3 and white transpose is in some
kind of Dutch defense but okay with with the reversed colors not f6 Queen e1 and
still planning something like Queen h4 f5 Bishop h6 and it’s interesting that
in order of in case of 94 many grandmasters are playing this move
Bishop d1 so yeah we I don’t want to show yet what I’m going to do with the
94 maybe I will double it in the future and my knight already has interesting
square on g3 so white decides to delay taking on d4 and okay maybe later
Queen h4 again and by the way I remember correcting against Apollo in this in
this line he took on d4 and then started this money were 91 92 9f 3 that also is
very interesting well okay 92 is also need some serious attention
there after taking on d4 well what can we say about this position
it’s very complex play we cannot guarantee huge advantage to white but
absolutely playable by the way taking is not only one move here later white could
play also Bishop e3 asked as being black himself to take on f3 and at some point
I’m not so sure when exactly but white may also think taking with the bishop on
d4 pawn takes and 92 increasing the pressure over d4 pawn but okay this idea
needs very concrete situation normally I would not happy to give up this my dark
for Bishop okay well in the game Mississippi on decided to take on this
seven he played simply and Castle 1963 and he seeks that’s really actually what
I like is six I mentioned that this structure is very flexible and very
promising in order to create some difficulties in the King side attack for
white because if Knight f6 white would play the same style now Queen e1 maybe
he will need to play eight three prophylaxis in order to stop queen g4
exchanging idea but that’s fine or Knight f6 Queen e1 Castle and white
immediately can start with a five sacrifice pawn takes and for
example Queen h4 however I would recommend you to pay attention to the
prophylaxis h3 this is this is always very unpleasant pressure on the King
side so so decided to go for a six line and I think that’s absolutely correct
f5 actually this is a novelty I don’t know if mississippiana prepared it at
home or it was a idea that he discovered at the board of course it deserves
attention but if so would play correctly f5 should not give any advantage to
white what are the alternatives here the common move is Bishop e3 however I don’t
see a huge problems here for black for example 97 Queen Queen d2 okay Queen d2
is the line that chooses the computer Queen e1 is more human line probably
still trying to go for Queen h4 rook c8 is very interesting move because like
try as plans to play 94 and C 2 will start hanging after that maybe we could
delay Queen h4 and just play Ruby one liberating the knight c3 Castle and well
I was trying to find out here what could Y do but I really do not see any
advantage here it’s more or less dynamically quality for example 92 if
Queen h4 just 94 pluck don’t need to fear about moves like this because he
can just play eight six and when Knight goes back just call me take on c2 even
so yeah and this is all thanks to this flexible structure is 697 and as I
already mentioned f5 is also very important defensive idea we need to
remember this okay what else maybe maybe 92 first b5 a3 a5 and now
Queen h4 however here also f5 now 95 doesn’t make sense because simply h6
will be done and so like is still fine and well I evaluate this position with
like like he’s okay well happens like equalizes and he has a
good plane that’s fine so another move that I tried here was 92
but here even f5 is immediately possible c3 Knight f6 Queen c2 Castle Bishop e3
rook yet so what about this position this is also more or less dynamically
quality playable for the both sides but as I mentioned I don’t see some concrete
advantage for white here in any lines f5 of course is were sharply sharp move in
an easy piano style however I believe after pawn takes f5 immediately taking
here black is absolutely fine he just needs to discover the idea of castling
long side to not be afraid of that takes takes and well it depends Knight can go
to e7 or to f6 depending on the situation and position reminds let’s say
at least fine for black Bishop a4 9 f6 Queen d2 + h5 f6 and here black can even
allow himself to fight for the initiative after d5 with his pawn
sacrifice because after Bishop takes e5 d4 suddenly white pieces are getting
quite disconnected and black they get serious pressure they’re not a four rook
e8 now Knight is terrible here rooks are disconnected and black takes the control
of the e-file – so it’s really bad now okay before is better but like it’s just
fine what else we could suggest to the white player maybe ok 95 makes no
sense because after a jig see we will need to go back
Queeny one I tried but 97 take and again casts alongside take take so this time
Black Knight gets to e7 instead of f6 but still absolutely fine for black of
course we don’t need to fear for moves like 95 because there’s not f5 and
everything is under protection so now I think white should be a little bit
worried about these checks and maybe King will have some problems on the age
file okay and finally if takes immediately maybe
95 I thought the same sacrificing style but black don’t needs to take all the
pawns for example 97 Bishop 8 6 nice tricky tactic they take Knight f6 Castle
takes takes and ok I think why doesn’t have enough resources here to keep
pressuring on the Kings side but he still pawn down c48 Black has clear
advantage this time no attack there so what about a 5 it’s good move to
surprise the opponent but with the correct play so would be absolutely ok
he played 97 and this is I think the principle mistake because it allows pawn
takes 95 and suddenly the quitter quick attack starts here I think so
missed him they move 95 he thought that 95 would protect everything f7 and he
would push away later the 95 but he missed this powerful sacrifice 95
computer recommends to play 8 6 9 f7 and even just sacrifice this pawn here well
okay maybe black can try to have some initiative because of better development
but I don’t see anything dangerous for white and still white is poor now
so okay this is also quite fine for the Nisa piano but definitely it was better
than 95 for four so 95 powerful strike Quinta XP 5 I thought maybe he could
castle but now d4 is very strong move and now after Queen takes okay pawn
takes doesn’t make sense because it’s impossible to protect nearly 6 pawn
queen takes d5 pawn takes Bishop takes maybe pawn takes but Queen g4 and all
black pieces suddenly are terrible now the knight is under the blocking
structure of the e4 pawn bishop is the bad Bishop Knight of 7 is hanging Wiki 1
and black black is in trouble now I will take 87 first we should be three go back
with the night every everything is wrong here for black Queen before b2 is not
possible because this pawn is also hanging clear advantage for white so
okay I thought maybe Bishop e5 but okay Bishop e5 actually was the computer move
if I if I if I remember correctly but there’s no enough compensation for the
exchange so so decided to play Quinta XP v 9t x e6 and King the 7/9 x g7 this is
absolutely playable move this keeps huge advantage for white but when I was
looking deeper in this position I discovered that blacks idea actually is
to play against this night this is only his his only hope so he wants to regroup
pieces like this probably Knight should go to c6 and somehow create problems to
attack this 97 so maybe it will be good to bring the Queen also with this
another flank I’m like Queen e7 or may be Queen h4 later so this is more or
less the perfect regulation of the pieces that black could could do here so
in order of this idea in case of this idea
maybe it was a little bit more correct to start with with a four because now
after Queen b6 white continues playing a five and black queen will never be able
to go to the Kings side and we will take this bishop later so okay this this is
actually not a decisive factor in this position but probably was a little bit
more correct than immediately taking on d7
so now after let’s say queen bee 5c for Quincy six we take and why it gets more
or less the same position that in the game but without options for the Queen
to go to the Kings side okay so mississippiana took here
immediately and h5 I thought maybe also root FA deserve some attention however
of course black is already already in the real real trouble queen d8 he makes
this regroup ation of the pieces that we mentioned and now Bishop f4 this very
important move I don’t want you to exchange this rooks because for example
if I will play Bishop g5 take Queen also will go to be exchange and I don’t know
who will save this night hunt from g7 so we need to keep these pieces at the
board so this is a very good move rook takes a four interesting idea and leg
tries to win this Knight but here has happened the same thing in the game
White has the same plan C three very powerful black loses a lot of time to
win this knight or create problems to this Knight and white must quickly open
the play to the Queen’s to the king as he Queen side and in the center by
playing d4 it’s very important to get access to the black king so this is what
white is doing right now Queen takes g7 very strong move Queen b3 oops sorry Queen c7 King c7 and d4 so
after some deep analysis in this position I discovered that anyway black
will not be able to save this position a six good intermediate move probably the
more human continuation is route p8 trying to bring the new piece in the
defensive job pawn takes and e5 the idea is that if black will take on e5 we’re
gonna play rook f7 and then T five rook will be untouchable because of T six
check and night will be forced to go away and white is winning some material
so black is in real trouble probably black is lost
obviously here so black decided to play h5 and easy piano continues the perfect
way okay maybe maybe Queen d8 again was possible but we already know that this
time while black will try to win this night actually we need to use the time
to open the King side Queen side and create some attack against the black
King before so I don’t think the black simply have a time to take the knight we
already get access to the black King so wide should win okay Queen b5 was played
c4 Mississippi a know with the tempos tries to open the Queen side again and
again very powerful move before route 8 7 ok I thought maybe it’s interesting to
play a rook a g8 to attack with the new piece to bring a new piece into the
action it’s always more useful but here also I don’t think that that can save
the game and this time P should be 2 and everything is
on this diagonal King c8 Quimby 3 it’s funny that white can even just continue
playing in a positional style of course it’s better to take now of the pawn
because ok check but I play d4 and immediately recover the piece no Queen
takes e4 because of rook c1 and Queen will be lost
Rob d8 maybe a 6 b 6 taking here and black position is just destroyed even
Queen exchange will not save the game because of very powerful c5 and
something is falling or just white pawns will be coronated on the last rank so
pawn takes a 7 King p7 it’s absolutely forced line check well okay rook is also
possible route b1 and technically winning position so black decided to
play ok 7 but the same context c5 rook takes g7 and this time rook f6 ok it’s
obviously forcing black to take on c5 anyway so decided to go Knight c8 here
ok this was a possible move white would recover the piece and ok I was looking
at this position for a while but of course save here the King is not
possible also I thought there would be some tactical possibilities to give the
check use the hanging grew con anyone nothing works
black has decided by the Vantage so ok white forces him to take on c5 to play
d4 nice so tries to hold on so white plays himself before anyway Knight g4
rook f3 okay now night c8 is standing here
terrible of course closing the rook on aid and when you look at the position of
the first look it’s tough to understand that black is black has some material
advantage because actually these pieces are not playing at all quinta xe4 and
very nice move a tree when you are attacking it’s very easy to forget about
such a car moves like a tree suddenly Black Knight doesn’t have a moves and
why just recovering the night anyway so pawn takes check context and now
obviously black wood resigned already here the last few moves Nyssa piano
played just last like a perfect line of the computer 97 Queen f1 roti 8 Bishop
to on takes one yeah so decided to resign because result of the game is
obvious so what could be the conclusion Grand Prix is a scary opening system if
black doesn’t know what exactly to play because it’s very easy for white you know
create some sacrifice there to play some a5 create strong attack on the King side
and black immediately enters into the panic but if black knows how to react in
my opinion Grand Prix cannot promise advantage to white but ok it’s easier to
start the Grand Prix than the main lies of the Sicilian so it’s up to you anyway
as more opening lines you know stronger you are hope you liked my video and the
game see you next time bye bye you

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  1. Very interesting, but it would be even better if you could make it a bit clearer to follow the actual game moves, there are so many side lines explained, it's easy to lose track…

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