Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

(light upbeat music) – [Dan] It’s like a
symphony of manipulating and spinning and flipping
the cards in your hands. It’s like each move inspires the next and you’re not even thinking about it. The cards are dancing between the hands, they’re spinning around,
they’re flipping over, they’re doing things you wouldn’t even expect them to be doing. (light upbeat music) It’s just so surprising, almost magical. (light dramatic music) (light upbeat music) For as long as I can remember we’ve always done things
in tandem together. We both got into magic
around the age of 12, we would go to the library
and check out books by Dai Vernon, Guy Hollingworth, just seeing the illustrations were like, wow, we can do this with playing cards? When we started practicing
cardistry, it wasn’t a thing, it has its roots in magic,
it comes from card magicians, who would use what is
called a card flourish and these were used to accentuate certain moments in a magic trick, so we took that and just ran with it. We were the first to embrace
it and really focus on it and practice it as its own thing and promote it as its own thing. (light dynamic music) Cardistry is very much like skateboarding, you know, we practice these tricks until we have them down perfect, you know, we see other tricks and we’re
like, oh, we gotta learn that, you know, 52 playing cards and the possibilities to maneuver
those around are endless. You can hold a deck of cards in your hand and it’s one solid block, now imagine lifting up another block, so now you have two, well, what can you do with
those two blocks in your hands? Well, you can create more
blocks and we call those packets and you can start maneuvering and spinning and flipping those packets
between your fingers. It’s hard, like it takes
a lot of dexterity, it’s all practiced, it’s all rehearsed and when you’re truly a master, you can just start doing things on the fly and you don’t even have to think about it. (light upbeat music) What kids are doing today
with cards is mind blowing, if you would have told me
that when I was 14 years old, I would have been like,
that’s the coolest thing, I had no idea that it
could even be this big. The ultimate goal would be to get people to almost
put cardistry first, when they see a deck of playing cards, you know, it’s no longer for games, it’s no longer for
gambling, it’s cardistry. (light upbeat music)

27 thoughts on “Inside the Hypnotic Art of Card Juggling

  1. Ive been doing flourishes for about 16 years and ive never seen these dudes before. It's a little hard to believe they are the "first" to do cardistry when there were like 10 other magicians teaching people how to do these exact tricks since the mid 90's

  2. Love their videos and all they have done for cardistry, but I gotta say… the chess board was set up wrong. At :45 should have a white square in a right hand corner where the rook sits. No disrespect, only a little gentle, tough love.

  3. From speed-cubing to pen-spinning to zippo flipping to balisong spinning, and now I have another journey… Cardistry!
    Can't believe I didn't learn this sooner.

  4. for anyone else looking, the orange and black geometric deck at 0:27 are called "Prime Playing Cards" and they are sold out on but a few other websites still have copies left.

  5. Cardistry owes you two so much, but your chess… well, at :45 the board is set up wrong. A white square always should be in the right corner at start.

  6. You are the fathers of cardestry and i hate the title of juggling its not that its nart its iits monster . thanks guys

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