Incident on Women’s World Chess Blitz C (continue 1)

Incident on Women’s World Chess Blitz C (continue 1)

30 thoughts on “Incident on Women’s World Chess Blitz C (continue 1)

  1. я не понял написано:Women's World Chess Blitz C.А везде флаги Moscow Open.На Moscow Open я играл и судьи там не такие!!!

  2. Все проходило в РГСУ там же где проходят Москоу опен

  3. Это называется "укороченный ход". Судьи правил не знают!!)) и судят чемпионат мира по блицу?)

  4. They like to friggin complain about nothing… Just let her make the move and make her wait a second on the following move to compensate for the "time"…

  5. If I understand correctly, mostly from reading the comments, the girl in blue had to forfeit the game because, when she promoted her pawn to a queen, she simply picked up the pawn and put a queen down on the promotion square, rather than pushing the pawn to the eighth rank, then specifying and converting the pawn to a queen.  But that's ridiculous.  NO regular chess player EVER does that.  They all do what the girl in the blue dress did.  Moreover, even if that were a rule, it would be such a stupid rule that one would pronounce oneself a complete ass–as her opponent apparently did–by trying to rob one's opponent of a game by its enforcement.  And, as for the judges – they must have been members of the Politburo, for sure.  Ass clowns!

  6. Wer war die beide Schachspielerinnen? Wie wird es geregelt, wenn ein Bauer von b7 auf b8 wird Dame umgewandelt?
    Who was both chess players? As it is controlled when a farmer from b7 to b8 is converted Dame?

  7. the player who have her pawn promoted in this video, achvied right; The desicion of the the arbiter is wrong because in FIDE law of chess article 4.6: "The act of promotion may be performed in various ways:" 4.6.1 the pawn does not have to be placed on the square of arrival." 4.6.2 removing the pawn and putting the new piece on the square of promotion may occur in any order.

  8. та бля вообще поебать как проводить эту пешку, идите на хуй вообще со своим проведением в ферзи

  9. Сейчас за эту ерунду ничего бы не было: превращение осуществляется в произвольном порядке, пешке необязательно даже достигать поля превращения. Очень жаль, что девушке за это засчитали поражение.А мужик тот хам.

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