Imu Sama & Monkey D Dragon’s Hidden Secret – One Piece 952+

Imu Sama & Monkey D Dragon’s Hidden Secret – One Piece 952+

Hi, Gear 5th here with a new one piece video. Today I’ll talk about: is there any kind of secret relationship between Imu-Sama and Monkey D Dragon? Some One Piece fans even assume that Imu could be Luffy’s biological mother. Is there any possibility? Imu-Sama is a very mysterious character in One Piece verse. We don’t know if Imu is a male or a female. We also don’t know his/her race. Except for some giants, all the members of Marines and World Government are humans. Since the World Government is full of hypocrisy and double standards, it won’t be surprising if Imu Sama turns out to be a non-human entity. But for now, let’s assume that Imu is a human. Inside the Pangaea Castle, in the Room of Flower, Imu-Sama cut Luffy and Blackbeard’s bounty posters and Shirahoshi’s picture. When the Gorosei were heading to the “the Empty Throne”, the Samurai Gorosei said that they need a great purge to take things in their control again. When they saw Imu-Sama, they asked if Imu-sama had a hit list and decided to take them out and remove them from the history. In the eyes of the World Government, Monkey D. Dragon is the most wanted criminal. He is the greatest threat for the World Government. So logically, the first person Imu-Sama should remove from the history would be Monkey D. Dragon, not Luffy or Blackbeard. Yet we didn’t see Imu Sama hating Dragon or cutting Dragon’s bounty poster! Why is that? What’s going on here? Does that mean, Dragon and Imu know each other? If yes, then what is the nature of their relationship? Is Imu Luffy’s biological mother then? Since Imu-sama hates Luffy and even cut his bounty poster, it’s not likely that Imu-sama has any connection to Luffy. In order to verify Luffy’s strawhat, Imu-sama even went to a hidden freezing chamber and matched it with a worn-out giant strawhat inside an alcove. If Luffy is indeed Dragon’s biological son, then Imu might not be his mother; however, if someone entrusted Luffy to Dragon, then Imu might’ve some kind of connection to Dragon. Why didn’t Imu-sama cut Dragon bounty poster along with Luffy & Blackbeard’ posters, don’t forget to comment down below.

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  1. Good video. But as much as I love the idea of Dragon having any ties to the 1st CD, I do not believe that Imu could truly be Luffy's long lost mother! I am think about for a moment, if that kind of information is true, Luffy & his friends learns about it, then won't it result to:

    A. Luffy hating his own "mother", thus making him no better than his brothers despite their good reasons to not like Roger nor Outlook III?!

    B. Hancock being "cured" from her love sickness, thus returning the Pirate Empress to her old Male hating self, whether or not her sisters & fellow Kuja are ok with it?!

    C. The many allies that Luffy's made throughout his journey (mostly from Races that end up as Slaves to the CD such as Fishman, Minks, etc) to severe all ties with him, even if it is only to save themselves?!

    Well I don't know about you, but what do you think?!

  2. I only know oda said once that we saw luffys mother in the manga.. but he didn't say what chapter.

    But this is interesting.. well but it doesn't bother me anymore I would like to see a real emotional moment because of that. I dont know where oda is going with one piece.. but I hope we gonna see that kind of emotion moment from luffy his father and his mother( if we gonna see her..)

    But thanks for the video.

    Thats why I'm not gonna say anything I'm just gonna read and watch and think for my self.. because manga theory is getting a bit on my nerves.

    But still I like it

  3. This is mess. Somehow i feel imu is lady toki..married oden 2 get to know history of void century through roger.
    She saw a future with luffy blackbeard and maybe shirahoshi using "ancient weapon" which may topple world government hence "she" needs those 3 to be erased from "history" (that is yet to come)..just a theory

  4. Those elder say something to get rid of the light what does that sign means. Oda show reveal more of imu like tomorrow could be end of act 2 and want to know if sabo and other story be there and get glimpses of imu. Gear 5 maybe there is a connection between imu and dragon from unknown history on why dragon hate the government and celestial dragon, and destroy other territory of the government and marine. Luffy mom be death, like gild tesero lover died by celestial dragon. This assume dragon view imu as the real threat higher

  5. Luffy can't be adopted cause it would make story boring. Garp took ace, dragon took luffy, imu sama might be the person with toki toki no mi, and maybe through some connections they need jewelry bonney

  6. Which race is missing from whole cake island collection? Maybe the answer in inside of the pangea castle….

  7. You forgot the link again… i mean , it's okay , you can just upload the link on your main channel. But please dont forget it there. Keep up the good work !

  8. put some subtitle.. i cannot understand the cc because is not sync to your voice.i mean when you talk,cc put in a wrong word that gives me confuse..

  9. i think Imu is male because in anime when Imu sits on the empty throne we see it from his side angle and it looks like he has a well built body under his clothes

  10. Here's a tip admin….you should write what you want to say to attract people, not talk cause some people are lazy enough to listen to your explanations…. You should write it to attract them

  11. I think loofy and black both are piret and they going for one piece not dregoon any interest on one piece. After one piece open. My be problem for imu sama

  12. What the! No voice background please. Loyal subscriber here, i prefer subtitle with good soundtrack. Thanks gear

  13. Guyz. To make money he needs to make videos like this. All he need is a better voice recorder and learn to mix his voice. Do not tell him to make old videos etc. You can open the subtitles here too. He works extra to put right subtitles at least. There are some other youtubers dont even put subtitles and talk with unclear voices. RESPECT GEAR 5

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