I’m Ready, Magnus! | Caruana vs Anand | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018)

I’m Ready, Magnus! | Caruana vs Anand | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018)

100 thoughts on “I’m Ready, Magnus! | Caruana vs Anand | Batumi Chess Olympiad (2018)

  1. agadmators favorite master is tal.
    but he is promoting fischer more than tal.
    i think replacing tal pic with fischer will be nice for u!
    bcz, your uploaded videos contains more than 10% fischer games.

  2. I cant believe i just subscribe to you just know… i play your videos before i goto sleep.. i dont play competetive chess but it helps me on what i do in real life.. the way you commentate it amazes me you point out even the obvious ones (because you know all of your watchers are not high level players) its very soothing.
    Thank you ü , claps from Philippines.

  3. Regarding Castling, based on the last position in your example at the end, what if black played bishop captures on h4? This puts the king into check. Can the king castle if he is in check?

  4. Hello Agadmator, I have a suggestion of a game from Chess Olympiad – Laznicka vs. Maghsoodloo
    I think Czech team is rolling on the event and that it should deserve your attention. Also the match they had against China was amazing.
    Thank you for your amazing job

  5. 1:00 isn’t Caruana’s jacket hanging on the back of his chair? Or is it just a coincidence that his chair is the same color of the team jackets…

  6. This has got to be the BEST game of the Chess Olympiad 2018 at Batumi. A brilliant Middlegame. One needs a 1800+ rating to actually understand what's happening in the Middlegame. Literally speaking..

  7. What if a bishop is pinned by a rook and the bishop is guarding a pawn. So can the king capture the pawn guarded by the bishop which is pinned by the rook

  8. At 8:10 Caruana could play Rook E3 to pin the bishop to push pawn and capture it, so Anand would move the queen out of pin. D6 or C7 would be the places to have 2nd defender for bishop. He could than move Knight E4 to attack queen if she is there or simply to capture Anands Knight with check. So Anand would trade Knights and Caruana could recapture with Rook E5. Bishop on middle would still be pinned because Anand couldn't defend the rook on his back line.

  9. #suggestion can you cover maybe only one good game about Phiona Mutesi, and in that video even talk a bit about her, her story and her film to share with all who never saw it, to spread her story, and to share how much chess and determination can change the life of someone! Thank you

  10. Did you notice the jacket on Caruana's chair behind him? Looks like the same jacket as So and Nakamura AFAICT. He's just not wearing it.

  11. I sent you a mail regarding vishy's interview in The Hindu newspaper. Check that and make video on the match mentioned there. Please.

  12. Do an Aman Hambleton game please🙏.
    He's a Canadian GM and is part of the chessbrah YouTube channel with GM Eric Hansen, also a Canadian GM, who I'd btw love to see as well 😀
    Ps: maybe do some videos on some general attacking ideas, so that we can apply the tactics we learn in your videos better. I think many of your excellent subscribers would enjoy that 😀

  13. Thank you for clarification about castling rules, sometimes I castle with the queen by mistake, not that I'm cheating, just slight inaccuracy.

  14. Please show an Ivanchuk game! Don’t care if he lost, just show a game of his! Or show a picture of those blue eyes (windows to a brilliant chess mind)…

  15. I dont normally leave too many comments but the quality of your videos deserves a compliment.
    I really enjoy the insight you bring to each match and how you regularly give your viewers an opportunity to find the winning idea.
    I'd like to also mention that I really appreciate all effort you put into the series you cover (like Fischer vs Spassky).
    The research you do is definitely reflected in the quality of your videos.

  16. I found Qc3 instead. Forcing a trade of queens, attacking the rook on d4 after the exchange, rook can't move to d5. What am i missing?

  17. Position at 14:56 what about black queen to b1 checking the white king? White loses the bishop and a draw can be fought for…

  18. at 14:58, when white queen captures the rock, the black queen can go to B2 checking the white king, the only feasible defense is blocking with the white bishop, the black queen can capture it with a check, then after defending with rock, the game is playable for white. am I right? or wrong?

  19. I think Caruana’s Jacket is on his chair… probably just took it off to be more comfortable. I’m pretty new to chess, but I love your channel!

  20. You didn't make it clear that you also can't castle if the king is in check in the starting square. I find that one a strange rule considering that the king can move from check in all other cases.

  21. @7:36 after Rxd3, what happens if black plays Bf5 next instead of Bd5 first? Does this force white to go d4 and give up a pawn to pin the queen with Rd3 if black accepts the pawn with Kxe4 or..? This variation is better for white and the pawn cannot be taken without losing a piece via pin? Or can black take the pawn but ends up in a pin and has to defend and doesn't have initiative etc?

    Someone help me out. Thanks :p

  22. Wait.. Vishy actually represented and played for India? I thought he was too good for unpaid Olympiads? When was the list time Vishy played in Olympiads? India could have had a really good solid team if Vishy played all those past Olympiads. Vishy, Harikrishna, now Vidit and lastly Sasirikan. That's a strong solid team, with Sasirikan being the weakest link.

  23. as for n, same situation obtains, yes? still fine, if not castling through check( and can not be positioned into check, castling or not).

  24. The queen of katwe a movie that acts as though a 1600 player is some kind of grand master because she’s black and you know…low expectations

  25. At min 14:55 What if queen to H1, whites only move is to trade queens, then white is up a bishop, but black has 2 pawns,

  26. Haha, that castle actually happens a lot on the queenside! In particular, when the bishop is eyeing the queenside knight.

  27. I would have play Qc3. Maybe not the strongest move but i found it to be the better one with the little time i used for thinking

  28. 12:50 what about Qc3? Now black's queen is attacked and if black exchanges queens then his rook will be attacked and it can't move back to guard f5 square as d5 is controlled by the white bishop, instead if black moves his queen to f5 to block the pawn then he loses his rook on d4

  29. Love that you showed a picture of Uganda's Women's Team. Can you perhaps show a game from one of them? #suggestion

  30. You are simply awesome bro 😃
    You have added a lot of fun in this beautiful game ☺️
    Good wishes from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  31. About the thing at the end with castling, even Karpov wasn't sure, he asked this invigilator during a game if he could castle cause his rook was under attack. It's strange, but not that strange, cause that never really happens so people probably don't even question it till it does happen.



  34. I found Rc1 in the puzzle, attacking the queen. I think that wins the bishop too after the queen moves and you push the pawn as the bishop is still pinned.

  35. Your analysis implied that the only thing that would prevent white from castling was if black was attacking the f1 or g1 squares. But of course white also can't castle if he is in check – i.e. black attacks e1. Just mentioning.

  36. Agadmator's chess channel even cares about the beginners, that is something great! this is one of the reason why this channel is the best 🙂

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