“I’m never happy if I don’t win!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Krypto

“I’m never happy if I don’t win!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Krypto

Okay Krypto. Another German, that
wasn’t my intention. I don’t have anything against Germans
but I don’t want to play only Germans, two out of the last three. Okay let me get back to my usual banter
blitz opening see if people have learnt. My guess is they haven’t. Maybe he has. He’s playing
quite quickly and confidently. Okay knight g7 cannot be too bad. Bishop g4. Probably should
use the chance to take on… No… I’m kidding. I’m not worried about e6, I’m
just going to probably take d4. Knight g3… I would… so… Yeah it’s nothing too special. Hmm. If queen b6 he had. He has knight a4. Going to
make a waiting move instead. There was probably no way I’m
castling queenside so… I’m not too worried about removing
that particular possibility. Kind of thinking of knight d3, fe3,
bishop h6 just to hint knight… e5. But I don’t play chess that way. Knight a4, I guess I’m always happy to
go queen b4 and take it into an ending. Should be fairly comfortable for me. In general, I have a good position. Nothing special but
yeah quite comfortable but he’s played well so far, well above
a rating of 1,700 that’s for sure. Now I’m hoping if queen b4, knight
b4 that I might have some tricks in knight c5 but just looks
very, very shady to me. Yeah my spidey sense tells me that
there are just way too many pieces hanging for such a move to work. You need to have at least a3,
b4 before going for that blitz… when I have so many
pieces attacking d4. Now obviously, bishop d4 I can go
knight d4, winning a clean pawn and presumably the game but
I do you have the feeling that bishop g5 might be even stronger. So I’m going to try that. And I’m nothing if not greedy. The thing is if he goes either rook to
d1, I’m going to take on either c1, d2 or … and then d4, maybe later on c5 and I’m going to emerge and exchange up and it feels like the only try
maybe bishop e3 but then I take and he’s still in a world of trouble. Yeah he’s taking his
time which is sensible, considering that the position is a
very tactical and confusing one but yeah he couldn’t find
anything better than this and there probably wasn’t. So now I’m just a clean exchange up and
yeah it’s going to be game over soon but he did play a very decent game. So well done Krypto, I
think we’re both happy. You got the chance to play a
game and played quite well and I’m never happy if I
don’t win so there you go. Yeah fortunately has a rook on
b3 so there are no tactics. Okay.

66 thoughts on ““I’m never happy if I don’t win!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. chess24 user Krypto

  1. Is it too much to say that every one of these is a gift to humanity. Imagine also having a series of video commentaries from Capablanca or Morphy or Fischer or Tal at their peak. But we have them from Magnus!

  2. It's so easy to see where Magnus Opponents went wrong., when we are not the ones making moves you can't take back while your heart races a million beats per minute playing perhaps the greatest chess player of all time, all while time runs out on an unforgivable clock.

  3. do every player know magnus' name in that game?
    I wanna know the reaction of each player when they find out they're gonna play against magnus

  4. 1:47
    "Kind of thinking of Nxe3 fxe3 Bh6 … just to hint Nxe5"
    (cause if dxe5 Bxe3+… and the Queen is lost) – What a beautiful combination!!!44!

  5. You're perfectly aware when you're "competing", right? Like, it's clear that you're involved in a direct form of competition in a chess match and not a symbolic, metaphorical contest?

    Disregard me please, world champion. You are distinguisgingly, provably superior. And you're not obligated to even remotely give this any thought.

  6. Chess24 = same with chesscube
    Nice and true elo )rating ( not glicko in chesscom
    Why you have high on internet but low in real life
    Only you play alot in net but little in real life

  7. I find those sites very good for keeping in shape ^^ no need to mentors hahaha lot of games must be a good thing to do to learn anything

  8. Does magnus wear the same shirt everyday or were these all filmed in same day 🤔😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  9. At 03:23 why don't he goes for Knight takes d4? If rook takes knight then he can either takes the knight at c5 with rook or bishop

  10. Magnus don't stop these series of videos of you playing and commenting online. They are really cool. You're cool man! )

  11. Actually, Magnus seems to be a quite descent guy. He is the word champion and could be super arrogant. However, he is quite nice, appreciates the play of his opponents.

  12. 2:50 My spider-sence is telling me… I shouldn't have too many pieces hanging..


  13. It’s so funny. Every single time he hits the middle game he takes a swig of water. I’ve been trying his opening. It’s friggin’ great.

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