Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Episode 6 – 4th October, 2016

Icchapyaari Naagin – इच्छाप्यारी नागिन – Episode 6 – 4th October, 2016

Wow! The son is trying
to shoo the snake away and his mother is playing
with snakes! Ms. Mamta! You’re playing
snakes and ladders alone! What can I do?
No one plays with it. No one was using it.
So, I was playing with it. Why?
Doesn’t Appu play with it? No.
He doesn’t like all this. Which game does he like then? He likes wrestling. I see. Doesn’t he like something else?
Something which he wants to do. Which is his dream.. Yes!
He has a very big dream. To fly a helicopter. I see!
The one which flies in the sky? Yes.
Our neighbour is a pilot. Appu wants to follow suit
and fly a helicopter. By the way, what’s your
neighbour’s name? Ram Nivas. I’m asking his name,
not his house address. No, dear.
It’s not his address. It’s his name.
Gautam. ‘If I fulfil Appu’s dream
of flying a helicopter’ ‘then maybe, he’ll make
friends with me.’ “You’re mine and I’m yours.
“We belong to one another.” “You’re mine and I’m yours.
“We belong to one another.” “You’re mine and I’m yours.
“We belong to one another.” Can’t you watch your way? How could I’ve bumped into you
if I had watched my way? You bump into me repeatedly. But I also hold you every time. Stop bumping into me.
You won’t have to hold me then. But I like that.
– What! You like bumping into me?
– No! I like holding you. So that, you don’t get hurt. Thank you for saving me
from falling down. “O beloved!” “My beloved.” “O beloved!” “O beloved, my beloved.” Let me go to Mr.’
house quickly. What if he leaves
with his helicopter and I lose the chance
to befriend Appu? Hurry up! Greetings, Mr.!
– Greetings. Who are you? Ichha. – Whose.. I mean,
who are your parents? I don’t remember that.
– What do you mean? I mean, to heck with that! Here you go.
Laddus for you. L- Laddu! – I’ve come
from Ms. Kaushalya’s house. Mr. Babble won his first
wrestling match today. That’s why I’ve got
Laddus for you. I see.
That’s very good news. Mr., I have a request. You know, Appu..
I want you to take him along when you go to fly
the helicopter. And let him fly it for a while
after going up in the sky. What.. What are you saying?
Is this a joke? How can Appu fly a helicopter? Just the way he flies
other things. He flies a kite,
he makes a pigeon fly. He can even make a housefly fly. He will fly the helicopter too. Look, it’s not easy
to fly a helicopter. One needs to have practice
for that. That’s fine.
I’ll get it for Appu. What..
Practice.. I mean, he need to train. How do I make her understand? Look, the way they are
dancing on the song.. Not everyone can dance
in this manner. Tell me. Can you dance
like this? No, right? Please increase the volume. What is going on? I’m getting trained
to fly a helicopter. Is it? Is this how it is done? I will teach you a lesson now. Hey, wait here. You.. “O beloved..” Babble, leave my hand. She was flirting with
my husband. On top of that, she was
dancing in front of him. Ms. Kajal, she is a mad girl! She is here to get
herself treated. If she is mad, why don’t
you take her to your house? Why did she come here to dance? She is flirting with my husband. I am not that mad.
– Shut up! Ma’am, I apologise to you. Come with me.
Come. Did you go there
to fulfil Appu’s wish? I don’t know what Mr. Ram Nivas
and Ms. Kajal might be thinking. What do you think of yourself? What do you know about
flying a helicopter? Nothing. But I know Appu well. I consider myself
to be his friend. And I did everything I should
for my friendship. You are actually mad. What do you consider me,
by the way? “O beloved! My beloved.” “You are my beloved.” “O beloved! My beloved.” I have not decided yet.
– But I have. What? – That both of us
will fulfil Appu’s wish. Does this mean even you will
dance in front of Mr. Ram Nivas? Yes! Have you lost it? If not the real one we can at least get
a toy helicopter for Appu. Let’s go. Chief, I am worried as mongoose
is a creature which can identify
the shape-shifting serpents in any form.
It can be as dangerous for us as it is for ordinary snakes. Don’t cry.
Don’t worry, Sipli. I swear on you I won’t let
any harm come to Ichha. We are trying our best
to save her. Hail be to the Lord. Chief, we are not able
to contact Vaaku too. I wonder what is happening
in the human habitat. They will be able
to contact Vaaku only when he is conscious. Why are you staring at? I can’t see a thread
attached to it. How is it flying without that? This is not a kite! This is a helicopter
with a remote. It flies with the help
of a remote. “O beloved! My beloved.” “You are my beloved.” “O beloved! My beloved.” “You are my beloved.” Here. You try it. Come on. “O beloved! My beloved.” “O beloved! My beloved.” “My..”
– Ah! Mr. Babble!
Are you okay? Ichha, ever since
you have come here you have caused two accidents! Two? – Yes. One was with
the helicopter and the other.. The other? Give the remote to me.
You won’t be able to do it. Let me teach you. Come on, keep the helicopter
on the table. Go. Come fast. We need to move ahead
to catch the range. Okay.
– Press this button. Get up and walk. “You’re mine and I’m yours.” “We belong to one another.” “You’re mine and I’m yours.” “We belong to one another.” “You’re mine and I’m yours.” “We belong to one another.” “You’re mine and I’m yours.” “We belong to one another.” Let it be, Mr. Babble. I am not fond of these toys. We brought it for Appu.
We’ll give it to him. Though you have lost
your memories your brain is working well.
Good going. Ichha, you are going
to be dead now. Surely dead. You will flee from this house
after seeing this mongoose and never think about
coming back ever. Mamta.
– Yes, Grandma. I hope you have kept
all the veneration items in the car.
– Yes, Grandma. Where are the others?
– They will be here in no time. Hey, listen.
– Yes. Here, I’ve got some
clothes for you. You are always wearing
the same dress. Ichha. Aren’t you coming
to the temple with us? No, ma’am.
You all carry on. I will take time to get ready. Grandma. Are you all going somewhere? We are going to the temple. You too come along. N-No, Grandma. You all carry on.
I’ve a lot of school work to do. Listen, girl. Take care of Appu
and the house, okay? Okay, ma’am. Do not leave the gas on or else, the house will
be on fire. – Enough. We are coming! Come on, let’s go.
Hurry up. ‘Finally, Lord Nagomi
has answered my prayers.’ ‘I’ll take advantage
of this opportunity’ ‘and win Appu’s heart.’ ‘Finally, my prayers
have been answered.’ ‘Now I’ll make use
of this opportunity’ ‘and get rid of this serpent
quickly.’ Ichha. I have kept a gift for you
in your room. – Gift? Yes, of course.
Go and check it. Okay.
Even I have got a gift for you. You too go and check it. Do tell me how did you like it. Okay. ‘But you won’t be in this house’ ‘to tell me
how you liked my gift!’ Where is the gift? A cage! Wow!
New helicopter! Yes! Shoo.. Ichha! Ichha, help me!
Help me! Ichha.. Ichha, help me! Appu! Help me, Ichha!
Help me! Help me, Ichha! Help! – Appu!
– Help! Ichha! Appu! – Help me!
– Hold on to it tight! Ichha, help me.
My hands are slipping. Appu! Appu.. Appu, are you all right?
Appu! Are you all right? Ichha! Ichha.. Ichha! No! Idiot! Why are you crying?
It’s me who is hurt. I feel there’s a confusion between you and me. Ichha, it’s called connection.
Not confusion. Is it?

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