IbraTV VS Ludovik

IbraTV VS Ludovik

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Weight: 100KG
Specialty: MMA – FREESTYLE WRESTLING Height: 1M84
– Yep! This is the police Pull over and step out of the car Step out of the car, this is the police Can’t you see it’s the police? Can’t you read? Yeah don’t worry – You’re rolling, right?
– Yep! This is the police The police Let’s go Police, car check Step out of the car, nice and quiet Right… Good morning gentlemen Well I… ROUND 2
BULLYING BULLIES Come on girls, time to take your phones out Hurry up. Hurry up and take your phones out Hurry up, phones out What are you staring at? That’s the YouTube guy Fuck, I’m busted You’ll send us the picture, right? – Here you go
– Keep it, you’ll send it later Right, I keep the phones – Take my hash and have a smoke
– And take my iPad to watch Netflix Ibra! Ibra! Hi girls Wallets and phones please Just stand there We’ll be back at 10 pm for the proceeds And get waxed tomorrow There, Kleenex to wipe your bum, cute ass What? ROUND 3
STEALING A GUY’S GIRLFRIEND Hi Miss, is this your boyfriend? Yes But, er, it’s complicated at the moment You’ve opened my eyes, Ibra I think we’re friends more than lovers You’re right Naomi, let’s remain friends Oh my Miss! While you’re at it Ibra, take my iPad, it’ll be useful Ciao! Hi Is that your boyfriend? No, I don’t know him That’s my boyfriend there Hi, I’m Franck Ropers – Get up!
– Sure -Quick!
– Yes I have a technique for those who want to steal my girlfriend and my purse This is my technique I didn’t want to steal your purse, Franck I can get angry but… oh sorry! Sorry, I was joking Sorry, I was joking. I was joking, Franck You want to steal my purse? I don’t want to steal your purse, Franck I give in, I’m your doggy ROUND 4
– Yes Okay we’ll play the final for 3 points, alright? – Yes
– 3 points See the security gate there with the customs officer? The goal is to get through the security gate with a gun – At the airport?
– Yes, at the airport with a gun – Watch me
– Go ahead Thank you very much, good-bye – Good morning
– Good morning Anything to declare? I just have this But don’t worry, it’s a fake It’s a fake so don’t worry, really Okay, perfect We have to screen everybody, you know With all those foreigners carrying guns at airports I can imagine Enjoy your flight Thank you – Good morning
– Good morning Anything to declare? I have my litle brother’s toy because… Don’t move! Code Red! Code Red! The guy is dangerous! Handcuff him! CAVITY SEARCH room Calm down, calm down Please, it’s a hidden camera Beg again Final score : 3-3
Who’s next? You decide! Blue thumbs anyway No, not blue thumbs, brown thumbs! See you soon!

100 thoughts on “IbraTV VS Ludovik

  1. Dommage c'est que de la comedie
    Mais bonne vidéo
    Tu devrais faire un cache cache géant genre avec mcfly et carlito ou pierre Croce ou même avec ibra genre en restant enfermé…
    Sa serai le feu si vous osez tout

  2. Le douanier il fait grave le malin avec son pote devant Ibra TV alors qu'on l'a tous vu courrir devant Greg Guillotin déguisé en petite fille tout seul. L'union fait la force.

  3. Nous n'avions pas vu une oeuvre audiovisuelle d'une telle qualité depuis le film Armageddon en 1998
    ★★★★★ – Michael Bay

  4. Mdr se retrouver en face d’Alex Levand avec un taser dans les mains, y a mieux comme situation 😂😂! Bien joué mon saiyanjin😂

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