Hey guys scar here and I have something really special to share with you so riot announcer game newest game team pride tactics and I Last week got invited alongside ea lot of other play testers to privately test the game I want to share with you what I thought about the game what the game actually is as well as what I think the future of the game could look like as well as any Positives or really? Big downsides I saw in the game itself Now let’s talk about the game actually is first of all EFT is the is the first game to put the s in riot games? Yes, I know they made the board games doesn’t fucking calories genre is other chests. Actually the genre doesn’t exist Yeah No one knows what they call it this riot games an official announcement that it’s called this and this is their explanation for the game Agree or disagree? I don’t know what it’s called I’m just a call as this it is $1.00 to custom that it came out late last year I think in November December the genre is summarized as My summary is you pick units from a shared pool you find three units of the same kind to make a stronger versions of them you build an army of up to ten units of Different classes and races and then you build the army to beat everyone else army. It’s a player game Kind of Canada Hill style. So this video will have a lot of comparisons between dota I love chest and you buy tactics I’m gonna use DAC and PFT. Just shorten it so I don’t have to say those words every entire video the most important thing very first thing you should know is there are fifty Champions or units on release the full list is not disclosed But it’s very very similar to do a lot of chests until the auto chest. There’s about 50 units in this game There’s about 50 units as well for memory. There’s units like Lucian Bray’s for your vein tryst cap Let’s absolutely I’m realist by the way that made up earlier soul wrecks. I’d need nor re various. I don’t remember the rest I’m very sorry in my memories. Not that good, but you get you get the gist of it There’s a lot of champions that was service units in the game Stuff that’s very very close and dear to League of Legends players If you guys would like to see more content like this, please like comment subscribe as usual So in dota Auto Chester is broken out into races and classes There are 13 races 10 classes in DotA Auto chest and you know what there’s 13 races than 10 classes in TFP hell, yeah. It’s exactly the same except for a steppe races. We call them origins because that’s how we have to spin it So their origins not racist and ten different classes. So these are the classes from the other other chests and the races And these Are the origins and classes from TFT so I know none of this is disclosed So I had to ask him specifically if I could talk about it. They said yes all this is done through memory I didn’t get a list except for it. But the exact origins and champion classes were I got the list from them? Okay, let’s break it down one by one. So let’s go through origins. Demons should be pretty straightforward there’s special abilities the mana burn Dragons stuff like Shyvana Are they get magic immunity when you get the pair of them Exile? It’s really just yah, so you get like a separate shield buff if he’s alone by himself in a corner It’s actually really funny glacial stuff like sejuani has a chance to stun her auto attack robot It’s only Blitzcrank in the game. So far actually completely forgot what he does But uh Bliss is also a nice gene that hooks people, but he’s also in the game great Imperial I forgot I forgot what they do, but they’re an origin noble. No, it was kind of interesting. So There are the equivalent of the Goblin buff in those Auto chests and there’s six of them So everything everyone from kale all the way over to? fiora and Garen and To be honest, you could probably guess the rest like so There’s six Nobles really cool ninja They have a really fun bonus where they get bonus damage if there’s one or if there’s all four of them Shen is in the game. He’s a ninja is really nice pirate extra go around. This was really cool It’s an orangey amount of extra gold per round at the very end If you have the pirate passive on this stuff Like gangplank is in the game stuff. Like Pike is in the game phantom curses random enemy units to start with one health It’s like it’s not one. It’s like a hundred. This is kind of cool. I think kindred is a phantom as well Wild attack speed buffs. It’s like yoga chest roll buff. There’s a couple wild units. I think Nara is part of them as Part of this class void armor pen. This is really really weird cuz like Rex eyes in this but also there’s mages like Passes it. So it whatever happens. They have an armor pen debuff for your team Yours is just dodged it’s the same thing as elf buffed and DAC let’s go through classes assassins the same exact thing as DAC you get extra Christians assassins exist, like pike like Katarina and yeah, so just Assassins there’s there’s six of them or I think there’s six or seven of them and you get a buff if you have six Plain master you yeah a chance for an extra auto attack and the extra one is an extra two auto attacks So these are kind of interesting. I think Shen’s a blade master. I think drayman’s a blade master He’s kind of a powerful unit as well Brawler extra health kind of reminds me of the orc buff and DAC Yeah extra help for two units and I think Rex is considered a brawler in this game Elementalist summons an elemental tank. This was actually bugged when we played tested. So it did not work, but it is in the game brand is an elemental as’ and That’s all I could remember it Guardian armor for nearby units Leona and barometer two Guardians in the game They’re like us they’re just like a nice tank a little set you can get for any kind of combination of units for your army Really really cool really nice little buff and positioning the pendant nice Gunslinger completely forgot what they do their range class And part of the one of the gunslingers is Graves who’s a melee champion in this game, which is actually hilarious to me Additionally, there’s also Knights they block basic auto-attack damage stuff like Garen stuff like Maura Kaiser and Knights Rangers they attack really fast Lucian Tristana vein all Rangers in the game Shapeshifters they shape-shift pretty obvious here. Shabanah is one of them that we talked that talking about before in the Dragons We have a stuff. I’m Italy and Elise in the game I shapeshifters as well and Sorcerers are your classic mages stuff like a really in Soul stuff like Ahri, and we’re gonna Lulu or all sorcerers in the game That goes over pretty much all the classes and all the origins in the game It may seem overwhelming at first but I think that After one game we just kind of we got a list of like all the words in classes and immediately the play test group kind of jumped straight in games, two three, four five The most important thing is not how much there is its how quickly could you pick it up? did you enjoy playing the game and I can say like Everyone pretty much enjoyed it a lot and just kept wanting to play and we learned very very quickly how to do this Of course, we’re very experienced players in the play test group might work out differently for other people Let’s keep going to more interesting things the item system the item system Oh man, this is gonna trigger people some people it was made by certainly T. This guy is Famous for making some of the best and craziest champions and worst champions in League of Legends This guys came over to now work the item system for this game And I want to say the item system is really really unique and it’s very very powerful So the I this system involves combining two items into one, uh two items that when you dropped two items together on one unit They combines into one Bigger upgraded item so pretty simple when you talk about like that so for instance to bf sorts of build into an ie that allows you to crit more to teeters will build the archangels which will Allow to get your ultimate faster very simplistic system in its court However, the items of this game are significantly more powerful than to Ohio chest, especially The last item on the list So there are eight base items in the game bf sword recurve bow needlessly large rod tear of the goddess Giants belt chain best Megatron cloak magic dust the dust allows you to do broken things and break the game It’s also very rare very very rare So for instance, here’s what you can do with dust you’ll allow the champion wearing the item to become another class for instance Let’s say you have a blade master. You equipped it with a dust combine item and they become a sorcerer as well You can see how that’s pretty broken But you can also see how that adds more definate in the game and the ultimate item the game is called force of nature League of Legends players will know what that when the item was very very old item It requires to dust the combine to force nature, which allows you to ignore the unit caps ultra powerful Thing but also remember very very very very rare item combination The golden interest system is identical And in t FPS is in DSC as well as a shop upgrading units and having five quality tiers of units If you know anything about the game, this sounds great It should be great for you because the transition should be pretty straightforward the leveling and the wind streaking in law streaking is similar But with a little bit of tweaks leveling in this game is you spend for gold to get 4x B instead for gold yet 5 As well as wind streaking and wash drinking happen immediately usually when you win streak you wait one game and then you start win streaking but in this game you win and then your second win is considered the win streak start and your second loss is considered a win streak start good start as well Riot visions this game as someone as of a party game Somebody like Mario Party and their big spin of the genre actually is this next thing? So no the other chest there is eight different positions and the middle foot middle island There are eight different islands in the middle island. There’s nothing in TFT The middle island is is called I’m gonna call it the carousel I think that’s what they call it – it’s a neat brand-new mechanic family called the carousel mechanic at the beginning of the game and Every five rounds are so after I think it’s five or six or four or six You’ll teleport to the middle of the map where a carousel of eight champions which with eight items will already be there spinning slowly I think it’s a clockwise direction like this Outside the first round and this is where it gets really really fun All eight players are frozen and will unlock based on a life total with the last place unlocking first so this is your comeback mechanic the last place every five rounds we get to choose or sorry use their little legend to run and try to snag whatever champion and or items they can get before everyone else and The people who are places higher will be frozen longer so I think it may tell us the exact time but it felt to me about 0.5 seconds of Each person gets frozen for a little bit more. So for instance, and this is an example the last place will get unlocked first and Half a second later in seventh place in the sixth place will be unlocked a whole second later and so on and so forth The last place person gets unlocked like four full seconds later or the first place person. Sorry He’s the last person to pick and this where all the action happens You have to prioritize what champions you want or what items you want for both. You should have a list, okay? Well, I’m playing sorcerers I really want this re but dang, you know, I can’t believe this guy took re and that guy took Morgana There’s no sorcerers left, but I kind of want this Negatron cloak for an item So I’ll take this Oh, even though there’s nothing else that I can orders there’s like nothing else that I originally wanted left and you have to make those kind of sacrifices and it gets really Fun when you play with people because there’s a lot of yelling And people get pissed but it’s like it’s a it’s all in good fun. And I think that’s great I really like this mechanic in the game. It’s one of the best that dealt with in it forces more interaction between The players so it doesn’t feel like you’re just playing like a one-on-one type of game This should be a team oriented thing where you’re playing against each other and should have Interaction and I think this is a great way to have interaction in these types of games I talked to you about what team by tactics is, however what I think it’s fairly important is my opinion on the matter as well as For someone who played tested it which by the way, I never really talked about whoever it has to quit the experience I won’t talk too much about but the play catches I played with we’re seven pretty popular Personality streamers about the creators, so they’re all from the Parsons team Let me put that out there right now and you probably know all of them I play with crib I play with Trump I play with a Moz I’ve come with hot food dog Lothar I play with seviche all those players were in the same play test as me and we were considered in North American play test There were two other play test groups the EU play test group and the Korean play test group to play tested it at the same time in three separate rooms Back to back to back so my plaintiffs group is was fairly skilled at these types of games and gave in my opinion a Pretty fair challenge in between everyone as well as really really good feedback so some of the things that we talked about in the game were That the game itself Well, first of all I should say that the game itself is gonna be changing wildly here and there so I talked to the developers of the game to Change this on a daily basis They made the iteration of our game with their 30 member crew Which is their entire crew working on the prod? There’s 30 people They made our iteration the game I think in six weeks And they changed the build within the hour that we played it They found a huge game breaking bugs fixed that and shifted it it out in the next bill that we play tested the next hour So they’re doing a lot to change how the game looks we play the bill. That wasn’t very That wasn’t super polished some stuff didn’t work assassins didn’t jump correctly shapeshifters didn’t move correctly after Shape-shifting as well as the fact that there were that we’re missing like UI as well as visual and audio stuff But that we played and tested the core gameplay which generally felt really saw up. Everyone just went spam games so with that being said What else is on the radar? What should I look for if I acknowledge that the game itself is good And you guys trust my opinion which of course you you guys you guys know, I speak that good stuff, right? So what’s the future for team by tactics look like so in my opinion? PFT is in a great position to popularize the genre And so what I mean by this is this genre came out last year end of last year It’s really not that popular in the West like a lot of times. I see people play it in China and I can’t even find a lobby For my skill level on the west coast or the east coast in North America I had to play on the Japan servers most of the time so I kind of see it as a potential For tonight situation where for tonight Maybe that regardless of it was the best iteration of the Battle Royale genre what it did was it popularized and made it mainstream? so for other people to play and the reason why riot can do this is because it’s built into the client and so they already people who are already playing a Superstar game are gonna have immediate access to play another game They’re happy to do anything and that’s huge for being able to just like get the John Orr movie and get people Get get people’s eyeballs on it And so I’m really really comfortable in saying that I think this genre is here to stay And I know people were asking what’s the next thing after Battle Royale? It might be this I don’t know but I do think this type of game is gonna stick around for a while um Next thing that makes me really prom like I feel pretty good about is the fact that I talk to the devs quite a bit there Yeah, but what I was – a skeleton crew for this kind of type of stuff They don’t have that much red tape to push through which is something died I’ve heard about for riots other projects and something that’s a really big deal for some of them and I really like the people working on it. Like I know stab magic. I know a Bunch of the people back there and I actually stayed an extra three or four hours after dinner I think it’s two to three hours after dinner. Just talking to them from everything about like, okay So what your what your communication plan like what your release schedule look like? Like are you guys with a half ring, by the way? They’re having ring they’ll be out very soon. What’s the game launches? So obviously as a person who’s really competitive, I’m pretty excited But not everything is good, so I want to make very clear the bolts that we found when we played this game so, right You know kind of pulled us aside, which is like okay, this is a game that we want to be or no We want it to be a party oriented game and we want this game to be you feel fun And I feel relatively shorter as well. However, when we played the game, we we only found that the damage done are You would die quicker But the game’s itself at the highest level of play at the very last main players were not any quicker and don’t allow that chest Additionally because the board space is actually smaller than those on our chest by quite a bit This is probably the biggest complaint amongst all play testers by the time you got to 8 9 10 units on the board you really didn’t have any nuance like the thing that makes me interested in the game is how Much death does the game have? But there wasn’t a new wants in positioning because there wasn’t enough enough places the position or place your units Because it was a much smaller board and although our chests Um, this might not be something that casual players care about but something for that was big for our play group which is obviously very seasoned or Understands a genre if not are just like very very good at the genre themselves Was that the board size was not very good now for my well I understand I thought to him and there may be doing something about that But was a very very big issue in plate However, I’m really happy to see this happen and I’m really really happy to see the characters I play in league legends come to life in a game mode than genre I really enjoy like I play a lot about chess. It is know. You can watch my stream anytime in last year. I’ve Placed third second at first to the last three I’ll adjust to travels tournaments Thank you my teammates for carrying my ass by the way So I’m very happy to see this type of genre moved to League of Legends. Yeah after talking to their balanced team I have a lot of faith is there gonna be able to view stuff well and worst-case scenario if they do stuff poorly Riot would never have a shitty game attached either their IP a hundred percent. They’ll pass just shit instantly That’s my complete faith in their balanced team and riot as a whole Maybe it’s far-fetched, but we’ll see Anyways, thank you guys so much for watching If you guys would like to see more content like this, please like comment subscribe as usual. Love you guys – see you guys later


  1. reminder that everything is subject to change and since we weren't allowed to show any actual footage, everything shown in the video is just made up visuals from descriptions to help picture what it might look like! Make sure to comment your thoughts on the game, the dev team will surely be reading it!
    you can find the official announcment here: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/teamfight-tactics

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