1. reminder that everything is subject to change and since we weren't allowed to show any actual footage, everything shown in the video is just made up visuals from descriptions to help picture what it might look like! Make sure to comment your thoughts on the game, the dev team will surely be reading it!
    you can find the official announcment here: https://oce.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/gameplay/teamfight-tactics

  2. Riot missed an opportunity to use there Lore in this game. Along with Origins and Classes they should of also done Factions: Freljord, Demacia, Noxus etc. So i hope Riot adds Factions It allows for more combinations meaning less repetitive teams used.

  3. There must be a class as "GAYS" ( varus, ezreal, taric and umm meybe kayn ?) When you have 2 gays buff : when gays side by side they gain extra stats
    4 gay buff : all male allies gains huge extra stats ^^

  4. The best thing about it are the promised constant hot fixes, with those the game will be able to get faster to a great game which makes me even more excited about it

  5. Scarra type of good classmate that gives you all the answers after an exam you missed, and doesn't remember ~7 questions out of 40

  6. Wait, it's a new game or a game mode? Cause in the client it's says "game mode". And it says that it will come on PBE
    And Ori ins't a tobot in the game?

  7. what a disgusting company. why don't they just leave it to the developer can make his own money. What a greedy company.

  8. So they are making League auto chess. They even use same champions and items. Fuck that. And fuck Certainly T or whatever his name is.

  9. Feels like rng with items can be some bullshit… if you got no dust and faced someone w force of nature alone you’re fucked

  10. i mean dota 2 auto chess is only a mod now but it will come out as stand alone game soon since it has like 9 mil subs on dota 2

  11. Should tweak ur microphone settings, have to turn up the volume rly high to hear u properly and then when an ad comes in well…. RIP my ears cuz earphones…
    Other than that thank you so much for covering this new game 😊

  12. i love how nexus blitz had test runs and did get good feedback.this na mate no testing just straight in to the game.fuck you riot.also remember clash? ye still not working properly but this is more important nice

  13. Please please please please pleeeease let this be cross platform with mobile. No I dont care about mobile gaming but I hate being stuck at work or somewhere (AKA toilet) and wanting to play league but cant so being able to play this on my phone would be awesome. Riot pleeeeeeease!!!

  14. i dont like this middle frozen stuff for item getting,i dont have the best computer so if i get laggy i may get nothing.and i prefer the dota itemgetting where u pick from 3 and u buy the champions and get them and reroll by luck

  15. TFT is hot, liquefied garbage and is an absolute joke. Why are they wasting any amount of developer time making this essentially dead on arrival mobile game that nobody is going to care about or play. Well I guess some hard-stuck iron 4's are gonna play this as they contemplate their new Ludens rush Garen builds.

  16. A new Lets play series is up, with failures from me ! TFT League! ur support will help grow !:) ( and learn !)

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