I LOST $10,000 twice

I LOST $10,000 twice

What’s the most amount of money you have ever lost I tried looking it up online But I feel like everyone was making it up right like I lost $20,000 in Vegas and 6-minutes A Nigerian prince tried to give me 20 million And I deleted the email, very funny guys. Well. I’ve actually lost about $10,000 two times Not to brag or anything, but I’ve lost so much money I could have bought a car with it Just saying it gives me a heart attack. Oh my god That’s so much money. I freak out when I lose even something like ten dollars, because when I lose stuff I get irrational About where it could be just start accusing everyone. I know and love ah my son ‘I love you so much’ cut the chitchat mommy last night I left $10 on my nightstand, and I woke up this morning, and it’s gone Did you take my money, ‘Son I haven’t been to California in six months.’ I know I know I know did you take my money? ‘Well you see -‘ Did you take my money! Oh wait it’s in my pocket I’m sorry that is always my first reaction when I lose stuff to blame other people and it’s almost always in my pocket or on A table and I always feel so bad after I feel like such a weirdo for doing stuff like that but I can’t be the only one that does that am I so with the $10,000 these were two situations where I found out that by the time I left the room. I was in I could probably have $10,000. Alright. The first story was it’s Swoozie’s house. If you’ve somehow never heard of Swoozie He’s one of the original kings of YouTube animation some of my favorite videos of his are of dates He’s been on he calls me and invites me over to his house so naturally There’s a tiny part of me That’s like I wonder if Swoozie would think I was pretty if I was a girl He said, no you guys he said no you guys he calls me up and he’s like hey, bro I’m having a Mario Kart party if you want to come over It’s gonna be lit and by the way Swoozie is a really nice generous guy So I was excited to hang out with it him I show up, and I’m just like laying on the table and on the couch I don’t like come on Swoozie you must at least think I’m handsome Didn’t happen, but there was lots of cool people at the party. iJustine, Alex Wasabi, LaurDIY Just all sorts of awesome youtubers never been to Swoozie’s place It was on the top floor of this high-rise in downtown LA with these gorgeous views which means it’s really hard to park your car It’s all overpriced meters and expensive Lots, so I guess it was fancy But Swoozie if you want to impress me he need a one-bedroom ranch with a driveway so Swoozie opens the door He’s got a couple cameras in her face, and he says welcome to Fight Club. Whaaat? So then when everyone gets there he stands up in front and he’s like hey We’re gonna play Mario Kart you all been talking smack about being so good at this game. Whoever wins tonight is leaving here with $10,000 and everyone’s freaking out. I’m more level-headed than that so I was immediately like well. I’m probably not gonna win. If I lose are you gonna validate my parking? But anyways this was a total surprise everyone at the party thought we were coming over just to hang out, and then he throws $10,000 on the coffee table like it’s nothing he’s okay I Wipe my butt with this sometimes Do you guys want any? And reminder Swoozie called this a Fight Club so the first rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club my mouth is sealed. I’m not telling you anything more about this club Okay fine go to Swoozie’s Channel. He made a whole video about it, but what about the money based on Swoozie’s logic I don’t need the money. That’s right. I can wipe my butt with toilet paper, so don’t need it the second time I lost $10,000 was on the night of my 21st birthday. I made another video about this whole thing at Chuck E Cheese and the thing I didn’t tell you about that night is my buddy Pat had just moved to Los Angeles He had got to town that morning driving in from Massachusetts, and the whole day. He was like oh, we’re going out tonight This is gonna be lit we’re gonna go to some clubs We’re gonna meet some girls, and it was just him staring at us in the ball pit at Chucky Cheese yeah He loved it. In a 100% hate it kinda way, and so I didn’t want the whole night to be a bust for him So we ended up going to a club after Chuck E Cheese closed so we get into the club, and I’m going to assume that this was the richest man I’ll ever see in my life. He had on a furry coat he had a pimp cane Gucci sunglasses Like if swoozie wipes his nose with hundred-dollar bills this dude farts Diamonds And he’s just chucking money out onto the dance floor like fives and tens and 20s everybody’s like yes This is the LA I’ve been waiting for so we all run over to the money cloud And we’re just grabbing four bills left and right doing whatever we can to get this sugar daddy to look our way You know and I am yelling out all these things to get his attention and I was like This is the closest I will ever be to it being appropriate for me to yell holla at ya boy. I said holla Now since Pat had first moved to LA he was just thinking man Los Angeles must be like this every day no wonder so many people live here You just grab enough money to buy another drink and then get the drink drink the drink Then get some more money and go back over and over again. He was like oh this happens every day I’ll just get more tomorrow me on the other hand I was like dude This is a once in a lifetime But I remember being really self-conscious about my friends being like why is he going so hard for this money So I stopped around $500 which paid for my rent that month And I was pretty impressed with myself until we were leaving and there was this dude walking out the club he went in with skinny jeans I remember seeing him But he had stuffed his pants so full of money it looked like he had on snow pants I was like you know dude dude how much did you get at least nine, bro? That’s nine thousand by the way I Had to ruin my $500 didn’t you all in all both times? I almost got $10,000 were wicked fun and even though I didn’t get the money. I still had a great time I’m surprised these things happen to me at all because I’m more of a stay-at-home kind of dude like I love cartoons like dofus I’ve talked about it before it’s a cartoon of one of my favorite sponsors of the channel VRV. Co slash Alex And I was just hunting around for something new to watch and they just released the dopest movie: Book One Julith. What what a whole? Movie what I’m gonna watch it this weekend if you’d like to watch it, too Definitely click that link to get a 30-day free trial of their premium service and that includes ad free and offline view with content from crunchyroll, Roosterteeth, cartoon hangover, and a huge reason we’re able to do weekly content is because of folks just like you hitting a vr Vc o slash power, and if you ever get invited to a party at my house. I can’t guarantee at $10,000 but I will get you something even Better Free pocket and toilet paper I am so pumped that you guys have been loving the new cartoons over on the second channel if you haven’t heard about it go Check it out subscribe if you want to Alex Clark Live and the rich dude in the club was actually designed conscious throughout an Instagram And I can’t believe how many submissions we got it was insane. I couldn’t even fit them all into the end card here Everyone that submitted did a great job Congrats to dark magic on winning. I’m its Alex Clark, and I will see you somewhere. Okay, bye

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  1. As soon as he said that Lauren and Alex were at that party I had flashbacks from that video and when they were together.

  2. Fight club is the movie and that’s true iPhone role is don’t talk about fight club 2nd rule don’t tell anyone about fight club

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