“I get my revenge!” | Magnus Carlsen vs. Laurent Fressinet

We have the famous Zlatan. I lost to him with his Banter Blitz, let’s see if he can
make it three in a row and let’s see if he’s
prepared in this system. Maybe he doesn’t want
to show, show our prep. Don’t think this is the most
critical but could be wrong. Yeah there’s some knight g5 here?
Forcing e6 I think. If d5 then… maybe
that’s somewhere else. Doesn’t look disastrous though.
ed, cd. d5 on knight d5. And here looks… Not so subtle intention of playing b5.
An a6 I guess. Knight d2 but now he’s allowing b4.
Don’t know if I should play b4. The point is that c4 is hanging. Okay time to bring that
knight back into the game. That was solid position, I like it. Ah I should go exchange those bishops.
I wasn’t sure though. Oh yes d5, that was
massively unnecessary. I’m so bad at chess right now.
Unbelievable. Yeah this is really quite disgusting. But my position is nice but now
I’m just fighting to stay afloat. Eeugh. Try this one. Yeah my idea was that here I
thought I could kind of hold… rook d6, I have bishop e6, followed
by king f6. And here is the king f6. Looks like the worst is over. And obviously once… why didn’t I go to… to e7… immediately? So many questionable decisions. Trying to force the bishop away from… he doesn’t oblige. I was going to say
trying to force the bishop away from f7. King here. I think I’m taking over. Unless he’s got some really
quick counter play with… takes king h4 and bishop g8.
Maybe he does. He’s just in time. Rook d1, I’m probably
going to go king c7. Not to allow his king, oh sorry
his rook… to get activity. e5 should improve my position a bit. What should I do? How to improve? Okay now f… sorry. Time to wake this bishop. Okay let me try king d6. Rook d2, I go rook d3. Rook b6. Yeah this is very, very bad. Might as well just
take on d5, I believe. Pawn ending is loss so even
though he won’t get the position. He can’t get back to… in
time to stop my f pawn. Yeah it’s game over. King
b5, e4 whatever happens. I get my revenge. Not a great
game but yes so happy. Okay that’s it people. I’ll be back
at the board pretty soon in Croatia, trying to play some better chess than
I did today but for now that’s all. See you next time.

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