100 thoughts on “I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft – Part 6

  1. i got a secret chest near my house in minecraft im better than my bro i got so much loot like crystals and emeralds

  2. Place a door to create air pocket. Enchant a helmet to breathe underwater for several minutes. Or create conduit with Heart of the Sea. Heart of Sea in treasure sometimes..Conduit creates large space of water that is breathable. Btw, you can enchant armor with lava protection…lol

  3. Pewdiepie! I saw people qhem im playing roblox and i its said be pewdiepie or dantdm and they pick dantdm not you 🙁

  4. Sand zombie- Husk, if they attack you you get the Hunger Effect
    Water zombie- Drowned, they have tridents and sometimes they will throw them, they could drop gold Nauctilus Shell, Tridents Rotten Flesh
    Spiders- They won’t attack you in sunlight or torch light. They will in the caves and night time.
    Magma Blocks- they pull you down in water, you can crouch on them and you could safely walk
    Dolphins- Feed them raw cod and they will lead you to treasure, if attacked they will attack.

  5. Can we just appreciate that he spent a little less then an hour digging for treasure because three minecraft days are equal to an hour

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