HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

This city kinda empty Why hes running? What the hell is that?! Is that a werewolf!? Is it real?? What? Thank you sir, thank you, thank you Stop!! I thought you are a hero Are you monster? He survive Interesting Hes strong My turn! Very good Alright Heh heh heh He broke my arm Not again!! Hes falling back Oh no Hes gonna fall on the city Just like before Errggh Hes a live Youngman You are strong, you can kill me.. You have to Hes back I can’t hold him much longer Please.. do it now.. You are not a monster Lets fight again someday Green man

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  1. Edit, March 2019 : Wow, so many people don't know Hulk have this kind of power. I guess not every one read comic Hulk.
    I'm currently working on Guile Vs Bucky (winter sondier), visits my community tab to see some bits.

    Done all this by my self guys. Support me by hitting that SUBSCRIBE button will ya!! or i'm gonna……

    cry….. maybe……..

  2. ハルクがそんなに強い迫力のある映像を映画で見た事ないよ



  3. Что за тупизна, Халк бы не смог уследить за скоростью Сайтамы это во 1, во 2 тут показана сила меньше чем на самом деле есть у Сайтамы, он же может ударом уничтожить планету, тогда почему же он ели уничтожает горы, да и у Халка не хватило бы сил повредить Сайтаму…

  4. This is so inaccurate. Saitama could easily kill hulk. Plus Saitama doesn't have an accent. It's either Japanese or English.

  5. One punch man would win, I mean he straight up, KILLED a god who could warp through di ensions and eat them!!!
    If we are going by standards of shows, Hulk didn't heal like did here. And Saitama must have been seriously weakened for this fight.

  6. Lmao, I really see people in the comments who think saitama should have won without problem 🤦🏾‍♂️ any idea how dumb y’all sound? It’s painfully obvious how little y’all know about the Hulk if you think saitama measures up to him in any capacity when he’s angry enough. World breaker Hulk and World War Hulk would wax saitama like a new car, then spit on Genos and Boros and end them as well. lol, imma tell you right now, no one in the OPM verse is anywhere near the level of the enemies the Hulk has faced. Saitama was so out classed here that Banner coming out in the end like he did is the only reason he wasn’t killed in the most brutal way possible.

  7. Okay I apologize but hulk would have one easily at some point he gets angry enough to because World breaker hulk and the angrier hulk gets the more power he generates he has no actual cap on power at some point he’d have enough power to disintegrate saitama with one punch not only that but his thunder clap had the force of what appeared to be a nuke again my opinion hulk would have won

  8. To make it even more interesting: Saitama beats HULK to the moon, where he literally bounces off of it and lands on the ground again only to get a blow from Saitama twice but this time, which is so violent that HULK flies to Mars where he rebounds again and so on. And so instead of uploading a cool animated film you could secretly spread knowledge about our solar system.

  9. Loved how you stayed true to Hulk’s character as a force of nature and not have him nerfed so bad like in the mcu.

  10. First: Hulk doesn't have that strength. Saitama was able to bear u. attack with the power to destroy the galaxy with a blow and you will not be injured or gloves

  11. According to one, Saitama has never taken a serious blow because if the universe will hit it, it will be destroyed, it is impossible that Hulk managed to bleed Saitama, however I liked the animation <3

  12. The crater that Saitama's consecutive blows in the 11:56 minute is the crater that makes with the pure wind of a blow with 5% of its strength

  13. for the sake of the story i understand why you made it a close battle but in the end saitama wouldn't even have to dodge hulk's attacks

  14. your animation is very nice bro but it's kind of unjust when you see saitama bleeding , even in the series we havn't saw that ,how could you compare between superman and hulk

  15. This is just ridiculous Saitama is stronger than Hulk. If you want proof try to read so comics of hulk and comparte with Saitama web comic. Perhaps Saitama has show how easily is for him to broke a meteorite with one punch, hulk for the other side is not so fast and, well is fact that hulk isn't that fast, so this is just bullshit.

  16. This fight is unrealistic because saitama was blown onto thw moon without any pain or blood, but from a punch where he crashed into a mountain he bleeds??!!

  17. Fuck you hulk…. Did you think you are stronger than saitama… Go hell lahh… One punch man is number 1…. Saitama never lose

  18. RIP SAITAMA, Hulk is the being with the most extraordinary brutal power of all comics, totally justified with a great history of suffering and not a simple fan service.

  19. Wow. Even if this was fanmade, this was Saitama's best fight, this is something he wanted a great fight. Someone to match his skills. I didn't know hulk had all that kind of power in him, regeneration, the glowing effects, etc. There must be things I missed about him because I've never seen him do those things.

  20. first of all, hulk need to survive before he can add more rage to his power. obviously the creater gave him cheat. unless you telling me that hulk already strong enough to tank saitama's punch before his op rage powerup,, theres no way hulk is still in one piece after taking direct punch from saitama

  21. I think I know where you got the inspiration for that exact move hulk does at 13:55 to stop himself from going into space. I recognize it from the hulk vs superman part 4 vid.

  22. Engraçado né? Uma explosão gigante,pedras pontudas por todas parte,mais explosões, a camisa rasga mas as calças dos 2 fica de boa,só ficou sujinho

  23. That is a very good fight between those characters. An AWESOME fight.

    How about the fight ? Monkey D. Luffy VS. Natsu Dragneel ?

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