How to Use the Background Eraser Tool Photoshop Tutorial

How to Use the Background Eraser Tool Photoshop Tutorial

Hello there. You’re watching Dansky the place to be to develop your creative skills and grow as a designer [in] this tutorial We’re going to be taking a look at the background eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop So I’ve got a photo here of a woman Now the background eraser tool is particularly useful when you’re trying to cut out hair So what we’re going to do is take this photograph here And we’re going to effectively remove the gray background and then we’re going to be able to lay in a background color of our choice, so [effectively], the woman will be on a transparent background, so To start with we have our layer here our background layer that is locked. We can double click this and we’ll call this woman and then in the layers Palette create a new layer and Just drag this underneath Now if you select the fill tool on the left and just select a nice bright color It doesn’t matter which color it is as long as it’s nice and bright because when we remove this background The Bright color will show through and it makes it much [easier] to see which bits. We’ve cut out successfully So let’s fill this layer one with our bright color And we’ll call this awesome Bright color if I could spell There we go so now let’s select our woman layer above and Just left-click and hold on the eraser tool and select background eraser tool Now you can adjust the size of the brush by using the square brackets That’s the left and right square brackets so the left square bracket reduces the size and the right square bracket increases the size So that’s very handy for working on something quickly just to be able to change the size of your brush And you’ve got a few different settings here. We want to select the Middle one [so] the sampling is once so because our background is all pretty much one color or Very close to one color when we sample this color we want to only remove this color So we don’t want to remove any of the skin tones the purple from the dress or anything else? We just want to sample this gray background and remove that one color you [can] select some other options like continuous sampling that will continuously sample from wherever you select? But that will cut into our photo here, and [we] don’t want now. We just want to literally take out the background So let’s select sampling once limits Contiguous, that’s fine Protect foreground color so that box is selected the tolerance. This is one bit that may need a little bit of experimenting So what the tolerance is if you have your tolerance set very low say [five] percent or [ten] percent? It will be bit much more strict in what it cuts out? What part of the image it removes if your tolerance is set very high for example fifty or sixty percent? It will remove the background, but it may also remove parts of the image so let me demonstrate that so if we select our tolerance as five and We’ll left click anywhere on the gray to sample this color. You’ll see that it removes this and I yellow background shows through But there’s still quite a lot of [grey] left that it isn’t removing in fact It’s doing a very poor [job] of actually cutting out the hair So we need to [adjust] that So again conversely let’s go up to 60% so we’ve set it a lot higher We’ll left-click to sample the gray background that we want to remove and you can see that we’ve set it now to high and it actually tries to remove parts of the image, so [if] we set this to 30% and this may take a bit of trial and error just to find the right tolerance depending on your image but once you get the tolerance right you can left-click on the gray or your background color and just drag holding that Left-click down not letting go and You can drag over your image in particular around the hair and the skin And you’ll see that it cuts it out very very well indeed Considering I’m doing this in literally 10 20 seconds it’s more about getting in the detail around the hair you can zoom in as you need to and adjust the tolerance for different parts And you can actually spend quite a lot of time doing this I’m just doing this very quickly to illustrate how to use this tool So there we go. We’ve done most of the work. We can now left-click and hold and select the eraser tool and Just use that to finish off any loose ends so the background eraser tool is particularly good for cutting around things like hair very very specifically and Then we can just go and use the standard eraser tool just to get rid of all that these are the bits over here So now we can see how well we’ve cut this out by our yellow background. We [can] zoom in a bit We can see that. It’s done a pretty good [job] of Cutting around all those little strands of hair which would have taken as hours and If we select our awesome bright color layer, we can press command U on the Mac or control U on the PC To bring up our hue and saturation options and we can adjust the hue and Change that color to anything that we like you [can] increase the lightness to have that as white or all the way down to black? Or what you can do is simply deselect this layer And you’ll see that we now have our Woman cut out on a transparent background and we could even lay a photograph or blur a background behind there We can do anything now [that] we have her on a transparent background There we go. That’s how we can use the background eraser tool in Adobe Photoshop as Always guys please feel free to leave any questions or comments below like this video if you enjoyed it take care And I’ll see you [next] time

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  1. It is simpl when you have one background color that can easily be differentiated from the colors of the person in the picture. People need tutorials where the background colors are different, especially black hair with dark background.

  2. Was really hoping this actually worked as well as does in the video. Really looking for a great background remover process.

  3. Hi, how do u remove a background that blends in with parts of the edges of the subject image, not wanting to remove any of the image itself. Eg. a white / grey T-shirt that blends with a white / grey background

  4. Nice video. Very Helpful. Thanks for taking your time to make it and for sharing your knowledge. We just gotta ignore all these ignorant trolls. Sick people, eh? Ciao.

  5. Thank you for the tutorial, I do have a question though, I'm trying to cut out models from a white background and turn it into a black/dark gray backgound, what I am struggling with is like you are showing in: 6:06 there are gray fringing that just screams I did photoshop- is there a easy way to fix this, I've been searching youtube, but all techniques seems to come out short. Is there a way to do this without me using several hours on a single image?

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  7. When you say “let’s fill this layer one with our bright color” you aren’t actually showing what you did

  8. i have set an semi transparent layer, nad merged the layers together. this video prevented me from doing my logo from scratch again, thank you so much 🙂

  9. Hello sir..I really love it work keep it up👌….I still don't understand,how wil i save the photo when I'm done like u did it?

  10. Great tutorial. I think this is the best technique to use when it comes to frizzy and flyaway hair. It s my favorite, anyways:)

  11. Anybody ACTUALLY know photoshop well enough to lead an absolute beginner without making knowledge assumptions ? No malice intended, just been thru TOO many of these vids with NO usable results, so I'm CONFIDENT I'm missing SOMETHING. Thanks – C.

  12. This is an interesting technique, I use select and mask myself to remove background around hair, I prefer to use this because I can edit my mask if I wanted to change anything, but still its nice to see other workflows on how to do this

  13. It's easy to remove a background that has none of the colours of the foreground you want to keep. Try removing the background from an object that contains some of the foreground colours. Example, a motorcycle parked on a tarmac road. The tyres are black and so is the road. That will impress me if you can do that with this tool.

  14. Not a bad video, I did subscribe, if you would not take so much time naming every layer, and being redundant in what you are describing it may hold my attention a bit more, I keep thinking ok ok speed it up! lol it could speed up things a bit. Thanks

  15. Where is the fill tool???? I don't have one
    **Update, I found out from another tutorial, that actually included each step involved, that I need to click and HOLD to see the different options, ONE OF WHICH is the paint bucket tool — it's not called the 'fill tool'.

  16. I learned something from you Dansky nice tutorial using eraser tool. i used quick selection tool and magic wand to remove background later ill upload it and try to look at it. thank you

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  19. Pleas for Help! it would be very helpful for instructional and successful learning as well as prevention of computer eye strain if you would be so kind as to ZOOM IN to enable us to see more clearly the icons, tools, etc., that you are working with. It's much harder to follow your steps when it requires work to see. Otherwise, great teaching work here.

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