How to Teach Your Dog to Skip Rope -Dogs Jumping Rope

How to Teach Your Dog to Skip Rope -Dogs Jumping Rope

Teach your dog to jump up in front of you. Practice multiple jumps. I need to teach jessie a hand signal so she can anticipate when the jump is coming. Unlike Lucy who does the cue almost as soon as it is given. “You are a little frog!” Laughing. Practice until the dog is doing consistent height jumps and ideally, jumping at the same time as you. Getting comfortable with the rope. Throw a treat or use a hand signal to get the dog over the rope. Dog jumps over and returns under the rope. Hold it with two hands. Gently throw the rope towards the dog. Transition to the rope coming from behind the dog. Putting them together. Good girl! I rewarded her anyway since she showed no fear when the rope touched her. But I don’t reward if there is no effort to jump. With sensitive dogs, it is important to avoid ‘poisoning’ the rope. Lucy has a natural knack for when to jump. She is worried about the rope at first though. Look at how high she tucks her back legs. I pretty sure she used my hands as the cue. It takes practice to develop your timing. Reward the dog if you goof up. If your dog is at physically sensitive, reward her if the rope hits her. Adding Number of Jumps in a Row First holding the rope. Yay! Good girl! Then using the rope. Two jumps At first allow a delay between the jumps Three jumps Five jumps Remember to throw in fewer jumps once in
awhile so the game does not always get more difficult. Kind of the a snakes and ladders game where you slide back to the beginning. Avoid doing too many jumps in a training session as it takes awhile to build up the muscles and may decrease the dog’s enthusiasm. Wait until the dog is at least eighteen
months old to train this to prevent joint damage. Nine jumps! Now speed the sequence of jumps starting back again with 2, then 3, 4, back to 2, and up to 5. You can see by my body language, I am compensating for a rope that is a little too short. See our “Equipment for Jump Rope” video. Click here.

26 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Dog to Skip Rope -Dogs Jumping Rope

  1. Step one… Teach my dog to jump… Lol

    Now she's a border collie mix so there's no excuse for her not to be able to jump! She can do it! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the video. We are inspirationed. Haha!

  2. Donna. You are simply my "Go To" trainer for trick training. I followed your training protocol to teach my first dog to "Retrieve a Hot Dog" and I had OTCH trainers amazed at my little girl. I tried to teach my little boy to jump rope, but he is sensitive. I will go back and try your techinques. Seeing your video shows me what I was doing wrong. Ohhh, can't wait to start trying this again. Thanks so much for the instructions. Your the best!!!

  3. Hi, this is a great tutorial, veryclear and well explained.
    Anyway, there is something missing as far as I am concerned, which is … first step … how do you teach your dog to jump in front of you ? i've bee trying this for months and my Border Collie girl does not understand what I want.

  4. Have you tried capturing it? (See the linked video at the beginning of this video). The other way would be to use targeting. Lifting the target (hand or stick) higher and higher until the dog has to jump for it. My other dog also learned by watching Lucy jump.

  5. The problem is that I used nose targeting to have her get raised on her back paws and lift her front paws as high as possible. She really doesn't like to jump (though she's a freestyle and agility dog !) and everything becomes very complicated to teach her as far as jumping is concerned. Thanks for your answer, I will try again, anyway πŸ™‚

  6. You have to build enthusiasm and be unpredictable with the nose targeting to get her to jump. If you feel you've conditioned the nose target to mean rear on your hind legs, use a target stick instead. Retrain from the beginning then raise it just a little above her head, then more, then catch her when she's excited and put high enough over hear head that she has to jump.

  7. Here's a fun activity that gets both you and your dog in shape together. You could also teach your dog to jump on her own. Β How to Teach Your Dog to Skip Rope -Dogs Jumping Rope

  8. My dog keeps propelling into me when I ask him to jump and it's starting to hurt. How can I get him to stop this?

  9. Try going back to a stage where he is not jumping with you and teach him to jump straight UP and not towards or over the rope. When he can do that, you can progress as before.

  10. Awesome video ! we used your guidelines and got it πŸ™‚ Shasta was terrified of the rope at first and I switched to a very light/long rope. I also only did 2-3 sessions and then left it be for about a week. On the fourth session she GOT IT πŸ™‚ (granted she knows many tricks and each new is easier for her to learn..) Thanks !!!

  11. Not sure if this'll be answered or not, but it's worth a try.
    I want to teach my border collie mix how to jump over a rope, and she's known for a while now how to jump in front of me on command, as well as how to jump over my arm on command. When I try to get her close to the rope, I can get her to jump over it, but I can't get her to stay around the side of it so I can pair the jumping with the rope. She's not necessarily afraid of it, I don't think, but she's so hyper she won't stay still long enough for me to put it over her. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do?

  12. Looking forward to training my dog with this πŸ™‚ he is so active and this is a fab way for me and him to workout together

  13. this video is awesome, we went to seaworld and they have a pet show now with rescued pets, they said to find what your dog is good at it and work from there. Well I have a beagle that loves to bounce all the time, it just so happens that the show had a dog doing jump rope, Your video is awesome help. first day and he is already jumping on command πŸ™‚ It helps when they already jump and love it.

  14. My dog won't jump like that, she only jumps agility obstacles, but if I tell her to jump in one place, she just stands on hind legs πŸ™

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