How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

Right before I do any kind of public speaking
my hands start shaking uncontrollably and i feel like my heart is exploding. Thanks
adrenaline. How do I STOP this? Adrenaline is one of the most famous hormones
in the animal kingdom and it’s our response to a “stressor.” Stressors can be anything;
a sudden scare, playing sports, skydiving, or even performing in a play, or talking to
a crush. After it’s secreted by the adrenal glands,
adrenaline kicks your body into high gear, increasing blood circulation, breathing and
metabolism rates; and gets the muscles ready for action. All this activity can have some
strange side-effects on your body, especially if you don’t end up running for your life
or fighting a rival for your next meal. Adrenaline is why your hands shake when you’re nervous
(your muscles are all aquiver with excess energy), and the blood pumping in your ears?
That’s adrenaline’s fault too. Adrenaline is also called epinephrine and
it can make us do some amazing things. For example, when epinephrine dumps into the body,
it causes us to turn carbs into glucose, the body’s fuel source, and our skeletal muscles
actually get stronger. It’s almost like we’re naturally overclocking our muscles; letting
them run hotter with this boost of energy for a short time. They think this is how hysterical
strength works — that’s when people lift cars to save their kids and stuff. It’s not
recognized by science, but we can see the level of potential strength in our muscles
when we’re hit by a massive electric shock. Because it’s not the shock that throws us
across the room, but our own muscle contractions. We can throw ourselves across a room in an
instant, we’re that strong, and adrenaline can hack into that power. Epinephrine is synthesized and released under
orders of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a control region of the brain responsible
for homeostasis — or the general equilibrium of our body. It regulates circadian rhythms,
body temperature, hunger and thirst as well as the balance between stress and relaxation,
among other things. When humans feel stressors and thus are flooded with epinephrine, we
have an instinct to run, cry or yell, and all are valid. Tears contain stress hormones
and crying releases them from the body. Yelling fills the lungs and activates the amygdala,
the part of our brain that manages fear responses, and ultimately releases feel-good brain chemicals,
and rigorous activity works the adrenaline out of our system. But there is another way! New York City police are trained to combat
the effects of adrenaline on the job, as are members of the military, and other high-risk
professionals; they all use a fairly simple body hack — breathing. Most of the time breathing
is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system, the same system that controls the fight-or-flight
response, heartbeat, digestion and so on… It’s automatic, and not consciously controlled.
Breathing, however, can be consciously controlled, as you are probably doing right now because
you’re thinking about it. This a bridge between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous
systems. Think of your body as an engine, the sympathetic
system is the gas. GO GO GO FIGHT OR FLIGHT. The PARAsympathetic system is the brake. Calm.
Calm. Caaaalllmmmm… During times of high-stress (and high adrenaline) the body shuts down
digestion, and muscle shaking can affect fine muscle movements, or mess up your big speech
or monologue during the school play. So when this happens, you can forcibly engage the
calming parasympathetic system by forcing yourself to breathe. Tactical or “combat”
breathing (according to the military) involves breathing in for a four count, holding for
four, breathing out for four. That’s it. If you do that a few times, the Vagus nerve,
the 10th cranial nerve that connects your brain to your torso, will activate, slowing
your heartbeat, stimulating digestion, and throttling down blood pressure and so on.
With training, professionals can use this to force their bodies to stay calm and only
feel the effects of adrenaline when needed, rather than becoming a victim of those effects. So next time you’re super nervous try breathing,
and let me know what you think over on twitter. It might seem kinda new-agey, but it’s practiced
by people like the Airmen of the U.S. Air Force. Who we’d like to thank for sponsoring
this episode of DNews. Every day American Airmen go above and beyond to break barriers
both professionally and personally. The United States Air Force is powered by Airmen, fueled
by innovation.

100 thoughts on “How To Stop Shaking When You’re Nervous

  1. My head always shake when I’m nervous, angry, hungry and do sth serious 🙁 I don’t know how to control it and why I’m like that explain me :’(

  2. My whole body shakes, I get cold feet and hands and I yawn a lot when i get really bad anxiety attacks. One anxiety attack was nearly constant for 24 hours I lost my appetite and started shaking off and on all day. I was so fatigued from all of it

  3. 2:54 It reminds me of Mega Mind Movie…… rise…..! I am ur space dad…… its when Mega Mind creates the TITAN…

  4. I did this during my presentation and I kept breathing faster and faster that my heart was beating faster. My mouth was moving weirdly and I kept stumbling on words. One kid kept staring at me and he was laughing and I couldn’t stop either. I could’ve went back to the classroom and speak from back there but I didn’t have my glasses. Now tomorrow i have another presentation and I’m going to DIE considering I have high pressure. 😫

  5. Thank u so much. I am in school to become a Patient care tech and every time I have to take blood my hands tremble ridiculously. I will definitely try this❤

  6. This video was amazing because it made me feel a sense of comfort that I can now know exactly what is going on inside of my body when I am nervous. I have a retry bad fear of public speaking and I feel as if it is getting worse as I get older, and I’m only 18…😬 having these tips and tricks under my belt, I think I will be able to combat my anxiety a little bit better and hopefully have my anxiety in general get better as I get older, not the other way around!

  7. I only looked this up for fortnite, I keep shaking over playing whenever I’m in a fight now it’s annoying asf.

  8. That's literally true..
    When i was about to start 400 mtr race
    I was terribly nervous, but to over come that nervousness i simply took deep breaths and smiled af (even that was fake)..
    And this thing works like a charm, i secured 1st position in that race with my personal best (54.2 secs.)
    I was a noob and that was my first 400 mtr race

  9. I tried so many methods to stop shaking including breathing. Yup breathing can make you more relaxe. But I think it's only has small effect in your body. The best way to reduce or even stop shaking is don't consume caffeine (caffee, tea, etc).

  10. Okay so it’s comforting to see all these comments about their hands shaking during a presentation. In 6th grade I had to hold flash cards and present. I couldn’t move my hands to move them because I was shaking so badly and everyone was staring at me. I felt like I was going to die. My throat lumps up and my head starts to spin and my heart thumps so loud. I feel like I can’t breath. I started to cry and my teacher came up to me and hugged me. Now in 8th grade, I haven’t had to present and I only have a few weeks left of it but my science teacher will always make a random person go up to the class and draw stuff on the board. I haven’t had to yet but I’m so scared and he’s not understanding at all so he would get mad if I told him the truth. It eats away at me everyday and I just feel so helpless because of my problem. I can’t even think straight when i have to hold a paper in front of people. It is the most embarrassing thing ever:(( I need help

  11. I always wondered if anyone can see my heartbeat if it is beating fastly… at least I think I can see it lol

  12. Wait. If you are nervous , many people get the urge to have a bowel movement. Is that sympathetic or parasympathetic? Sounds parasympathetic. We all learn the parasympathetic promotes digestion and defecation/micturation

  13. Try playing cello. I’ve got a solo exam a month away and I’ve gotten bad grades on my minor homework check solos because of this shaking. It sounds obvious and then makes it worse. I just can’t stop and BREATHING DOES NOT WORK for me. Once it starts there’s no stopping it for at least 2 more classes after.

  14. Whenever i am in anger… Or shouting or argueing with someone.. That time my lips and hands are shievring.. Please give some to control that..

  15. I really hate when my hand shakes. I had to do an opening speech in an event and my whole body was shaking.

  16. I shake all the time I get nervous so easily it’s starting to be a problem in my life my friends try to tell me it’s anxiety but I don’t get that cause I am in no way an anxious person…

  17. I like trains, and Ive got camp, and I want steady shots. I don’t have a crush and never will, no one will like me, I’ll never date anyone, because who wants someone who likes trains?

  18. Only 70 to 80% works.. It will shake like normal shake… Trust me I did many times… It doesn't works guys….

  19. Benzos like Xanax and valium take it away, good luck getting a long term prescription though, if any

  20. I hate this shaking of hands when presenting alone infront of many students,Specially when i only hold a 1 sheet of paper.

  21. I’m in a music camp and when it’s my turn to play It sounds so weird it should sound like TAAAAA and I go TaAaAaAaAaAa

  22. I never had social anxiety growing up. This shit is new to me ion even Kno why I got it. But whenever I'm wit niggas iono too well my hands b shaking. And it's obvious when I'm shaking cuz I'm da one who rolls the blunts😂

  23. When im about to perform my body was shaking and am nervous too..i feel like i lose my energy.and my body too cold😢..what kind of problem is this…can someone tel me

  24. I smelled some perfume and I breathed it in too hard and I felt it go inside my nose and nose I'm scared and I keep shaking pls help

  25. When im playing fortnite and im at top 5 i start shaking, my heart beats very fast, i sweat alot even if its cold. So i lose everytime because i cant focus very well

  26. i was playing minecraft on mobile and i kept misplacing blocks and my arms kept shaking , i’m not even lying , what’s wrong? i’m thinking it’s “anxiety” but like a dumb kind of anxiety

  27. I came here by ever time I pull my meat out my pants it start shaking and it be going restarted so I need help on how to stop. It only happens when I take my pants off or pull it out

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