How to Set Up and Play Chess Position on Millennium Chess Genius Pro

How to Set Up and Play Chess Position on Millennium Chess Genius Pro

Hi this is Raphael with Chess House. Today I’d like to show you how to set up a chess position on your Millenium Chess
Genius Pro. If you have a position that you would like to play from – maybe it’s a
game that you’ve played or a game you’ve seen somewhere… a position that you’d
like to try out and see how the game might proceed… you might want to set it
up on your computer and play from that starting point. I’d like to show you
how to set up a chess position on your genius. It in fact is quite easy and
here’s how. So I’ve set up this position but I need to tell the computer that
these pieces are in these locations so I’ll start by choosing menu. I have also
set already the black players to play from this side of the board. To do so
there’s an invert option and notice there’s a check mark by the invert
meaning the black players are on this side which is non-standard.
I press the Enter key here then the white players are on this side but I
want to go ahead and start by going to invert pressing enter. And now I have the
black players on the first and second rank starting positions. Next let’s move
over to setup position see setup on the display.
Press Enter now. It’ll be easiest first to clear the board so I’ll choose clear
board and press Enter. Now we have a completely clear board. The next step
will be to choose let’s say the white pieces to add to the board – so here I
have starting with the white pawns. I’ll tell the computer that I have a
white pawn here on b6 c5 f5 and g5 – well correct notation would be g3 f4 c44 and b4 but we’ll ignore that for now. Anyhow, I’ve told the computer where they
are relative to the display. The pawns are on the board so I’ll move
over to a knight. There’s a night on e3 There’s a bishop on f5 which I just now
realized of course that was a bishop not a pawn and we will move over to a rook
here on e1, Queen on d2 and a king on g1. Now we’ll move over to the black
side so press the move key to turn this to black and select a black piece. It’s
starting with a king so I’ll press the King on b8, move to the left to a queen
on f6, left again to a rook on h8, a bishop on c6, a knight on f5, and
pawns on f7 e6 c7 and b7. We’ve set up our position and can press ENTER. Now you need to decide who plays first.
If you want the white players to play first
from this position, press the move key so you see the white square here. If you
want the black players to move first, press the move key again so you see the
black square. In this case I want white to move first so I press it there and
press Enter. Now we’re ready to play. Press ENTER
again and you’ll see play on the screen. Now you’ll be able to proceed from this
position and find all your other options. That’s how to set up a
position on your Millenium Chess Genius Pro and continue to play or analyze from
that point!

7 thoughts on “How to Set Up and Play Chess Position on Millennium Chess Genius Pro

  1. What is the response time like on this at higher levels compared to the older retro sets? I have and older one like this:
    which is actually not as old as other like it … but it is painfully slow after level 16. The think I like about the older sets is that the LCD pixel density seems to give more pronounced readout. The lettering is larger, thinker lined and seems to handle outdoor light quite well. I'll probably end up getting the unit you have here, but wish they had the older readouts. Not to worry … as long as the response times on higher levels are not like 15 minutes per turn????
    Great video TY.

  2. at 1:48 i had to turn the pieces right then left and forward and back and up then down and move them forward and backwards after and diagonal and use a bit more force then i should it thinks some of the white pieces are black and i can't change that on my own i am going to take notes next time of how to set up the position an make sure my notes are correct and i haven't missed anything and follow the instructions after i can't be bothered to do it now

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