How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Whiteboard

How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Whiteboard

Well first off have you ever accidently wrote something on a whiteboard? and it’s super embarrasing? You realize that it’s in permanent marker. Well in this video I am going to be teaching you how to remove This permanent marker from my white board. Well as you can see permanent marker. You can write on it. and it’s not going to come off because it’s “permanent” “Permanent!” But is it really permanent? Take a whiteboard marker. and overlap all of the parts of the permanent marker. and then what you can do is get a rag or something and it comes right off If you miss anywhere just get it over real quick. Wipe it off. and boom you have a clean whiteboard. and the way this works is the chemical formula I’m just kidding, I have no idea how it works. But it’s cool. So Hopefully that was helpfull I’ll see you in the next video so be sure to subscribe.

100 thoughts on “How to Remove Permanent Marker from a Whiteboard

  1. Love your videos and you remind me a lot of a YouTuber (jkilts) who became an internet friend back in 2006. I especially like your SQL stuff.

  2. You guys can also use perfume on it… works for me because what if you filled the whole board with it, so you're gonna waste time filling the whole board so just apply perfume or body spray if perfume doesn't work and just rub it with a tissue !


  4. Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!

  5. OMFG!!! It really fucking works!! I accidentally I had some permanent marker on my watch that I love more than anything else…and I was literally really sad !! The happened to me in school and I tried this after 6 hrs..and it really works I am astonished!!!!

  6. To remove permanent marker I finally did it with Bon Ami cleanser after trying many ways. Takes a little scrubbing but works.

  7. Don't even try this, you will end by loosing your White board Marker & that is also not enough for the complete thing that you've wrote. Instead of this use eraser or apply Colgate .

  8. I'm gonna try this. My cousin took my Casio (instrument) and she wrote letters on them. I'm feeling so bad right now😩
    Edit: Thnx man it worked!

  9. This video makes me really happy, maybe it's because it just looks like friends having fun.
    There's nothing pretentious/fake in it

  10. Wowzers, 163k views?! I'm amazed. Why's it always the terrible videos that do so well? 😂
    I typically do programming videos. Pick a series and have fun!

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  11. Now tell me how to draw musical staff on the white board so I can write out musical ideas. I tried to do it with permanent non fading marker but it comes off easy like you showed. Any suggestions?

  12. Dude this video saved me I wrote endgame spoilers on my teacher's whiteboard without realizing that I was using permanent marker, so I watched this vid in the restroom thank you thank you

  13. Yes it works , l don't know from two weeks ago my board is lying with all drawings with permanent marker and I don't know what to do

  14. Same as ballpen + pencil on top then erase

    I tried this before and it worked , however mine left a few marks probably cuz i tried to erase dried markings unlike your demo , the ink from the permanent marker isnt completly dried up i guess. Not sure tho

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