How to Put Together A Cardboard Standup

How to Put Together A Cardboard Standup

Tim: Dean you old so and so. What? The room
was completely black? You hugged her and she hugged back? Well ain’t that a kick in the
head? Cardboard standups are a great way to breathe extra life into a party even if it’s
two dimensional life. They also make for great room decorations. But how do you put one together?
Let’s find out step by step. After you take the standup out of the package
lay it face down on a clean flat surface. Then fold the easel up along the long vertical
crease that runs the length of the standup. Lift the upper and lower tab to lock the easel
in place and then attach the upper tab to the top of the easel. And once everything’s
in place just stand them on up and now you’re ready to party. I know, Dean, I know.

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