How to play Sholo Guti ?

Open Sholo Guti Click on “Sigle Player” to play with robot Your gutis are Black Now you have your turn Robot will move its guti after your turn is ended A guti is killed (removed) if the opponent jumps over it When you kill the opponent’s guti, click on “Hand over Turn” to end your turn Click on “?” to check the manual of “How to play ?” while playing You will be asked to terminate games, if you go back without completing game Click on “Online Player” to play with other players You will be asked to login, if you are not yet logged. Existing Games show the current status of your matches Clicking on any match will open the game board with lates update Click on “Chat” to char with the opponent My Achievement shows the status achievement of a player for the online games only Start new game shows the list of recent opponent players. Players can be seacrhed as well Turning on Nearby players will search the players who are waiting to play via Bluetooth or wifi Auto match either create a new match or start games with any opponent that created a game using Auto match previously

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