How to Play Pandemic

How to Play Pandemic

– We’re treating diseases
and researching cures! That’s right, it’s
Pandemic from Z-Man Games! (upbeat music) This contagious co-op pits two to four disaster specialists against the dangerous diseases spreading across the globe. Using their wits and action cards, players travel the earth,
hoping to stamp out the infections before the
population is overwhelmed. Quick note, we’re playing with
the 10th Anniversary Edition of the game, which may
look a little different from your standard set. Don’t sweat it, though,
the game’s the same, just some of the pieces
are a little bit fancier. Set up begins with the
game board placed center. Create a supply for the diseased
cubes, separated by color, and the six research stations nearby. Place the outbreaks
marker on the zero space at the outbreaks track and
put the four cure markers under the matching cure indicators. Next, shuffle the infection cards and reveal the top three. Place three disease cubes
of the matching color on each of the indicated cities. Then, repeat this process
with three more cards, but only two cubes per
city, and finally once more with only one cube per city. Place the infection deck
on the indicated space and the revealed cards
in the discard pile. Put the infection rate
marker on the leftmost space of the infection track. Shuffle the role cards and deal one face-up for each player, this is your specialization for the game. Take the matching color
pawn for that specialization and place everyone on
Atlanta, the home of the CDC. Each player also gets
a handy reference card. Next, remove the six epidemic
cards and set them aside, then shuffle the remaining
player cards and deal cards to each person depending on the number of players as indicated here. Got it? Cool. Finally, prepare the player
deck by creating a number of face-down piles equal
to the desired difficulty of the game. For an intro game, do four, standard five, and if you’re really brave
and you think you can handle the Pandemic, try six for a heroic game. Once you’ve chosen, shuffle one
epidemic card into each pile and then stack these piles
to form the player deck. And you’re ready to play! Gameplay occurs in turns,
during which each player takes a series of actions and then
play passes to the left. During a turn, the active player proceeds through three phases. Take actions, draw cards, infect cities. In the take actions step,
the player will perform up to four actions. They may take any combination
of available actions, provided they have the
cards in hand to do so. Actions include movement actions, for instance in the Drive/Ferry action, the active player may move their pawn to a city connected by a
line from their current city. Or they may take a direct
flight by discarding a city card and move to the city named on that card. Or they may charter a
flight anywhere in the world by discarding a card that
matches their current city. Or they may shuttle flight
by moving from the city with a research station to another city with a research station. Players may travel around the board, combining these actions as needed. Other actions include Build a
Research Station by discarding the city card that matches
their current location and placing a research
station in that city. A maximum of six research
stations can be on the board at one time. If you try to build a seventh, you die. No, just kidding, take a research station from the board and relocate it. Treat disease by removing
one disease cube from the city they are in. If a disease has been cured
because someone researched it, cover the disease with the cure marker, then all cubes of that color
in that location can be removed by this single action. If the last cube of any color
is removed from the board, that disease is eradicated
and players may now flip the cure marker to its canceled side. No more cubes of that color can be placed on the board. Share Knowledge is an action that can be performed two different ways. Give a city card of the
current city to another player in that city or take a
matching card from that player. If a player ever has more
than seven cards in hand, they must immediately discard
or play an event card. Event cards, by the way,
are one-time use cards that can be played at any
time on anyone’s turn. There are a total of five in the game. The last action, Discover
a Cure, is the big one. The active player may
discard five city cards of the same color from their
hand to cure the disease of that color, moving the cure
marker over the indicator. This is the main goal of the game. Once the players cure all
four diseases, they win. After taking their four
actions, play proceeds to the Draw Cards step. The active player draws two
cards from the player deck. Remember, if they ever
have more than seven cards, they have to discard down. Throughout the game,
those pesky epidemic cards will occasionally show up. When they do, the following steps occur. Increase the infection rate marker by one, infect a city by drawing
the bottom card from the infection deck and placing
three cubes on that city, discard that card. Intensify the epidemic
by shuffling the cards in the infection discard pile separately and then place them on
top of the infection deck. Epidemics are bad news, dude. After the draw step is complete, next up is the Infect Cities step. The player reveals a number
of infection cards equal to the current infection rate. They then place one cube matching
its color onto that city, unless the disease has been eradicated, then you may ignore the infection. When infecting cities, if a
location already has three cubes of that color, no
further cubes are placed. Instead, an outbreak occurs,
which means a disease cube of that color must be placed
on every city connected by a line to that location. This can even cause a chain reaction where multiple cities can
cause multiple outbreaks. So be mindful of the
disease count in each local. After infecting cities,
play passes to the left. Throughout the game, the players can use the special actions on their role cards, play event cards to alter the board, and travel around the globe curing folks. However, there’s three
big ways to lose Pandemic. If the outbreak marker
reaches the last space of the outbreaks track, the players lose. If players are ever unable to
place a disease cube because the supply is empty, the players lose, and if a player cannot
draw two player cards in their draw step
because the deck is empty, the players lose. But if all four diseases have been cured, the players prevail. They do not need to eradicate
the diseases, just cure them. And that’s Pandemic, I’m Becca Scott, and I’m willing to get my mitts on the legacy version of this game. You hear me, Z-Man? You can watch me and my
friends play this game and other amazing games on Game the Game, right here on Geek and
Sundry, we’ll see you there! (upbeat music)

46 thoughts on “How to Play Pandemic

  1. I'm trying to figure out why this channel would want to remind us of Tabletop by playing games they played already on Tabletop…

  2. I've played through the whole campaign of Pandemic: Legacy. I've never in my life been so stressed over a board game. 10/10.

  3. Minor detail: one of the research stations needs to be put on Atlanta. The video shows the research station already there when the pawns are put there, but this fact is never explicitly stated. Like I said, minor.

    My wife and I love playing this game. We often play it in restaurants when we go out to eat. We have the edition you show on your right. The 10th anniversary edition has some nice things (e.g. the character pawns, the petri dishes for the disease cubes, and the "picture" of the disease on the markers), but I'm not a fan of the muted colors they use (especially for the city cards).

    Haven't played a Legacy game yet.

  4. One rule that your overview missed is that players can only create a cure at a headquarters. Looking forward to your game later this week!

  5. See my friends and I cannot play this game because we learned how to break it. Meaning: max difficulty, randomized roles, and as little as 3 players; no matter what the games throw at us we learned how to overcome it.
    It will be nice to see this game again on Geek and Sundry

  6. One thing to note: If the last cube of a cured disease is removed, it is eradicated. If you remove the last cube of a non-cured disease, nothing happens.

  7. There is one big thing to note, on the 10th Anniversary edition there's a misprint. A connection is supposed to exist from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok.

  8. Confession time: I played this game wrong for years. I misunderstood the way the researcher's power worked. Apparently I'm not the only one that made that mistake, so I take some solace in that.

    For me, this game is part of the "Big 3" – the three games in position 3-5 of my favorites. The exact position of the three depends on which one I've had a good game of lately.

  9. I would love to see more legacy games <3 we just got the legacy edition of pandemic and are highly enjoying

  10. @1:55 – how do you know how many cards go into the piles? That wasn’t mentioned in the video (don’t have the rule book on hand). Do you use all the cards until you have none left?

    If so, it seems like you could just shuffle the correct # of epidemic cards into the whole pile and save a lot of time.

  11. I felt like we were cheating somehow because we were winning easily. But after adding more epidemic cards it got a lot tougher. We Still won everytime but we really had to handle research centers and special abilities correctly. Great walkthrough. Thanks ya smokin hot betty.

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