How to Play Othello or Reversi

How to Play Othello or Reversi

How to Play Othello or Reversi. Othello, also known as Reversi, is played
with two players, each representing a color on the board. The rules are simple, but strategy is what
will help you win. You will need An Othello board and 64 reversible
discs. Step 1. Place two black and two white discs in the
board’s four center squares, with corresponding colors diagonal to each other. Step 2. Choose a color for each player. Black goes first. Step 3. Place a black disc in a square adjacent to
a white disc so that a black disc is on either side of a white disc. When a white disc is surrounded, the black
player flips the white disc to the black side. Step 4. Move on to the next player. The white player places a disc in a square
adjacent to a black disc so that there are white discs on either side of black ones. Flip the black discs to the white side. A player can flip any number of opposing discs
so long as they have one of their discs on either side of consecutive opposing discs. Step 5. Take turns playing the game until all of the
discs are on the board. If you cannot place a disc on the board so
that your color is on either side of another player, you lose your turn. The corners are the most powerful spaces on
the board. Try to get one of your own colored discs in
each of the corners. Step 6. Continue playing until every space on the
board is occupied or no one can make another move. The player who has the most discs on the board
wins. Did you know Othello was created in 1971 by
a Japanese salesman named Goro Hasegawa.

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  1. the best place to play Othello is playokDOTcom, the world's best players play there. To play in real life in the UK visit britishothelloDOTorgDOTuk

  2. i ve been playing this game since i was 12, nobody plays me anymore bcause they'll know i'll win

    trick is be the 1st the edge and corners and you will never lose trust me

    if you can own 2 sides and 3 corners you might aswell put the Tv and kettle on game over


  3. @loggerbomb It's older than that, look it up on wikipedia under "reversi" but not as old as chess. " The game's first known-to-be reliable mention is in 21 August 1886 edition of The Saturday Review. "

  4. 1971? Could've sworn I read it was a much older game but got "discovered" by gaming companies and rebranded as Othello.

  5. that game created by japan? cool. anybody can tell me i need to know list strategy board game that only created by japan.

  6. Reversi is an americanized version of Igo or Go that was created over 4000 years ago.
    basically a dumbed down version of it, similar to chess being dumbed down to checkers……. Now you all know

  7. This guy is a dumbass because Japanese invented Othello and the English popularized Reversi (based off of Othello)

    Now you all know.

  8. This is perhaps the best board game known to man. Super simple, but with LOTS of strategy. Play it with a time limit, however. = )

    -Coach Nick

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  10. I'm here because of The Armstrongs season 1 episode 2 (documentary). The weirdo guy they hire is a professional Othello player

  11. This is EXACTLY how the matrix operates – go for the Corners/Angles/Angels to control the board (corporations/institutions).  Time to TRANSCEND the entire game.

  12. othello or reversi? they say 100% othello here in japan.  ive never heard of "reversi." wondering if its because of copyright of shakespeare, trademark confliction or something of the like that.

  13. Me encanta ese juego pero nada mas juego con la maquina por que los que conozco nada mas saben jugar ajedrez y no le entiende a este

  14. Good introduction to play the game. We've just finished our reversi game for Windows 10 as Reversi Pearls. Please, give it a try!
    Windows Store link:

  15. I used to be really good at Othello. would play my friends in high school and won so much that it got to the point where no one wanted to play with me kudos to Nintendo for releasing an Othello game on the Switch!

  16. I've been playing this since 2008. Not here because some animated series inspired me, friends did. Now i'm gonna' share this tutorial video to my new friends so that we can catch up.Thank you, Howcast!

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  18. Played this in 10th grade with my teacher she always won lol but I loved it and I've been looking for it and finally got my hands on it. Now I just gotta find someone to play with 😁😁😁

  19. I came here because I have a project in Functional Programming in which I have to implement AI bot to play this game

  20. I learned how to play from Assassins Creed III after playing 9 men’s Morris and thought that the rules were almost the same and got into that genre of strategy games, got really good at it that I beat platinum, bought an Othello board and played with friends, I’ve never heard that Reversi was another name for Othello (thought it was a different game similar to Othello), and I live in the U.S.

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