How to Play Monopoly in less than 2 Hours!

How to Play Monopoly in less than 2 Hours!

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  1. Speed up the game and get an advantage: When someone says they don't want a property, say "I'll take it for a dollar." Auction rules are the best.

  2. If you can buy houses anytime during the game do you then have to race the person who's turn it is by paying for the houses and putting them up before they roll the dice? What if the transaction with the bank is happening as the person is rolling the dice? I could see some arguments as to whether they have to pay house prices if the house wasn't physically on the board yet despite you having paid for it already.

  3. What happens if your building a color set, but someone buys a property from the color your set. Do you automatically not get to put houses in that color set???

  4. Without watching this, you can play in 2 hours by following the actual rules, and not the rules everyone thinks apply. Any property not purchased goes up for auction immediately. You don't have to land on a property to be able to buy it like most people play.

  5. I always warn people about with the proper rules, though: it'll STILL ruin friendships, end marriages, and tear families apart. The rage will just boil to the surface way faster… which is good, because then you can begin to reconcile sooner, too. ^_^ I felt the need to give it a happy ending.

  6. i have a question about selling hotels. what happens if i want to sell a hotel if there are no houses left to replace it with? am i allowed to sell the amount of 5 houses on each property and leave the lands unimproved, or am i simply stuck with the hotel?

  7. An average monopoly game between two experienced players takes a little over half an hour, just learn how to handle cash fast or use a smartphone app for that.

  8. Favorite part of the game for me is the deals mid game. I literally mortgage properties to pull my money out then make deals for the prices I want. Sometimes I could hold properties from people I don't like if they mouth off but most of the time, I help people mid to late game if they were cool. Auctions are also fun too. Especially when you raise someone out of the bid or raise/bait someone into bidding more than what the original price is to make them spend more. Surprisingly, Monopoly when played with intellectuals is some of the sweatiest Gaming I've ever played.

  9. Thank you sir. My family took forever to play this game (before watching your vid) and it never ended lol. We're addicted to this game

  10. You literally made me crack up in laughter. Oh, how I remember us kids at home spending hours playing Monopoly, of course we would take breaks in between. Now I don't have the game. But if I had a Monopoly game I would probably win. Having experience in life in buying houses and selling helps and dealing with the real world as an adult. Kids don't understand some of these things. Yeah, we would make up our own rules. And even cheat.

  11. My problem with Monopoly is actually the opposite of the biggest complaint people have.. When I play by the rules, my games are too short. There isn't much time for house development – people run low on money before they're able to buy a bunch of houses and so the 32 house limit is never reached, and there are never more than 2/3 hotels on the board since no one has enough money for more. Also, when someone gets unlucky and becomes low on money – they often stay losing for the rest of the game, making it boring. I'm actually looking for good ways to extend the game a bit and fix these problems. One idea I have might be that the player with the lowest amount of money and assets gets $200 when any player lands on GO – extending the game a bit and also not guaranteeing that a losing player will stay lost.

  12. What if you can't complete the color set in a street because other people own the property. Then you can never improve it into houses or hotels?

  13. Hi if you have a monopoly property , at what point in the game you can put houses on it. Do you have to roll dice and land on your property? Or you can put houses anytime your turn??

  14. If you land on another player's property, and you don't have enough money to pay the rent, are you allowed to first sell houses to the bank/morgage property so that you get enough money, and then pay? (Or have you lost?)

  15. 1: Regarding auctions for property a player lands on and doesn’t buy, isn’t that player then allowed to join in the auction?

    2: I understood that when a player goes bankrupt, whoever it was that bankrupted the that player gets all the mortgaged properties and monies. The mortgaged properties only go to the bank when it’s the bank bankrupts the player (e.g. having to pay taxes). The properties are then auctioned off.

    3: A player only has to pay the 10% mortgage fee straight away when he or she collects a mortgaged property (trade or bankrupted player) but doesn’t have to pay the mortgage if they don’t want to, right? And it might be a house rule, but if players doesn’t pay off the mortgage straight away, when they do pay off the mortgage, they have to pay the 10% fee again.

  16. So when you get the card "head straight to go and get 200 dollars" or something along those lines do you also get 200 dollars for passing go

  17. Very informative video. Thank you very much. I believe there was an error as regards mortgaged property changing hands. The official rule book says "Whenever a mortgaged property changes hands between players, either through a trade, sale or by bankruptcy, the new owner must immediately pay 10% interest on the mortgage and at their option may pay the principal or hold the property. If the player holds the property and later wishes to lift the mortgage they must pay the 10% interest again as well."
    But I liked your video. It helped me clarify some of the rules.

  18. House rules are more fun, like when you go broke you auction off your mortgaged property, or when your in jail you cant collect money from your houses. Money in the middle of the board is also a good one

  19. my strategy take both dark blue properties buy at least 2 houses for each then go to jail and stay so i bankrupt people

  20. When me, my brother, and a friend played Monopoly without the house rules and stuck with the official rules, the game lasted for about 57 minutes.

  21. Hello, sir. If I buy lets say 4 houses, and upgrade to a hotel, are the houses that I bought usable for other players or are they 'stored'?

  22. There is a chance card that says pay $25 per home $100 per hotel can u sell your homes and hotels to not have to pay the fees?

  23. 12:30 the player does not need to immediately unmortgage the property. the player has the option to only pay 10%of the mortgage value to the bank and keep the title deed face down. the player can choose to unmortgage the property later on at anytime. to unmortgage the property later on, the player needs to pay the mortgage value PLUS the 10%of the mortgage value AGAIN.

  24. I never understood the rules of the game when anybody told me or by watching YouTube videos except for yours.
    THANK YOU!,!!

  25. I disagree. 50% of the time the person who has full property sets lands on free parking. So for every time that occurs, the chances of that person turning around and building a ton of houses increases the likelihood that the game which become much shorter. It's a wash. You're assuming that only the player with little means to progress will land on it, thus lengthening the time it takes to play the game, but that happens half of the time. I've played very short games where the person who is already winning in terms of how many full property sets they own, lands on free parking, and finally has money to build a ton of houses. Those games are very short. I wouldn't be so dismissive of house rules just for the sake of arguing that it makes the game longer because it can also very quickly accelerate the game.

  26. I've had fun playing Monopoly every time I've played it. Beats Snakes & Ladders any day. I watched a lecture of Dr. Irving Finkel and he said that many ancient board games had originally rules that made the game more strategic but after the rules had been passed on from one person to another, the rules got simpler and simpler until the game was ruined. It became stupider. Just read the damn rules!

  27. You made an error with the trade: If you trade mortgaged properties to an opponent, they DO NOT have to immediately un-mortgage the properties. That rule applies only when mortgaged properties are acquired when you bankrupt your opponent and they hand over the properties to you. They then have to immediately pay 10% of the full property value and/or un mortgage at that time.

  28. Why do people hate this game. I followed the rules and really like it. The trick is to try to be the smartest player in the game and know how to drain your opponents

  29. One house rule i don't remember you bringing up in the video:

    "you have to make one lap of the board before you can buy properties"

    This only makes the game EVEN LONGER. You can buy properties immediately as long as you land on it.

  30. yes but free parking is so fun its like the glimmer of hope but maybe it does make it longer but its fun

  31. People, you can also play a monopoly game in about 1-3 with the house rules like free parking cash. with 6 players, and I looked it up and have done it myself a bunch of times. Channel: Swiftor. Game: Monopoly Plus. a link to show: or type on YouTube search bar (@t) and his playlist should pop up, bye btw don't be salty. Nice vids anyways mate. (No Hate).

  32. Finally! someone who's actually read the rules! I hate explaining why people play this game wrong.

  33. Do a bankrupted player's properties stay mortgaged when they go back into the bank? To where you need to in mortgage them to buy?

  34. Thanx for the video
    If read hit a like
    Be awesome and coooool💞💋💋💋💋💋💋😎😎😎😎

  35. Must pay an additional 10% on traded mortgaged properties and must unmortgage them immediately? Whaaaaaaat??!

  36. 14:28
    That sums up why I often dislike board games… love monopoly though. Great video. 💚

  37. Chuckles (The only house rule I got is that you only get 1 dollar from the free parking space. [NO more or LESS!] since it is a rare spot to land on in the first place.) Otherwise, I follow the rest of the rules.

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