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  1. One of the best games ever when your in a group of 10, but you definitely do not need a deck of cards to play the game…

  2. We played this with the kids at the summer camp I worked at. They really liked except the younger ones would get mad if they got killed, lol.

  3. @blacteria day 1 "hey look a deck of cards, full of ace of spades? thats weird"
    day 2 "oh no, Jin died. wats this? a deck of cards? ace of spades??? whats going on here?"
    day 3 "i think i see them, what are those cards flyin everywhere, no please God ACE OF SPADES!?!?! WHAT DOES IT MEAN!!!"
    day 4 "ace…..of……spades…..death…friends…..dead….DEATH…SPADES!!! WHY!?!?!?"

    thats all i could think of :/

  4. For New Years we played this and I was in the mafia and their was two of us left, and two civilians and the other mafia player voted me dead (I think she just didn't want to be suspected) but if we had voted off one of the civilians then we would have won a fair game. It was kind of funny though because when we were choosing who to kill the moderator accidentily asked one of the mafia, by name, if they agreed with our decision. I laughed so much, it was a massive fail XD XD

  5. ok, i get that the doctor can prevent someone from dieing but what is the point of the detective? and what if the doctor and detective die?

  6. @Ronni3no2 I would just like to point out that in the video it says, and this is how we play it, that the game ends if the citizens are able to kill off all the mafia, or the mafia is able to kill off all the citizens.

  7. Step 1: Move to Italy preferably Sicily
    Step 2: Loan a lot of money from the nearest bank.
    Step 3: Use the money to hire some random Italian people, buy some fancy suits and a shitload of guns and ammo
    Step 4: You can now go to the bank which you loaned the money from and then blackmail them you cancel your loan and of course give you money in the process.

    Have fun being hunted down by the police

  8. Actually, the mafia wins once they outnumber or equal the citizens. If they outnumber the citizens during the day, then all they have to do is vote off the last of the innocents. If the numbers are equal, the mafia will obviously lock up the vote forever.

  9. Just look at their costumes and u would know whether they are the doctor, mafia, citizens or detective

  10. When does the person get notified that they are picked to be "dead"?? The video didn't explain this??

  11. At night time, the narrator asks for mafia's to open their eyes; they then pick on someone to 'kill' – once daytime occurs the narrator will ask everyone to open their eyes, then the narrator informs the person that the mafia has killed you and that person can no longer participate no more

  12. This game is really fun I played with my girls family and we had a great time… drinks and a game of Mafia… good shit

  13. I play where the first night round is an informational round solely so the moderator can know who everyone is. I also play where you don't need a second accusation to start the pleading and defending
    give that a try

  14. They could trick the innocents into killing one of their own instead of just tying, but yeah, once you get to that point mafia winning is inevitable so mafia just wins at that point instead of dragging out the game.

  15. Maybe the other player had more than one vote? Some games do that, they have a role that has more than vote (called the "politician" or something like that) but yeah, otherwise there was no way to kill someone that day phase unless someone is really stupid and votes themselves.

  16. If you think that this game looks like fun, you should Google "Vendetta Strada". It should be the first link. It is a forum dedicated purely to playing mafia! Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

  17. What if a doctor continuously pockets himself? He will be unkillable… I mean, I know normal people wouldn't do this, but if you're playing in a chatroom… Bound to happen!

  18. Thank you very much for the text version too. Printing took just a second, and right away i can bring it to the party 😀

  19. Once I was Medic and I only saved me. I loled so hard because we we're like 3 in the game and Mafia always hit me LOL.

  20. This one is a simpler version of the real mafia game in which strategy is SOOO IMPORTANT
    Here are the rules of the original
    There are 10 players which devide to 2 groups.7 citizens and 3 mafia.All of them have a number set to them from 1-10
    One of the 7 citizens is the sheriff who starting from the second night opens his eyes and looks for the mafia,every night he can check only 1 player.One of the mafia is Don who starting from the second night opens his eyes and looks for the Sheriff,every night he can check only 1 player.When all 10 players get their cards and know their roles the night begins.All the mafia including the Don open their eyes and introduce themselfs to each other and the moderator,and also agree on the order of killings.That is the first and the last night at which the mafia open their eyes all at once.After the night the day begins,Where the players talk to eachother in order and can put nominations,at the end of the day the players vote for the nominations that were put on that day,and the player with the most votes leaves the game with last words.After that the night begins and the mafia are on the hunt.during this and upcoming nights mafia has the option of firing which happenes like this.Agreed in the first night allready about the order of the killings the mafia in the second night with closed eyes after the words of the moderator "mafia goes to the hunt" the moderator declaring the numbers set to the players in order and if in the specific number all 3 mafia shoot at the same time,that player is killed. If one of the mafia players shoots another player or doesnt shoot at all,the mafia misses.The shooting happens by imitation of a shot with hands.Then the moderator says "The Don Wakes Up" after which the Don wakes up and checks a player to see if he is the sheriff.This happens by him showing a number with his hands and the moderator tilting his head up and down if that is the sheriff,or side to side if that is not.After that the Don closes his eyes and the moderator says "The Sheriff Wakes Up" after which the sheriff wakes up and checks players on being the mafia similar to how the Don checked for him.And the day begins and the same process starts again.
    It is worth mentioning that if and when a player is shot by the mafia OR if a player is removed by the citizens by vote the player has a minute for last words.
    Players can get a detention if they talk when its the other players turn to talk.
    if they get 3 detentions they cant talk for one turn
    if they get 4 detentions they are out of the game without any last words.
    The citizens win the game when ALL the mafia are out of the game.
    The mafia win the game when the number of citizens and the mafia are equal.

  21. You have to tell a story like sadly so in so died by poison but just in time the doctor saw a shady person walking out of the building and went it and saved so in so but did not report the shady people to the police so they think it’s so in so and there trill will be held in three days to collect evidence so in so is/ is not in jail for the time being but if said guilty they will be put to death.

    You cant just say okay so in so died.

  22. Actually im here cause im watching run bts ep.72 and they're playing this game but still dont undeestand ughh

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