How to Play Kali : Skill Games vs. Games of Chance

Now, just a few words about the nature of
a skill game, skill games are games that require intelligence, attention, concentration. Games
of luck, games of chance, are games that you roll the dice and see how lucky you get and
so the luckiest person is the winner and of course there are many games that are a combination
of skill and luck. There are those who will say that poker is a game of skill, but luck
is a large factor and the same with backgammon, but with a game of skill you have the unique
characteristic that everything that happens in that game is going to depend on you. Games
of skill teach people to focus their attention, teaches them to plan ahead. The benefits to
the individual from a game of skill are enormous. Chess for instance has been shown to produce
all kinds of transference of learning. Children learn that they need to do their studying,
they need to do their planning, they need to study the combinations, they need to develop
reflexes that serve them in a crisis so that when the pressure is on they don’t have to
go, um, ah, what do I do, what do I do? . What the game of skill teaches you is to
rely on your own resources. You’re not relying on the roll of the dice. You’re not relying
on the spin of the wheel. You are relying on your ability to focus your mind and that
is the basic skill, the basic life skill that allows us to succeed in all areas of life.

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