How to Play Jacks

How to Play Jacks

How to Play Jacks. Jacks is an ancient game, but kids all over
the world still play it, and all different ways too. Ask your mom how she played it when she was
a girl—just don’t use the word ‘ancient’ when you do! You will need A hard floor or flat surface
10 jacks And a small rubber ball and one or more friends to play with. Be careful if you have a little brother or
sister who’s 3 years old or under—he or she could choke on a jack or ball this small,
so don’t leave them out. Step 1. Sit on the floor or ground facing your friend;
if there are more than two of you playing, sit in a circle. You don’t have to play this game with someone
else. In fact, practicing alone will help you get
better! Step 2. Decide who goes first. You can flip a coin or play eenie, meenie,
minie, mo, for example. Step 3. Let’s say you’re up first. Gently toss all the jacks onto the floor so
they scatter in front of you. Don’t let them land too spread out or you’ll
have a tough time scooping them up. Step 4. Now toss the ball into the air, pick up a
jack, and catch the ball—all with only one hand! You’re only allowed to let the ball bounce
once. This is called ‘onesies.’ Step 5. Put the jack you just scooped up in your other
hand and repeat the game, picking up one jack at a time, until you’ve grabbed all 10. Step 6. If you can’t pick up the jack and catch the
ball before it hits the floor again, it’s the next player’s turn and he or she starts
over with all 10 jacks. Step 7. When you’ve grabbed all 10 jacks, move up
to the next level: ‘twosies.’ Pick up the jacks 2 at a time, still with
only one hand and before the ball bounces twice, until you’ve captured them all. Step 8. Keep on playing, increasing the number of
jacks you pick up each time. For a faster game, or to help you get the
hang of it, play with only 5 jacks. Step 9. If you can’t pick up the right number of jacks,
it’s the next player’s turn. Step 10. Each time it’s your turn again, start where
you left off. If you messed up on ‘sixies,’ for example,
start by picking up 6 jacks, and so on. Step 11. The winner is the person who gets to ‘tensies’
by picking up all the jacks at once and catching the ball. And once you can do it, you might want to
challenge your mom to a match! Did you know Kids in ancient Egypt played
jacks with a wooden ball and the toe bones of a sheep!

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  1. Do you remember the levels? I spent hours and hours playing jacks but can't remember the levels past the first two – and didn't we only play with six small jacks? 60 yr old kid

  2. @623summer623 Yeah, I also used to play with six jacks. They were made of metal and smaller than the ones shown here. I asked my aunt from Peru to get me these. So now I have like 30 jacks and 20 balls!! lol. In case we loose them, hehe. Now, I'm going to teach my daughter how to play this 🙂

  3. Your suppose to not let the ball ever touch the ground. So in other words, you pick up the jacks and catch the ball without the ball bouncing.

  4. 1:54 the kid looked confused lol

    also like how she says to play on a hard surface and they are on carpet. (bad example)

  5. I learned how to play jacks two days ago… about five minutes ago I got Fifteensies (or fifteen Zs, I don't know) in one toss. That's right, one toss. Yeah, uh, I don't know HOW I'm so good.

  6. Back in my day sonny, we thru up a brick, and then we had to pick up red hot coal's. You kid's nowadays's have it so easy. Have to go take a nap now.

  7. There were many levels to the game of jacks.  After you pass your single-bounce tens-ies, you went on to the next level…there was double-bouncies, and triple-bouncies…don't know that I remember them all, but one of the levels was NO-bouncies, as another viewer had commented on.  One of the hardest levels for me… you toss the ball up in the air, (a high toss, but very controlled and straight up), then quickly slap the floor and pick up your jack, then catch the ball before it bounces. Then two jacks, and three jacks, and four, and…..  And the very hardest… I think it was the very last level… you bounce the ball, (high–but controlled), slap the floor, and pick up your jacks, then catch the ball before it bounces a second time!  Then twos-ies, three's-ies, …..Still think this game is super easy??

  8. Oops, forgot I was signed in as Dennis, I am Rose, not Dennis.   I doubt Dennis ever played jacks, probably not even once….he was probably more into dodge-ball or dirt bikes or somthing like that.

  9. It is amazing that after all these years, I finally find out on you tube how to play the game. I remember as a child, I would find the odd jack and would spin them on the floor, not having a clue what they were for.

  10. This really is, or can be a wonderful game. However, one would never ever know that by watching this vid. I wanted to interest my younger children in playing jacks. I looked for a vid that would demo the real joy that can be found in the playing. This makes it look like a " you've got to be kidding" activity. Demos need to use people who really can demonstrate an ability to play. This was a waste—-I would never have wanted to play.

  11. seems really boring. why do you even need jacks to play? you can do it with basically anything such as lego bricks, pens or erasers!

  12. I've always played it differently….

    1. Throw the ball against the floor so it will bounce.
    2. Using one hand only, pick up all ten jacks.
    3. Catch the ball. It can't hit the floor once.

  13. The only Jacks I know is the lethal weapon from American McGee's Alice Mature rating game, came to see the original toy idea…

  14. in our country it's called Jack stone and it's from Philippines and do you know there is ten rigth? well for us we remove the three and seven and we have to complete lvl 1 – 7 and it's so CHEAP it's seven pesos and it's so EASY so if you are a phillipine KAMUSTA MGA KABABAYAN ANG POGI NYO AT ANG GANDA NYO!

  15. Add a little more time I will be at the shop at the shop at the end of hair that is the only thing is that I don't know what kind E to be at home with my son and his wife are coming to visit you and the kids are you coming home soon or do it tomorrow if you can come to the house and I don't want

  16. This game seems really boring and seems very easy to be one-sided if someone is really good and gets all 10 jacks on their turn.

  17. Its a bit ominous that i came here wondering about the game because of a story of a ghost boy who played it, and the number of views on the video is 666 thousand.. Gave me the chills..

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