How to Play Go

How to Play Go

How to Play Go. Go has been played in China for thousands
of years, but it wasn’t until it was introduced to Japan 1,200 years ago that it achieved
real popularity. You will need A game board Black and white
stones and two players. Step 1. Set the lined, empty board on a flat surface. Go can be played on a square board marked
by any number of crossing lines. Conventional boards use nine by nine, 13 by
13, or 19 by 19 lined grids. Step 2. Place a black stone on any intersection of
lines on the board. Your opponent will then place a white stone
at a different vacant intersection. It is customary for the more experienced player
to use white stones and for the player using black stones to move first. Step 3. Take turns placing black and white stones
at vacant intersections. Try to place your stones adjacent to each
other on the same vertical or horizontal line. The object of the game is to surround vacant
areas, called points, on the board with your stones. You can also capture your opponent’s stones
by completely surrounding them. Stones remain in place unless captured. Step 4. Continue placing stones until neither you
nor your opponent can capture any more territory, or until you both agree that further play
offers no additional advantages. Step 5. Tally the score. One point is given for each vacant position
within one’s own territory, and one point for every stone captured. The player with the larger amount of territory
plus captured stones wins. Did you know Go is the only board game in
which humans can still reliably defeat computers.

100 thoughts on “How to Play Go

  1. Yep. Came here because of the AI:

  2. Google's NEWEST AI, AlphaGo ZERO defeated the previous undefeated go champion, another google AI called AlphaGo. AlphaGo ZERO won 100 games against AlphaGo and lost 0 using moves that humans don't yet understand!! So yeah, this isn't a human's game any more.

  3. I can match the arrogance here with an equivalent sarcasm, "really, we need to set a flat board with multiple stone pieces on a flat surface???" "is that so they don't move around while we play?" thanks for making that obvious outcome avoidable by pointing it out 😀 cheers

  4. I hate DL Deep Learning system, we are lost if we are to the other side of the line !!! grrrr

  5. I'd rather collect stamps or stare at a wall for 24 hours or watch two minutes of Jimmy Fallon than play this game.

  6. This video has somehow made me worse at Go. Seriously, nobody involved in the making of this video had any clue how to play. The board positions shown don't make any sense and aren't legal. Like imagine a video on how to play monopoly and the voice over guy is like "Roll dice and buy stuff until you can't and then someone wins" and the video shows the guys moving their pieces through the center of the board rather than around the outside and you have some idea of what watching this video is like for an actual Go player.

  7. I sharted on my go board one time. They tried to tell me it was an automatic loss, but I won my appeal to the tournament director. I got second place.

  8. The person who made this video obviously has no idea how to play. The board positions are not actually valid in the game and the ending score is completely unrealistic. Why would you make a how-to video about something you don't know how to do?!

  9. Wait, what?! It didn't achieve real popularity until it reach Japan!!! I mean our people did invented it you know, but of course we just invented it, rite?! No big deal.

  10. All those people saying they came here due to some Google AI thing, i came here because i saw the news of a 10 year old from japan in the newspaper who will be the youngest professional Go player in the world, and i said to myself that i HAD to know what this game was,

  11. Chinese politician needs to master this game to promote position in communist party. Very strategic game

  12. The only board game that has no luck factors to win. I mean I love dungeons and dragons but sometimes you lose just because of bad rolls.

  13. That last statement is no longer true, there is a computer that can beat any human.

    An artificial intelligence algorithm known as AlphaGo-Zero was developed to be able to do this.

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