13 thoughts on “How to Play Freecell

  1. Any game looks boring at first, when you just explain it. You only get the feeling, when you play… no need to blame howcast.

  2. this isn't even Freecell. Its telling you that you can move stacks of any size. In actual freecell, you can only move stacks if you have enough freecells. Being able to move stacks like that is a variation known as RelaxedCell. Also, this doesn't tell you any strategies or anything.

  3. @snapplelemongirl
    spider stacks same suit on same suit (ie spades on spades), freecell is red on black or black on red

  4. I've seen kind Asian students play this card game before at my former high school. I'm also going to teach my mom how to play this interesting card game when her shoulder feels better from surgery that she had in the hospital last Wednesday.

  5. I know the technique of playing Klondike, Spider, FreeCell and TriPeaks, but I dunno how many cards I have to move to columns at time, because if Freecells are full, it seems like you can move only one card.

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