How to Play Chinese Chess : The Horse Movement in Chinese Chess

How to Play Chinese Chess : The Horse Movement in Chinese Chess

Hi my name is Billy and on behalf of
today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Chinese chess we are located in China
Town. So the next piece is also a very powerful one that is the second the most powerful one
which we call it the horse in Chinese chess. But, in American chess it is like tradition
so basically it goes diagonally from one corner to another corner but, only in one box like
two box. So basically from this corner to this corner so there is two boxes. Corner
to corner, corner to corner, or corner to corner. So in order for you to take that enemy
out it has to be from corner to corner. So basically if that is your enemy you have to
move from corner to corner. You can not take the enemy out straight or jump. These only
go from corner to corner. So if you have somebody here in the corner you can take them out from
corner and in order for you to check your king your queen corner to corner that is how
you check to do the checking.

5 thoughts on “How to Play Chinese Chess : The Horse Movement in Chinese Chess

  1. it really doesnt matter which way you go first, i have been playin this for my whole life, what i do is pick up the "horse" then jump to the "corner" lol

  2. Lilo is correct. The knight moves laterally first, then diagonally. This is critical, since an open diagonal is useless if the laterals are blocked. I've noticed with this chess, as with Japanese Shogi that regional rules are different. But let's stay with the worldwide accepted rules…ok?

  3. The name for the horse in English is not the Bishop. In Western Chess we call it Knight, and it moves the same way of Chinese Chess. Plus, it can jump over any of the pieces.

    The Bishop is more like to the Elephant, exept the Bishop moves any distance diagonally with no limitation of defense field.

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