How to Play Chinese Chess : Most Important Pieces in Chinese Chess

How to Play Chinese Chess : Most Important Pieces in Chinese Chess

Hi my name is Billy and on behalf of
today I’m going to be teaching you how to play Chinese chess we are located in China
Town. So I want to tell you one of the most important thing not to loose in the chess
game is the rook … of the horse in American chess we call it the bishop because it moves
diagonal and this is the jumper. So basically the rook the horse and the jumper are the
three piece 6 piece because we have three of them inside those are the main three pieces
that you don’t want to loose. You could loose anything else but, if you loose any of these
1,2,3 on each side you loose half of you arm okay. As I mention before so these 3 are very

9 thoughts on “How to Play Chinese Chess : Most Important Pieces in Chinese Chess

  1. What's cool about chinese chess is that the pieces are laid out like a typical deployment in a pitched battle.
    The general (or king) being in the middle with his protectors right beside him, then the ministers/elephants (bishop) next, then the cavalry (or knight), with the chariots on the far ends. Then you got the lines (or perhaps regiments) of soldiers (pawns) in the front with the cannons behind them.

  2. actually i disagree, not only the chariot, cannon, and horse are the most important, but they other pieces as well… if you don't have elephants and guards, how are you suppose to defend the general?? and soldiers are very powerful pieces as well… once they cross the river, they can do more than just going forward, but sideways also… so no those 6 pieces are NOT the important piece in the game, but every single piece is important…

  3. you got the point, but i didn't say anything about you having to use elephant and guards to win and true that you need those 3 offensive units to win plus soldiers..

    however, what if your opponent has the advantage? and your almost out of offensive units? what then? i suppose elephants and guards are still useless about then right? cuz if you think about it, in real war… then need units to defend the general and so those units serve their purpose… and so that means no piece is the best…

  4. According to Wikipedia, the point value is Chariot=9, Horse=5, Cannon=4, Assistant/Advisor=2, Elephant=1.5, Soldier is 1 or 2. So when he said don't lose those pieces, it is true. But, speaking as a strong Western chess player, I'm sure strong players don't like to lose *any* pieces, unless they get a positional advantage that is worth more than the material they lost.

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