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  1. A really good video. I've been playing for over 5 years now and this video helped me remember some of the basics. Great job. Well demonstrated. As for the morons commenting on this video. Try playing sometime. Then comment.

  2. 1) That ad made me actually want to do something…
    2) Ever noticed that the complex games (chess, poker, pinochle, etc) are more popular with adults and championship things?
    3) Claude Shannon calculated 10^120 (one novemtrigintillion). It's called the "Shannon number"

  3. @Salien1999 It was still a check-mate because the dark-coloured king could have taken the white one out (which is basically what you said) ๐Ÿ™‚ heheehe

  4. @randomstuff8328 You can choose but tbh if ur queen was taking why wouldn't you not want to get her back best piece in the game!

  5. I taught my 7 year old son about chess tonight thanks to this video. It had all the basic information we needed. Thank you!

  6. I know this comment is going to get a lot of dislikes (I'm a noob at chess) but is there a way to trick a really I mean really good player at chess

  7. The closest thing to a "trick" is scholar's mate, which is a 4 turn checkmate. However, the scholar's mate is only effective against novice players who completely lack the ability to read ahead multiple moves. Chances are, your friend knows of the scholar's mate. Even if he doesn't know of the scholar's mate, he will no doubt thwart off your attack anyway, using basic perceptive skills common among all intermediate chess players, and even some beginners.

    In short, no, there are no easy "tricks"

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  9. Chess isn't that hard to pick up, just learn how the pieces move then learn some strong offensive/defensive openings ๐Ÿ™‚ .

  10. My dad played chess with his friends before. My mom doesn't know how to play it. I could teach her someday after her shoulder surgery recovers smoothly. I talked about it with my friend and she has a book and a real chessboard in her office. This is a game that takes strategy and concentration for smart people who aren't always nerds.

  11. Actually, in a check scenario, you forgot to mention that you can capture the piece that is checking you, since you only said block or move away, also you forgot stalemate, which is when either there are not enough pieces in a board for either side to achieve a checkmate, say white has a king and a knight while black has a king by itself, white does not have enough pieces to checkmate the opponent resulting in a draw. Or if its one sideโ€™s turn to move but they canโ€™t move anything without getting in check, which is also a draw.
    In addition, you also forgot timers and how to choose colors for each player; which is you taking a pawn of each color in each of your hands and let the other person choose, whatever color he/she got is the color you are against.

  12. Wow this a great explanation and experience, whoever created the video and animation could literally crush it with sales marketing videos

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