How to Play Chess : The Center of the Board in Chess

How to Play Chess : The Center of the Board in Chess

Hi! My name is Ken and I am here to talk to
you today about playing Chess. Now the overall strategy of the game is to capture the King
but during this process, one way of doing this is to develop our pieces. When I say
our pieces, I am talking about the important pieces; the Knight, the Bishop, the Queen,
both Knight’s on this side over here and the other Queen and the Rooks are done at the
very end. So going through out particular thing, we come out and I’m using the King’s
Pawn of opening and I’ve got the correspondence over here. I’ve moved out my Knight so I am
developing it and I am trying to go the center of the board. The correspondent move over
here is to bring out this Knight. I now bring out my Bishop, so now I’ve got 3 pieces focused
on the center of the board and the corresponding move is to bring out the other Knight. I then
protect this Pawn with another Pawn. I have 2 pieces that I have developed and this person
develops her Bishop. I then develop my next Knight over here and this person does what
they call a castle. The black castle which is a protected position. I then castle on
the white. The next move for me would be to bring out my other Bishop. Now I have all
my pieces centered in the center of the board; that’s where the real power lies. So the strategy
of the game is to bring out the minor pieces, the Knights and the Bishops, the castle to
King to protect it and to develop a Queen last. If you develop the Queen first which
like many beginning players do, you have a real chance of losing the Queen. So that is
basically a no no. A lot of the corresponding things happen from black as well as a way
of countering what you have done. So it could be complicated but the idea to remember once
again is that we are trying to get our minor pieces, what I mean minor by the Knights and
the Bishops to the center of the board and to protect our King in a castle position that
is more protected than being in the center.

15 thoughts on “How to Play Chess : The Center of the Board in Chess

  1. He says its a dumb move to move the queen out early but there are ways to win quickly when bringing the queen out early.

  2. That is good you want to avoid getting your king into a corner, but this usually is not a problem if you castle early in the game! Through castling you let the rook get closer to the center of the board which is MORE important than the fact the king is close to a corner. It is a fine situation if you do it fairly early, I think.

  3. yeah its kind of true the queen sometimes.. can be helpful if u play with someone who doesnt know how to neutralize it fast but if u play with someone that protects and attack at the same time is better that u develop the middle better…

  4. typical opening is to develop king pawn, then king knight then king bishop then either castling or develop a 2nd or third knight, sometimes its ok to push c3 before d4.

    Castling kingside sometimes leaves you open to a tactical shot like Bxh2 or Bxh7,
    many lesser engines will give up castling against rybka 3, because of some tactical shots.

    Castling is more an art than a science sometimes esp in Grandmaster play.

  5. Good Video! Except the object of the game is NOT to capture the king. it is to CHECKMATE the king!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Video though!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Do you mean "checkmating" the king? The king cannot be literally "captured", but I think I know what you mean. Thank you for taking your time to make these videos!!!

  7. "you have both knights over here, and the other queen" umm last time I checked in class a tournament chess you had one queen and 2 knights not 3, but if you want to call the bishop a knight and the rook a queen thats your problem not mine.

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