How to Play Chess : Opening Moves in the Game of Chess

How to Play Chess : Opening Moves in the Game of Chess

Hello! My name is Ken and I am here to talk
to you about playing chess. Now in the previous segments, we talked about the name of the
pieces and the movement of the pieces. Now the way the game is initiated is white moves
first and the first opening I am going to show you is the King’s Pawn opening. In this
opening, the King’s Pawn moves 2 spaces out. That is your opening move. Now the other person
has several moves but in most cases the black will also correspond with 2 moves out. The
second move on this opening is the Knight, 1, 2 and over. Immediately the Knight is now
attacking the Pawn because in the next move it will go over 1, 2 and over and take the
Pawn and the object is take pieces and to eliminate these pieces and move towards getting
the King. The next move in this opening and the corresponding move for the black is the
Knight also. One, 2 out best protecting the Pawn because if I take this piece here, then
the Knight will then take my piece here and I will be down a piece. By the way, these
pieces have points and values which I will talk about in an upcoming segment. So some
pieces are more important than others so Pawns are the least piece or 1 point a piece, the
Knights and Bishops are 2 points, the Queen is 4 and the Rooks are 4 as well and of course,
the King is the most important piece. So once again, 2 Pawns out for the King, King’s Pawn
opening following by the Knight, then followed by the Knight on this side and then the next
opening is to move the Bishop out. There are two variations of this opening; the Bishop
can move here or here and I will talk about that in the next segment.

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  2. generally speaking the pieces are worth that much. But, say for example you have a knight on the edge…it is worth probably 1pt "Knight on the rim is grim"

    The purpose for putting a value (points) on a piece is to determine whether an exchange (swap of pieces) is either going to give you an advantage or a disadvantage.

    If doesn't improve you development, king safety, or time control, don't take/initiate the exchange.

  3. Why would someone allow a knight to take their pawn so early in the game when they could have moved a pawn forward one space so the opposing knight couldn't take the first pawn without being taken down? I could be wrong but it sounds smarter to me

  4. i play chess, and i dance. i saw some "experts" of popping from expert village making dance tutorials, whish were complete bullshit. and now i see that also the chess explainers of expertvillage sucks. i start thinking that exepert village simply sucks.
    this man is no master and said bullshit about the value of the pieces. we say in chess that the pawn is 1point, bishop and knight=3points, rook= 5points, and queen 9points. the king has no value.

  5. expertvillage, what exactly are you expert of?? And by the way, the best response to white's pawn e4 is not the black pawn to e5. The best answer from black is c4, moving into a sicilian defense, and if you play alot of chess you'll probably see that played more often than e5.

  6. fuck chess. i hate these little faggots that brag when they are going to beat you, then they fucking lose their queen. if i find you faggots I will make you a eunuch

  7. @DiasTheDrifter When I looked at the book Bobby Fischer made, the points were:
    Knight-3 points
    Bishop-3.25 points
    King-Infinity (Checkmate)

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