How to Play Chess : How to Setup a Chess Board

How to Play Chess : How to Setup a Chess Board

Hi I’m Jitin Tuli on behalf of
and now I’m going to tell you about the game of chess. Chess is played a on a board of
64 squares set up in the following way. The rooks begin the game in the corners. The knights
many beginning players called them horses are next to the rooks. The bishops starts
next to the knights and then the king and the queen. Note that white and black queens
both beginning the game on squares of the color. The white queen begins on a white square,
the black queen begins on a black square. And at the beginning of the game always start
with the white square in the lower white corner of the chess board. To begin the game white
moves first and then black taking turns until check mate. Or one player resigns or both
players agree to draw.

10 thoughts on “How to Play Chess : How to Setup a Chess Board

  1. whoever is viewing this video, do not listen to what he says about always beginning with the white square in the lower right of the chess board. That is probably the worst move ever to begin a game with because your opponent quickly takes advantage of the center of the board.

  2. @ADbaby I think he means that when you set up the board, ensure the white square is in the bottom right corner so you know the board is oriented correctly. Besides, isn't it impossible for your first move to be a rook?

  3. @ADbaby dude, the lower right square is a white square, since there's a rook there it's impossible to move the lower right piece πŸ˜›
    by the way, do notice how they don't have the lower right corner a right square in their other vids meaning that they didn't notice the board being sideways

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