How to Play Chess : How Pawns Capture in Chess

How to Play Chess : How Pawns Capture in Chess

Hi I’m Jitin Tuli on behalf of
and now I’m going to tell you about how does the pawn move in capture. When a pawn reaches
the last rank it becomes another piece in the most situation if it becomes a queen you
may not leave it as a pawn and you may not promote it to a king. As it is out of a pawn
promotion it possible to have many queens on the board at the same time. A pawn could
now move all the way the board to become a queen without opponent pawn it would have
a good chance to capture it. In the following example it is white moves when the white pawn
moves forward 2 squares in a single move the black pawn in a fight wants to be able to
capture the pawn before the white pawn can advance further. The same rule applies here
for one move and one move only the black pawn could respond by capturing the white pawn.
To affect the capture move the black pawn further down diagonally and remove the white
pawn. Note that only pawns can capture en passant and only a pawn in a existing fight
can capture in this space.

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  1. that is not enpassant the white pawn does not jump 2 from the middle of the board in that illustration one black pawn can move 2 and then the the white pawn can move diagonally behind it to capture it.

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